Why Spitzer’s Call Girl Has Inspired Me To Giveaway 1 FREE Copy Of My $300 Instructional DVD - Timothy Sykes

Why Spitzer’s Call Girl Has Inspired Me To Giveaway 1 FREE Copy Of My $300 Instructional DVD


The popularity of my AA Dupre article—30,000 views and counting—has inspired me to create a timothysykes.com giveaway, aka “TIMaway”. You see that blog post is the latest example of why my trading strategy works so well—hype builds, the key is getting in early and then betting against it when it begins to fade.So, I am giving away 1 FREE copy of my 6-hour instructional trading DVD “PennyStocking” that comes with a 220-page instruction manual and an autographed copy of my book An American Hedge Fund. This is no BS / fraudulent / get-rich-quick crap (not like these bastards: Infomercial trading whizzes charged with fraud) Disgusting.

No, all my results are audited and I detail EVERYTHING behind my turning my $12,415 Bar Mitzvah Gift Money into $1.65 million in 4 years—while in college, then becoming the #1 Ranked Short Bias Hedge Fund Manager (Barclays) 3 years running, then losing 1/3 of it due to a lack of discipline (ignored the rules of the strategy I now teach!) and have now come back a bit with my #1 ranking on Covestor (out of thousands of inveastors/traders).

Check out some reviews:

“I found the DVD extremely useful!!! It’s a keeper…I have learned a lot from it.”
– G. Marquez

“I learned a lot, and I’m sure your target audience will learn even more. A great way for an investor to gain many years worth of knowledge, without having to make many years worth of mistakes!”
Peter Leeds

“Thank you for producing this wonderful DVD. We trade similar stocks, but I’ve always made my money on the long side of the market. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with how your work. These new strategies have helped me in my trading as I now short some of these stocks too and it’s worked out pretty well so far, thanks again!”
– Jim R.

“I have to thank you again for your DVD, I almost made three times the money for it today with an account about your size…The advice is good at least for me so far and I wish you the best of luck but I hope to beat you to your previous record.”
– Gary

“This is by far the most complete instructional guide I’ve found. I have no doubt in my mind that this will improve my trading.”
– Tony

Check out some sample slides

Check out this sample video clip:

Those who’ve followed this blog or bought these products know I’m one undisciplined SOB and while I’ve had a lot of success, this has prevented me from taking my trading past a few million dollars. The good news is a lot of people would be happy with a few million dollars. More importantly, I honestly believe you can do better than me. Think of me as Archie Manning and you guys are my children—I want you to win the Super Bowl rings I was never good enough to get! Basically I just share everything—what’s worked, what hasn’t, why this strategy is ideal for traders and investors with small accounts, why you don’t need to watch the stock market every second or even every day, difficult lessons I’ve learned over the years, what pitfalls I think you can avoid, etc. It’s even understandable for those who know little to nothing about the stock market (actually having a blank slate might be better).

To enter, just leave a comment on this post with your name and email and a winner will be announced on this blog one week from today, at noon EST, next Thursday, March 20th, 2007. You can only enter once, but if you’re a blogger/website operator, you will get 10 entries if you repost this post/contest—with all my little promotional links included—on your blog/website! (Hype, baby, it works!)

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

So when you get a chance make sure you check it out.

PS: Don't forget to check out my free Penny Stock Guide, it will teach you everything you need to know about trading. :)

  1. Joe

    With your instructions I may be able to avoid disasterous repeats of my COIN trades. I longed low and covered high only to suffer the loss of all of my gains since last September.

  2. John Lehne

    I’m just staring to learn and it would great to have the DVDs as a tool to learn more.

  3. Justin

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. I’ll be posting this to my site. It’s private, but it has a few readers.

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  5. Bryan

    I stumbled on to your website because of the “Kristen-gate” fiasco, but have actually explored the rest of your site as well. I’m very intrigued now and I think you have a very interesting site going on. Good luck on hitting that $1.65M again as well!!! PS- count this as my entry for your DVD!!!

