You WILL Study These Videos This Weekend...Or Else

You WILL Study These Videos This Weekend…Or Else

Study these Trading Videos… Or else

Last Friday I wrote this blog post “In Honor Of My $3,000 Profits Today, Here Are 3 Pieces Of Homework,” as weekends are a GREAT time to study and get prepared for potential future plays.

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

The past few days, we’ve had some ABSOLUTE amazing crashes and dip buy opportunities and my top trading challenge students and I NAILED them so I want you watching these new video lessons:

…along with ALL the video lessons listed here on how to dip buy penny stocks, along with ALL the videos here on how to play penny stock morning panics.

While people like this great penny stock trader made $20,000+ the past 2 days, my newest six-figure student made $10,000+ and even me trading safely and with a small account made nearly $5,000 this week, FAR too many students are trading the wrong stocks, ignoring perfect plays and missing out on solid opportunities, which pisses me off.

I love teaching, but the way some of you ignore instructions and go back to trading degenerates really pisses me off.

While I encourage you to find patterns that work for you, my team and I have literally spent years identifying these go to plays that can spike 50-100% in a few minutes/hours and we have so many damn examples like here and here and here, it blows my mind that ANYONE would want to not take advantage of this pattern.

Remember, I’ve already written about it in detail here in the blog post entitled “Try This Every Morning And You’ll Make Money” and when I say every morning, I mean it, especially when my watchlist EVERY day this week has correctly identified the biggest bouncers like PGSY, RETC and ENVV AHEAD of time, before they even crashed!

That’s what it’s like being so prepared you can see how a stock is going to act hours, even days before it plays out, and this is why I want you to get on this level.

Stop being such typical penny stock traders obsessed with trading anything hot and focus on what works…statistics matter, the past matters, studying matters, the only thing that doesn’t matter is this BS resistance I face when I try to help cut through all the BS and help you zero in on what will grow your account the fastest.

Remember, I have the most Millionaire trading challenge students for a reason and I refuse to allow your laziness, stubbornness and newbie-ness get in the way of the inevitability of my future student success so I’m not going to ask you to watch these video lessons nicely, I’m going to implore you to study your ass off this weekend and not make any bullshit excuses like I’m hearing/seeing FAR too much of.

When you watch these videos this weekend, you will see that there are still SEVERAL dip buying opportunities — and short selling opportunities too if you prefer that — in the coming few days so you had better get prepared so you can truly capitalize on these plays that are gifts for you and I as I absolutely despise wasted money and wasted opportunities as these perfect patterns don’t come about every day and it blows my mind that you guys are so spoiled that you throw away good setups in favor of trading absolute shit because you prefer the way “action” feels instead of what these patterns are, that being more boring, but statistically superior setups.

You think I’m being too cruel right now?

Well, you have to be cruel to be kind sometimes and that sometimes is now as I refuse to accept some of you being as incompetent as the questions you’re asking me demonstrate….and certainly not as cruel as the market will be to you when you trade random bullshit and you get served up heaping piles of losses and frustration.

Not as cruel as life will be when it kicks down to the gutter and reminds you every day of the money that’s not in your account and your inability to afford nice things for yourself and your loved ones.

I’m not here to be your friend, I have enough friends and they think I’m a dick because I spend all my time teaching newbies like you guys. And I will not waste my life being an inept teachers — we already have enough of those in the world — so I’m going to come down hard on you when you screw up and this week A LOT of you screwed up…not necessarily with losses, but with missed opportunities.

I’m not just tooting my own horn when I say I’m here to change your life, I actually mean it as this isn’t just a job for me — as it is with too many teachers — this is my life mission…and if you want great financial knowledge and success to actually happen to you, and not someone else, then you had better take your financial education seriously and get damn prepared.

So, leave a comment if you promise to study this weekend and I better see 200+ comments from you guys otherwise I’m about to get REALLY mad and you won’t like that…trust me.

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

So when you get a chance make sure you check it out.

PS: Don't forget to check out my free Penny Stock Guide, it will teach you everything you need to know about trading. :)

  1. Baron615

    I’m studying this weekend. Guilty as charged on the trading bad setups and getting handed losses. First week day trading full time and the market whipped me. Coming back stronger next weekend.

  2. Benihana1975

    I’m going to study!! I made some stupid mistakes this week! It’s actually refreshing to have someone get pissed off and not be politically correct!

    I’m very determined to succeed and thanks again for the kick in the ass! Have a great weekend!

