Why Twitter Rocks: Chat With Ben Mezrich, Author Of 'Bringing Down The House', 'Ugly Americans' & The Upcoming Facebook Book - Timothy Sykes

Why Twitter Rocks: Chat With Ben Mezrich, Author Of ‘Bringing Down The House’, ‘Ugly Americans’ & The Upcoming Facebook Book

No idea if he’ll like this post or not, but I can’t help share my excitement over being able to chat directly with one of my favorite authors, Ben Mezrich.

Check out the big man’s twitter profile HERE (and of course you guys can follow me HERE) & get excited about his upcoming book & already-signed movie deal about Facebook…from his site:

So we’re deep into the winter here in Boston, and I am nearly finished writing my big new book about the kids who founded Facebook in a dorm room at Harvard and went on to immense fortune. As you’ve maybe heard, this new one has already been sold to Hollywood, with Aaron Sorkin attached to do the screenplay, Kevin Spacey, Dana Brunetti, Scott Rudin, and Mike Deluca producing along with the great folks at Sony who made 21 such a success. I think anyone who liked BDTH is going to love this one. It will be out this Fall from Random House/Doubleday. If you like Facebook, you’ll have fun hearing how the site came to exist, because it’s a pretty amazing story.

See my whole business/finance library HERE but if you haven’t read Mezrich’s titles like (in order of my fav) Ugly Americans, which details the rise of a young trader who ends up making millions–from a truly realistic market mechanism–for a Japanese hedge fund and the crazy fun/exciting times of just living rich in Japan, Bringing Down The House, about the MIT students who made millions in Vegas & Rigged, which I haven’t even had time to read yet (have you guys?)…well, get on it already! I promise you they are far and away the most entertaining/inspirational & vivid business stories you’ll ever read.

And since I know may of you PennyStockers are illiterate, get even more excited that Mezrich has been taken in by Kevin Spacey–perhaps you saw their little movie ’21’ that was the movie version of Bringing Down The House…it did okay, if you consider banking $200 million worldwide okay!–and there are movies in the works for not only B.M.’s new Facebook book (that sounds weird, right?), but also Ugly Americans (siiiiick, can’t wait) & Rigged.

Thank you Ben Mezrich for being just about the only positive thing in business/financial writing…ever…well…yeah…ever…well…in a while….Ben, have you read my #1 favorite book of all-time ROASO? (please get Spacey to make a movie about that!!!!)…and thank you twitter for making this convo possible!

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  1. reddy

    Tim…AMWD spiked up 15% even though it lost nearly 3 mlns in its quarterly results….it should have been down 15 % as per the news..can I have an answer for this question plz ( its not penny stock)…Thank you.

  2. Timothy Sykes

    reddy, i could care less, its a guessing game like every other non-manipulated stock…no stock ever should have been down or up, the market doesnt care what u expect

  3. Joshua Hayes



    anyways, the market has ALREADY DISCOUNTED THAT NEWS. THEY ALREADY knew it was going to be bad and made their moves before the news. Smarter people than you will know things before you. AMWD is in an uptrend with the market.

    Who cares anyway why something does something? All you need to know is that it did.

    Whatever you THINK the market should do….DO THE OPPOSITE. Newbies never get this but this will save your ass (if you don’t use cut losses).

    And who doesn’t use cut losses??

  4. reddy

    its confusing …I also looked at some stocks and they acted according to the news….dont know why people thought negative news was the plus point for this stock….I guess I got to wait until markets open and see the reaction. Thanks Tim and Josh

  5. Will

    After reading different the message boards, I can’t help laughing. The number of posts by HEB longs is huuuuuuuge (including the comments here). I guess that’s why it was traded at 60M on Friday.

    If you freakin morons/idoits are so confident about the FDA approval, why aren’t you just keeping quiet and enjoying the weekend, instead of spending a lot of time attacking/arguing? (count the number of posts in yahoo message board and here)

    I can see 2 reasons:
    1. Consoling each other (which is useless for the stock price to go up, btw).
    2. Luring other innocent buyers so you guys can get out.

    Yes, I have a small short position on HEB as well and that’s why I read those message boards. but I’m done wasting time arguing with you bitter shareholders here (Apology to Tim). I know I’m out numbered (not a bad thing in the financial world LOL).

  6. Tiger tim

    We wonder if the mildly talented, TOO LONG RICH, Kevin Spacey
    is having any second thoughts about his recent trans-Pacific
    collaborations in the face of unfolding revelations of GARGANTUAN
    ‘peacetime’ genocide in our ‘fave’ creditor’s happy land.

    (70 million exterminated decades AFTER WW2 —in ‘peacetime’
    unoutted, unanswered for, unmentioned FACT)

    It’d be kind of nice if he did, esp. on this, the ‘mysteriously
    overlooked’ 20th anniversary of the Tiennamen Massacre AND the 60th anniversary of the staggeringly relevant KOREAN WAR.

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