  6. timsykes

    10 entries def. gives u a leg up, gotta reward those who are sharing their trading ideas openly

  7. Joseph

    Hey Tim,

    I participated in your first giveaway-that colorful scarf, but I didn’t get it. I hope I could win this one. I’ve been reading your blog since November and you’ve been very inspirational. Thanks for everything Tim

  8. Alex Augenstein

    Just finished your book the other day. Good stuff. the disciplined investor podcast with you on it got me interested

  9. Farhan Ismail

    Loved the book. Been waiting to free up some cash for the DVD. In for the giveaway…..

  10. Gary

    Timmay!!! When are we going to get back to starting to Talk about plays?

    I want in for the DVD.

  11. Sam

    I stumbled onto your site in the past month. Just ordered the book and would def like a chance to win a free DVD.

  12. Chris K

    Tim, I’m a 21 year old college student trading from my apartment in the middle of the corn fields of Iowa, just finished your book and was really inspired!

  13. yaktipper

    Add me to the list.

    You were owned in that facebook chat with Kristen! She sounds like she will do OK for herself.

  14. timsykes

    tried borrowing LDK to short, no such luck, gooood, hopefully it can squeeze the shorts to $30, then it’ll probly be a great short for $2-3

  15. totobernal

    Count me in..
    A guy down here in Central America (Panama) could really use the info from the book/DVD

  16. Client # to broke!

    i need to win i suck at trading good ol’ value investing getting me no where in this market also i am young could be used as an example of how effective your system is

  17. maryam antikchi

    if I couda wouda shouda get chosen…it would be GREAT

    ps I hope more politicions are cought red handed 🙂

  18. mike

    you people (the 2 or 3 not made up by tim) actually believe this horseshit with this girl?? Go check out facebook and write her name in there is over 3 pages of wanna be ashley dupres…. it is just another one of tim sykes delusional lies.

  19. Mike T

    A jewish guy giving something away for FREE? You must be in a good mood TIM! hehe just joking, you rock!

  20. Justin

    It really would be nice for us guys out there who dont know enough about the stock market and suck to get a leg up in this world. Thanks

  21. Neil

    Been traveling for work, but I have been a great poster in the past. I bought the book and could use the DVD to help me with my discipline issue!
    “please, pick me mr. principle” …quote from peter brady

  22. Mario

    Thanks Tim, I have been reading your blog for 2 weeks and have been trying to make enough money to buy your DVD. Free is better, count me in.

  23. Tony Ellis

    XIDE trying to breakout again. DVD is great I’ve made $19K trading COIN since purchasing TIM’s DVD.

  24. kunal

    That was the best facebook exchange ever! Question how come nobody on tv is talking about how much she obviously overcharged the SPITZ. For 5k an hour she better be twice as hot as Heidi Klum!

  25. mike

    TIM How come when i click on the facebook link to her site you are her only friend??? are we to believe that she created her facebook account just so she could talk to you right after her scandal?!?!

  26. timsykes

    whoever i talked to said she deleted all her friends so they wouldnt be harassed. i told her i didnt mind getting harassed!

  27. DonBartell

    Yo Tim, you know I’m already your fan, as evidenced by my comments on Covestor, and you know I need this DVD so I can have a ghost of a chance of emulating your success. I love your in the face commentary, and can’t wait to see what you’re going to say or do next. Yes, transparency is critical, and without it, all the rest is BS. Thanks for this chance at fame and fortune!

  28. jay - z

    You guys know he makes profits from the adds around the page… im willing to bet if you guys click on enough of them hell give another one away

  29. mike

    wow tim you are pathetic, so basically what you are saying is she deleted all of her friends off of her facebook.

    Then out of the BLUE decides hey in the midst of this whole scandal and everything in my life going batshit crazy i think itd be a good time to start talking with TIMSYKES who i have never met or have no previous experience with.

    Anyone who reads this who is not a figment of tims imagination you have been warned you really think a guy who bullshits like this is someone you want to do business with??

  30. timsykes

    mike, u like most of my moron haters think i’m into lying. u dumb POS–my whole business model is based on brutal honesty. i put up a post, somebody linked to some facebook group of hers, she started messaging me. who knows if its her, who cares, its funny, grab a drink, have a laugh, stop being such a typical finance snob

  31. mike

    Your parents must be real proud of your “honesty” everyone can see just how “honest” you are.