  3. Eric

    Number 5 pattern rocks …. Those of you thst don’t study will be tied up and forced to watch people make trades without you in them…. After time. You will learn. That. Not trading and missing orofits hurts you in the long run , and you don’t want to ever feel thst way again …., it teaches hard lesson, but. This is the school of hard knocks ..,Either listen to Tim or listen to the market …. You choose , I promise you’ll wish you listened to Sergeant Hartman (aka TIm) So drop and give me 20 soldier …

  4. Philip Hoffman

    I don’t think your being too cruel, I Just gotta keep studying more~~~ almost caught the bottom of $RETC yesterday made a little profit. But i appreciate you being on top of us and pushing us. To be honest I would have quit already if it wasn’t for these posts and motivation! very inspiring!! Thanks Tim!

  5. Jeffrey P. Borja

    Solid reminder. #5 Patterns = single BEST play…especially for newbies w/small accounts like me. Had blinders on for top% gainers with earnings/contract wins on multi-day b/o. Need to keep a better eye out for dip-buys off clive dives. Def studying up this weekend. Thanks, Tim!

  6. Eric

    Earlier comment didnt post … Anyhow .. The number 5 pattern is one everyone should know … Drill sergeants are good .. They teach discipline and make you a better person all the way around … It is a harsh reality, but I prmised you, the market is harder .. So. Learn, study, and grow .. If you don’t adapt abd change you die … Srgt, Hartman has a legacy in film .(everyone knows the movie), Create your own legacy with the market … Just work hard for it

  7. @UnbiasedBuddha

    This is one of the most important parts of my f*&%% life. You’re damn right I will be studying my ass off this weekend. 100% runner plays a few weeks ago like BONT, YUMA, TEUM aren’t here this week. Study and f&^$^& adapt or PERISH !!!!

  8. Ronnie Declerck

    PGSY is my second P/D attempt long on the bounce…I was too early on my 10K entry, timing is everything…then you entered at the proper turn and sold for a nice profit beneath me…however, NEXT play I will be ready for LBUY Monday after a weekend studying. You don’t have to be angry Tim, I’m already mad at myself!

  9. Harry Badger

    Hey Tim…good on you!!!! I LOVE #5 it is a beautiful pattern…having lost 40K in a “dumb options play” I know!!!! Its taken me a year to give it another try and I want to be a specialist in #5!!!!

    I started the same time as Steven Duks, he went to 900k doing the right thing and I went to “0” as I did the wrong thing….no problem…I am one of those who should have known better. The market gives opportunities every day…I LOVE #5….it happens every day and is predictable for exactly the same reasons every day.

    So, next week I shall refund my account with a “little something” and try it now with some real cash. It will happen “on the open” again…..and I shall be there waiting to “catch em”!!!!!

  10. Herb

    I plan on studying this weekend, Tim you have great insight, want to be able to digest and apply!

  11. Graham

    I will study.
    And I’m willing to bet I’ll have seen a good majority of what I’m about to watch in some of your very lovely DVDs. As the past repeats itself.

  12. doodman

    been trying to do this on my own and have taken heavy losses. i watch videos and read everything. i’m just not getting it. i lose on like every trade.

  13. Samuel Ramos

    I fucking promise to myself, I’ll do my best studying and giving my all to this learning process!

  14. Homer Larkins

    I am studying this week end. Thank you Tim for letting me know what you expect from me as a student.

  15. Al Dinger

    With all my might, I plan to study by taking notes and thinking about what I am learning.

  16. Jamey Michaud

    I am/will be studying all weekend, not gonna miss $LBUY. Stayed out of $RETC because I’m a new challenge student and just wanted to see it play out, it was a great experience. Thanks for the lessons, Tim.

  17. Paul Marion

    I will study hard this weekend but I’m not setup to trade yet I need another month

  18. Sue Sgaggero

    I continue to study some every day. The short video on the pattern 5 is the best I have seen and understood since I have started. Only need to be in the right place at the right time to take advantage of the pattern. Plus patience is also a factor. Like the videos and will continue to watch and study.

  19. Nate

    I’ll be studying! I missed the really good dip buy opportunities this week and I’m not about to miss them again. Next time I’ll be prepared and ready!!!

  20. Tyler Pourteau

    I am going to study Tim! I look forward to watching the Pennystock Framework DVD, as I have heard it’s a favorite. I am now on TimFundamental Part Deux, just working through the syallbus. Once I complete the DVDs my next objective is to watch all videos lessons. I want to learn as much as I can to become a profitable trader. This 7 am to 4pm job sucks! Hard work and dedication is something you can count on from me!

