How I Helped a Mother of Two Become a Full Time Trader

I’m a 29 year old single mother of two. I do not have a regular 9 to 5. I am currently day trading as a living. " - Asheya Burton
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The Problem

In 2007, Asheya was honorably discharged from the US Army. As a single mother of two, she had to start making money. Her first civilian job was at a mortgage company. When the real estate bubble burst in 2007, she began working in the commercial finance field. Shortly after, Asheya realized banks weren’t lending anymore and it was very tough to write commercial loans and make a living. She left the mortgage industry and decided to make a living trading stocks. Beginning a career trading stocks ended up being much more difficult than she expected. Asheya had a real sense of urgency to make money in the markets; she had a family to support and without the right guidance, she was losing more money than she was making in the market.

The Results

TIn just 3 months as student of mine, Asheya turned $3,000 into $50,000 trading penny stocks.** Asheya was so hungry and eager to learn, she applied everything I taught her and immediately starting making money. Now Asheya is a full time trader, trading from home, while spending time with her two children. Recently Asheya broke the $100k mark in trading profits and the sky is the limit with her potential!

$3000 INTO $50,000 IN 3 MONTHS

My Strategy

When addressing Asheya’s many mistakes she was making early on as a trader, it was apparent that she didn’t have time to waste. She had bills to pay and a family to feed. I knew Asheya was open to risk and willing to do what it took to achieve her goal of becoming a self-sufficient trader. I felt getting her engaged in the basics and having her apply them through trading real money would be the best lesson for her.

TECHNIQUE #1 - Going Long and Short

I am well known in trading circles as a short biased trader. In fact, some years I short stocks up to 70% of the time. I’m up around $3 million in trading profits and over $1 million of those profits were made going long. Going long means buying a stock in anticipation of the stock price to increase and sell it at a higher price for a profit. Even though I short stocks more than I buy stocks, I teach my students how to trade both ways. Asheya’s first $50,000 in profits were made by trading stocks on the long and short side. She really focused on trading stocks breaking out to new highs or new lows. Here are a few examples of her trades as an early trader:

Asheyas recent trades

TECHNIQUE #2 - Trading Big

If you look at all my disclaimers they all say that trading stocks carries substantial risk and that is very true. If you trade stocks without a specific winning system, then you can rest assured you will join the 90% of traders who lose money. By using a winning strategy you can trade bigger. That is one way Asheya was able to grow her account so quickly. Once she was consistently winning on roughly 70% of her trades, she started increasing her position sizes. She was still making the same percentage gains, but was making much larger dollar gains because of her bigger position sizes.

Asheyas recent trades

TECHNIQUE #3 - Use All The Tools

Most traders consider trading tools to be software, trading websites, charting tools, etc. While they are correct, there are other very important tools that some traders don’t consider. Asheya used the “other” tools along with the common tools. Those tools were my chat room, my weekly webinars, daily trade alerts, nightly watchlist, my knowledge, and my other trainer’s excellent teachings. Asheya quickly realized that charting software and powerful trading platform were pretty much useless if she didn’t know how to use them. By learning how to identify chart patterns and use powerful trading platforms the correct way, Asheya quickly grew her account.

TECHNIQUE #4 - Accountability

Accountability and transparency are the key to a traders success; it was no different for Asheya. She posted all of her trades on On a trader has the ability to post all of his or her trades for everyone to see. Knowing that people can see your trades publicly makes you execute better trades. Asheya posted the good and bad trades and even made comments on her trade executions. When she starting doing this, her trade winning percentage shot straight up. Nobody wants to be caught breaking his or her own rules or making undisciplined trades – especially when me the mentor can see.

Lessons Learned



Trade Long and Short. Most new traders don’t know you can make money while a stock is going down. It is very important to know how to buy on the long side, as well as know how to short stocks. For example, when the market crashed in ’08 a lot of people lost a lot of money, while I had one of my best years ever. That is because I knew how to react to the market while it was going down. Asheya had the knowhow to take advantage of stocks going up and down, which gave her a big advantage over most traders.



Learn, Earn, Then Go Big. Asheya was able to make $50,000 in 3 months because she followed a simple order. First, she learned my rules; second, she started trading my rules, and once she had a good winning percentage she took large position sized relative to her account size. She felt comfortable in her own ability to scale larger. I don’t recommend that for everyone – you should trade based on your comfort level, and make sure you seek the right guidance.



Tools Are Useless Without Knowledge. The stock market is a market place of opportunity. Billions of dollars trade hands daily in the market. Because it is such a profitable market place, there are some very powerful platform and trading software’s available. It’s very simple; the traders who make the most money have powerful strategies to interpret the data that the powerful trading platforms provide. Asheya was no different. She learned my rules and strategies, and used them to make money with charting software and trading platforms.



Be Honest With Yourself. Posting her trades on kept Asheya honest with herself in regards to how well she was trading. Talk about a “gut check.” Instead of trying to make herself look good to others and only post her profitable trades, she made the commitment to be fully transparent because she knew that was key for her to be honest to herself about her trading performance.

A Message From Tim

If you feel that you have what it takes to achieve what Asheya achieved in such a short period of time and are committed to your own success, then apply to my millionaire challenge now. It is what made the difference for Asheya and her trading performance.

“I am a single mother of two and am now making a fulltime living trading the stock market” - Asheya Burton

Tim Sykes

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Tim Sykes is a millionaire trader, blogger, mentor, and author. He has turned $12,415 into roughly $4 million dollars trading penny stocks. Tim was ranked #1 short biased hedge manager for 3 years straight (2003-2006) according to Barclays. With over 2,000 thousand students in over 60 countries, Tim's new objective is to create self-sufficient financially independent traders.