    You are nothing more than a failed trader who now has to resort to whoring himself out for attention anyway possible. Your story is complete and utter bullshit, and everyone can see it except you.

  32. leo00o83 (Amir)

    Count me in Tim, oh and I got 1 new break out and break down stocks I found today, posting them in the forums shortly.

  33. timsykes

    actually mike, my parents are real proud….and if u did even the lightest bit of research, u’d see for all my mistakes, i’m 30% off my highs. booo hoooo. greatest lessons i ever learned, only cost me a few hundred grand. worthy every penny as they’ll serve me and now others for the rest of our lives.

    PS up 32% since november, wait, according to your definition does that constitute failure too? lemme guess, u’re gonna say its on a small amount of money, right? well guess what, most of the people out there don’t have a lot of money, they need someone to show them how to do it from scratch. stick around kiddo, u might learn a thing or two!

  34. mike

    yes up 32% since november on an account size most people would wipe their ass with does count as failure.

    If you really had any talent or any edge WHICH actually worked with more than your piss ant 100-200 shares you would be doing it.

    And please dont tell me to “stick around” and learn a thing or 2 my good days are bigger than your entire TIM account, and i unlike you have never had to resort to pathetic scams in order to generate hits onto my shitty site.

  35. Venus M.

    …ok..so what does a girl have to do these days to earn something..(ok so i know..the spitzer girl practices the oldest and most profitable business there is..but, lets say it, i’m not half as hot as she is :P)
    I have put a bit of money aside (18th b-day, work, bla bla) and..though i’m a business major, and a girl (which means i would love to spend all my money on shoes) ..i have decided to invest. lovely huh! another business student who doesn’t know a thing about finance! yep. thats me. i also think that since i’ve been wise enough to not spend the money in shoes and bags and all that stuff which would make it easier for me to just find a rish-ass husband..now i actually have to PROFIT from my wiseness or..i’ll be a peniless, shoe-less girl.
    and that..my dear tim..would just push me in the hands of the oldest business around..not the stock market 🙂 and yes dear tim..you should feel guilty if I don’t win this DVD and book to help me out 😉

  36. timsykes

    haha typical snob answer, i love it! thank for not caring about the little guys, people like u are the reaosn why there’s sooooo much opportunity to teach people like them. u just don’t get it, people with accounts between 2-50k have little no idea of how to grow it consistently, other than investing in mutual funds, which would give the 32% over 3 years if they’re lucky. 32% in 5 months, with my ridiculous amount of mistakes–all detailed for everyone’s learnings pleasure–is the kind of “failure” many people would like to have

    big or small, 95% of trader lose, with my rules and lessons in place, over time, i don’t. just take one opportunity at a time. advantage sykes

  37. Kevin

    Elliot Spitzer’s girl besides inspiring you to give a DVD set away, should inspire us all to get rich so we can afford one too!

  38. mike

    The mutual fund argument has to be the dumbest comment i have ever seen, inorder to work your “strategy” one has to actively participate in the market this also means that they must watch it full time, so i suppose none of the “little guys” have any expenses, you better fucking hope not because you have made 2000 dollars in 5 months which will be taxed as trading income not cap gains. a.k.a. highest tax bracket.

    I sure hope all your suckers can go atleast 5 years with no money cause that will be the only way you will grow an account sdoing what you are doing, and if they do happen to succeed good luck finding shares of or else being able to take on significant position sizes in microcaps, this is why you were forced out because it doesnt work. Giving your strat to hundreds of people will only help fuck it up even more.

  39. FitTrader

    Keep up the good work Tim, the DVD would be appreciated… I love the haters, its the same old BS every time. It’s easy to post an anonymous rant about how shitty TIM is. I have yet to see one of them sign onto Covestor and show us who they really are. Put up or shut up, plain and simple.