  21. Jameson

    Lets get it Tim! I had a pretty good week but the more I study the better my weeks will get!

  22. Paul

    Hi Tim,
    I’m new here. I ticked all the boxes in your rant. Sorry.
    I tend to be either too narrowly focussed or too broad. Both scenarios cause me to miss all the best trades. Just by chance I have caught a short squeeze and a couple of dip buys, but holding on like grim death to a few dips that kept on dipping have left me with about a month’s work with no gain. I am working hard on rule #1, which has helped me to protect my account. When I am being stupid with a trade, I hear your voice in my head saying “Hope is not a strategy” and I hear Tim Grittani impassively describing how stubbornness led to a huge loss. I find the psychology of trading to be the most difficult.
    I’m getting there.

  23. Kevin

    Thanks Tim! I will study this weekend! I have been Watching ENVV most of the week and I’m mad because I had to go to work early today. I’m also pretty new still and sometimes I miss where to enter the trades and then I don’t want to chase when I miss the right place. I will study hard though so that I can get better. I want to get better so that I can be a full time trader instead of working a 9 – 5. At least I live in a place where the market opens at 7 am so that I can trade part time. Thank you for coming down hard on us. It keeps me trying hard to change any bad habits that I have. I have never had a coach or teacher that was worth anything that wasn’t SUPER hard on me if I make mistakes. So Thank You again! I will Keep Studying Hard every day so I can be ready! I am still watching and waiting for $LBUY to crash. I will be ready next week!

  24. Lance Wing

    I absolutely will be studying this weekend. Still new but gaining more knowledge and confidence by the day. I appreciate your dedication and staying on us. I believe you and your team are the best in the world at this type of trading and training. I feel blessed to be a part of it. I’m getting there as it’s really starting to click. Your vast supply of study materials leaves no stone unturned. This knowledge will change my life, thank you.

  25. Anonymous

    I will be studying this weekend. I definitely traded some bogus setups this week and just watched the best ones pass me by, but I learned a TON from my worst trading day ever and will be implementing a lot of your lessons that I now understand a lot better.

  26. Albert Pham

    I will be studying! I need to get my mindset right and focus more on the good setups. Thank you for this post!

  27. Kyle

    Hey Tim. Brand new student here, just signed up today. Looking through your DVD’s now but I will take some time to look at these videos. Thanks for being straight forward, pretty excited to see what the future holds.

  28. Dynaedi Njam

    Thank you Tim for coming down hard on us. I just could not agree more that I need to be well-prepared for these kind of plays in the future. I am definitely studying this weekend. I am watching Timdictators disc 4 now. Soon after I will deep dive into all the video lessons as much as possible. Thank you Tim for motivating us in so many ways to keep us going for our own better future. Salutes.

  29. Anonymous

    Really really needed that motivation. WILL NOT MISS THESE DIP BUYS OPPORTUNITIES NEXT WEEK!

  30. Janie Borden

    I’m keeping on studying!! It’s all very exciting. Love it !!!
    I wanna see the Roland Interview . Hope I spelled that right lol

  31. 凌恩阳

    $ZPAS last time had two dips and I longed the first one, so I screwed up. $RETC and $ENVV to have two dips….

  32. Kevin

    Ok, you seem passionate enough! I’m going to take $1000 and listen to you for a while. My goal will be to “earn” $3889 a month, this amount will pay my bills. The clock starts opening bell Monday $972.25 by Friday!!! I will do as you ask and study. I wake up every morning at 5 am. I will set my trading desk up this weekend. And study your videos, every video I can find of yours online!!

  33. Brian Mercill

    I am studying. I missed the opportunities even though they were on my watch list. My plan will be to get my day schedule prioritized and to never miss such an awesome opportunity. This play could have got my account completely green for the whole month that I lost on poor trades. But the experience in some of my small losses have been a good learning experience.

  34. hutchstock

    Thanks Tim. I’ve got my study hat firmly on, (It’s crappy weather in the UK, so what else am I going to do?). Didn’t trade yesterday, but watched the TimAlerts chatroom and how the charts played out – very informative and a great resource. I probably would have been guilty of these infractions, but then I’m still new to all of this. Every day’s a school day!

