Wild Week Recap: $175,000 In Profits, Vegas, Michigan, Chicago, El Bulli, TastyTrade, NYC, Helicoptering To Atlantic City - Timothy Sykes

Wild Week Recap: $175,000 In Profits, Vegas, Michigan, Chicago, El Bulli, TastyTrade, NYC, Helicoptering To Atlantic City

As a trader — and as my trading challenge students have learned — life can be pretty simple — you can profit from anywhere in the world…and with amazing views like THIS and THIS and my favorite place to trade from HERE (mmmmmmmm)

But my life is busyyyyyy since I’ve got 1,500+ students in over 60 countries who need a lot of TLC, a few TV shows in development, websites like Profitly and Investimonials to grow and an addiction to making weird ass but ultimately educational / accurate youtube videos like this:

The good news is that judging from your reaction to my blog posts on how I spent nearly $200,000 for my birthday and my celebrity/private-jet-filled Vegas recap blog post, you like hearing about this stuff since it inspires you to learn from great things like my 7 free video lesson series…as you should.

So let’s just review my past week because it was pretty crazy….I traveled to Vegas, Michigan, Chicago, NYC and Atlantic City all in just 7 days…all business…most of the time 🙂

It was a decent trading week for me as I profited roughly $10,000 as you can see from my trades HERE, but more importantly I NAILED calling the exact top in the multi-month pump SEFE (who sent me a cease & desist letter over my tweets…which I will respond to publicly and aggressively this week) before it dropped 50% in less than 24 hours (and not one but two of my recommended brokers had shares to short)

Perfect Call

More importantly, my current top student, who I profiled HERE, profited $40,000+ last week and one of my top subscribers of my 4 newsletters, who wrote THIS great guest blog post, profited $125,000 last week on just two trades…the same EXACT trades I took, but I only made $40,000 between the two of them…aka I wasn’t lying in my many DVDs when I said my students could do better than me)

$128,490profitRAYSShort Stock
Shares = total shares traded for the period (not actual position size). Price is Avg price for the period. Profits is AFTER $95,573 in borrow fees.

Posted by lx21 /

$28,773profitLQMTShort Stock
no comment

Posted by lx21 /

Anyway, my week of maniacal travel started out at my friend’s surprise birthday party in Vegas where we learned if you spend enough $ at XS, you get to go in the pool!

XS Pool

Then I headed to Michigan to see my chat moderator/ trading challenge partner / student who has now made $130,000+ on my strategy Michael Goode…

As I learned there is nothing worth taking pictures of in Michigan…nothing whatsoever…next!

The following morning I awoke early to drive 3 hours to make my early morning TastyTrade interview in Chicago…definitely watch this 20-minute video as I explain why I shorted SEFE at $2.80ish (before its 50%+ drop) and why I’m bullish on TRIP (before it spiked $3/share on Friday)

At night, Goode, his wife and the guy with glasses from The Big Bang Theory dined at the ultra-exclusive Next Restaurant which was serving the almost-impossible-to-get-into special 30-course El Bulli (former #1 restaurant in the world) menu…I was gonna livetweet the whole 4-hour dinner, but the restaurant blocked service so you can only see some pics of these wild and tasty creations like this:

El Bulli Mushrooms

El Bulli Couscous

El Bulli Mullet

After this ridiculous meal (welcome to why I’ve gained a few pounds since my Wall Street Warriors days (watch it online now on Hulu HERE), I headed back to my humble abode overlooking Central Park in NYC for some quiet time:

Central Park View

…and to film a quick 20-minute episode of LiveStock….

Watch live streaming video from livestock at livestream.com

…before leaving yet again Friday night via private helicopter to Atlantic City (this form of travel is my new favorite way to beat traffic)

The Right Way To Travel Out Of NYC

Helicopter View Of NYC

Quite a week…but pretty normal for me as of late…and nothing compared to my upcoming week where I’ll be in my favorite place Hong Kong, Bali and other crazy Asian cities just trading and teaching my trading challenge students as always while enjoying the trading/blogging lifestyle 🙂

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  1. Andrew Mecwan

    Good job Tim! I’ve always wanted to go to El Bulli! Great to see someone else enjoy it! Keep at it!

  2. Kompany

    oh man, i hate u in a good way lol. your getting the rich man fat too. lol i envy you. damn it i guess i have to sign up for your alerts aaaaaagggghhh

  3. riff

    Hi Tim, will you be making a stop over in Singapore since you’re in the area? It’s about 2 hours away from Bali. If you love Hong Kong then you will definitely love Singapore as well. It’s like the Monaco / Vegas of South East Asia. I’ve people who could put you up at some of the nicest place with awesome backdrop to trade from and post more killer pics/vids here for everyone else to drool over!! I’ll send you a separate email on the details 😉

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