  35. Phillip Kukla

    Watched them yesterday so keep em coming!
    I want to study some more but it’ll have to wait until i get back from BBQing at the beach. Hate it when real life gets in the way 😉
    Thank you Tim!

  36. MRBJAM

    I am dedicated…. I want to hear and see Rolands interview Again and Again and Again. Thank you

  37. Fred Becker

    Even though you mentioned, us guys get tired of hearing you on your videos, I DEFINITELY DO NOT. I love to listen to you over and over and never get tired of it. Whether listening to videos on the internet, new videos, my DVD training videos I have purchased or whatever, I never get tired of listening and learning. All my life that has been my key learning tool. Repetition, repetition repetition.
    “Yes I want to listen to the full 30 minute video interview, with Roland Wolf, who recently broke $100K and now going ballistic on increasing to more.”
    As you said,”PATIENCE PAYS.” That is why I have been doing nothing but training, listening, learning for the past 7 months. Training is not corny, it is SMART EDUCATION.

  38. joel

    I promise to study. I actually was in 2 of the 3 pumps, I did not sell fast enough and had a small loss on one and a small gain on the other, of course the big rebound stock I just watched. This pattern is kind of tough to perfect and I don’t have an account over $25k. So I’m trying and studying to get past this point. I think I’m on the right track though.

  39. Gregory

    Hi Tim,

    It looks like i’ve done the homework before it was even created =D Thanks for your teachings!!!

  40. Alison

    Studying and studying for this Challenge student! Only a month into the challenge and I’m soaking up as much as I can and more. Thanks for every post and video!

  41. Scott T

    Studying up now, but seriously Tim let me be brutal with you, YOU NEED A NEW LIFEPARTNER because without one life is much harder and no matter how many times it may not work the way you want, you need to stick at it because once it suceeds you will be grateful that you didn’t give up. You say that every loss, every mistake is a lesson well this isn’t exactly like the stock market sometimes you can learn the WRONG lessons from a mistake. This is not advice this a demand Thank you Tim and Good Luck

  42. Markus E

    Isn’t there a better way to learn on the weekend on the pool in Italy 🙂
    Just joined this week -> exited!

  43. Greg Halliwill

    Study? What else am I going to do on the weekend! You asked about Rolands interview video of course I want to see it I watch everything you put up how else is a person going to keep up on everything going on. Give it to us! I want to learn so don’t hold back.

  44. Ben

    “My roommate’s friend came to visit from out of town this weekend so I couldn’t study.” -what my mediocre subconscious says.
    Actually sitting down and hammering out these Dip buying lessons again… That’s what success actually looks like. I missed attending a concert last night… I will use that money towards growing my small account and I will use the time towards growing my knowledge account. Thanks for keeping me motivated to study, and I’ll maintain my discipline.

  45. Davron Abzalov

    Ill be studying 24/7 until I die. I’d rather die trynna be rich than live a long life poor (:

  46. Alicia

    I am studying the beginning lessons of the daily trader checklist this weekend. First time through it all.

  47. Tannie

    Missed the RETC dip buy again…
    Seeing it went down and was grunting having no shares to short, totally forgot that I could dip buy… Ahhhhh! Need to get my mind straight to the point when the drama happens, and most importantly pull the trigger.
    But seeing it happen is a great lesson, and thanks Tim!
    Will be better prepared and action next time.

  48. samuel

    I justify watched the video and I learnt something from it as it’s all about patience, timing and researching which will make you gain profit.
    Thank you Tim

  49. Adrian burman

    This just came through Sunday but will get down to it today for Monday opening market.

  50. Dwayne M

    Thank You Tim!! I have been watching the Penny Stocking DVD in the MMP. I have been watching your short daily video lessons as well. Study, study, study. I am attempting to get as much studying done and develop a pattern/schedule for myself. Tim I am still navigating Stocks To Trade and have an E*Trade acct set up that should be ready to go by Thurs 8/3/17. I no longer desire to miss out on opportunities that can help grow my account to help me LIVE Life… not just Exist in this world. I promise to watch these three Videos this weekend, actually today…its Sunday 7/31/2017. Thanks again and there is nothing wrong with being a tough teacher and mentor!

  51. Darin D

    Im studying right now, I’ve already began to make little money here and there so I know Im on the right track, and I find you very helpful so thank you.

  52. Dwayne M

    Hi Tim,
    Correction. It is now Sunday 7/30/2017. I still will watch these videos today.
    Study, Study, Study. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare. Execute Like A Sniper!

  53. Martha

    Thanks so much for this email , I sure needed this type of words to get myself to study this weekend .

  54. Katherine Crawfoard

    I want to see Roland’s 30 min interview

    Every video I want (and there have been many) my confidence grows that one day soon I WILL BE ABLE TO DO THIS.

  55. Ray Nuccio

    i study 8 hours a day every day and today isn’t any different, its beautiful outside and i don’t care ill enjoy the nice weather when i sign my personal declaration of independence for financial freedom

  56. Nick

    Great motivational speech!
    Im studying right now and will be focusing on dip buys now and more importantly i will be taking your watch list tips for future plays more seriously.
    I tried too take the training wheels off to early and become self sufficient, i can see that now. I thought it was cheating to use your tips because i didn’t find the trade myself.
    Keep up the great mentoring buddy!

  57. johnny

    thank you for continuing to hammer the message home. but most of all thank you for being who you are: honest,relentless,driven,open and compassionate.

  58. Patrick Whalen

    I dont know whats worse, completely missing RETC, ENVV or stalking these two for days then watching them unfold in front of me paralyzed by the volitility. Won’t happen next time.

  59. Tosh Lines

    Cheers Sykesy, appreciate your efforts man. I’ve watched your valuable lessons today, great stuff.

  60. Joey Joffrion


    Thanks for these awesome videos. See you in the chat room next week. Just got accepted and joined the millionaire challenge. THis will be my second and last degree I’ll ever need. Looking forward to more patterns like these next week. Made a small and simple gain last week on one of the dip bounces. Going a little bigger next week. This stuff is predictable just like you say. I’ll continue to study hard this weekend so I don’t miss any of these patterns.


  61. P. Sean

    yes, I am studying….be a dick, please be more of a dick, I’m not here to be your friend either, just learn from you, to pick your brain, to learn what you know….and use it to my own advantage, much appreciated, I love your inspirational pictures and posts of where you are now too….if a dick can live a life like that, why can’t I? I’m a nice guy…and I want to show nice guys don’t always finish last. Thanks for the motivation….dick! (and it is Sunday…still waiting on Roland’s interview!……your video guys are dicks too!)

  62. Sven

    You saying that there is no reason to not study this weekends lesson, but what if I’m on a vacation, my internet bundle is slow, and I can’t watch your lessons?

    I don’t want to disappoint you like you saying in your text, but I just can’t do it! I’m sorry, but in a week I will start studying again!

    Greatings Sven

  63. OceanRider

    I want to see Roland’s video !!!!

    Will be watching it sometime this weekend.

    I also will be watching for a short squeeze on $DRYS based on the information in their filings. I think we see a major short squeeze within next two weeks.

    It is the same pattern all the time. Everything repeats on these charts.

    Most of successful trading is spending a lot of hours going through charts and then waiting for the perfect outcome. 20 hours of searching is really nothing if you look at the charts and look at company background and see what the sentiment is. Started studying this morning at 9am and it is now almost 5pm. Do it for the love and good things happen.

    Thanks Tim.

  64. Tim Vaughn

    Thanks Tim, I study every weekend, to be honest I don’t study as much as I should or wish I could every weekend, but often have to work too. So I study every morning between 3 and 4:30am before I go to the gym, and then get on with the day. I will be successful and I will study my ass off to get there. Thank you Tim.

  65. OceanRider

    Just one thing to add, TG is an avid user of signing up for subscription emails as he outlined in his TT DVD.

    If anyone wants to replicate and ‘add’ to what Tim S does, they can do what TG does and sign up for emails from the pumpers using different email accounts. I am sure this helps TG narrow in on accuracy and gets into the right approach regarding size and approach.

    Tim S, you are just a master of master’s on these #5 patterns.

    Thank you for posting both videos!

  66. Pingback: 3 Must Watch New Video Lessons - Timothy Sykes

  67. Andrew Taylor

    I am always studying, and as you say “The more you study the past, the better prepared for the future you are… The more you study the past the better future you will have”.

  68. ANDC5

    I use the weekend to Story hard and I’m thirsty for more I appreciate it Tim for your dedication and time to show people like me a newbie how to learn to make Capital cash on this beautiful Market which is Penny Stock!

  69. Mitch Bromwell

    I’m to study this weekend, 💹 and every weekend until I see you this September in Sunny Orlando, FL. 😉

  70. Mitch Bromwell

    I’m going to to study this weekend, 💹
    and every weekend until I see you this September in Sunny Orlando, FL. 😉

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