  40. eric

    Tim Ive been following your success since WSW, your book, and now your blog! What Ive been missing out on is your dvd. I want it! I need it! Im a rookie trader with a small account, but every erengtxpert was once a beginner! Your dvd will only help me make money. I hate losing and I love winning and I want to be a more successful trader. I want to make more money and making money is extremely addicting. With your guidance and now a dvd, it only strengthens my desire to be a better trader. You’re a great teacher Tim and one day, the student will surpass the teacher! Thanks for all the great lessons Tim. PS…please overnight deliver MY new dvd so i could study it right away! Thanks.

  41. timsykes

    mike wrong on just about everything again–my strategy works best just a few times/month. i write every day to keep people apprised of potential plays but in no way shape or form should they trade every day. who cares about taxes, its about growing an account and this is the best way i know how to do it–in any market condition

    there are no goals but if people can make a few extra grand each month or get good and make more with few trades and most importantly no leverage, u’d be surprised how many want that. u forget people waste money at the tracks, casinos and trying to trade random crap like RIMM, GOOG

    don’t hate the game, hate yourself for not doing enough research before opening your mouth

  42. Dan

    Hey i sent you the email about CVSC just before the collapse. Too bad could not short it.
    I am new to the stock market. i am a newly unemployed and thought i might take some advantage from the stock market. so far with no success 🙂
    So the DVD and the book might help.

  43. Evan

    Great entertainment the last few posts Tim! Not so much teaching lately, but I guess I’ll get that with the free DVD!!! 🙂

  44. mike

    another load of shit from Sykes

    you dont have to trade every day idiot but you got to be paying attention to the market, otherwise the times you are “just twice a month” you will miss the plays you find plays cause you watch the market full time.

    Oh and by the way only trading twice a month is another sykes lie, you are in atleast 5 times that many every month.

    “Who cares about taxes” need i say more?? you are an idiot, and you do not live in the real world, unlike you real people have to pay taxes, it isnt even close to a mutual fund because you can allow funds to sit in a 401k in the states or an RRSP in canada and you dont have to pay the tax on it till you cash out this is a huge advantage over your shitty system. As you dont got to drain half the gain every year.

    You are pitching a pipedream and a shitty one at that.

    For anyone out there who reads this you should strongly consider going the prop route or learning from a real professional tim sykes is nothing more than a conman who will be a first class ticket to the poor house if you get involved.

  45. ViciousChicken

    Well, it certainly sounds like mikey doesn’t like it, but I’m open to all strategies. Sign me up for that DVD Tim.

  46. mike

    oh and btw in february you made 17 trades which is almost 1 every single trading day not one a month, so that is another one of your horseshit lies.

    Your pitch is totally lame if i won this DVD i wouldnt even use it as a coaster.

    You are telling people you made 35% in 5 months trying to scam newbies who think they can do nothing and build an account into millions doing this.

    You are a flash in the pan who happened to fluke out during the tech bubble. Nothing more nothing less.

  47. Wayne

    Hey Tim, count me in for a chance to win the DVD and book please. Love the site and keep up the great work.

  48. timsykes

    miek i’m about done wasting my time on u, but answer me this: how am i a con man when i detail ALL my trades and ALL my gains and losses? where’s the con?

  49. timsykes

    1. I made 17 trades cuz i’m an undisciplined SOB, l earn to read–i write about the ones i shouldnt be in all the time.

    2. i made m first million during the bubble yes, but my second came after in 2001,2002,2003, 2004, 2005–all of which i made over $50k each year, take out my bad year 2005 and all of them I made over $100k each year

    3. flash in the pan–c’mon mikie, gimme a chance, thats why i’m saying stick around, i got nothing to hide, still trading like i always do, now i just teach too. hey, no hard feelings, even though you’re a complete prick, i’ll let u listen in on the class, i’ll even get u some nice new clothes so u don’t stink up the place being homeless and all!

  50. Eric

    Hi Tim,
    Bought your book, would like to have your DVD. Follwing all your posts. Concerning Spitzer and Kirsten, personally I don’t think it was a that great deal except part of the act was illegal. If he was in Nevada, France or Germany, he would have been just fine! Looking forward to receiving your email and DVD in the future 🙂 Cheers.
    Eric, Texas

  51. Jason R.

    Tim, count me in for the DVD…Your humor and ability to rip on people=====PRICELESS

    Continue success…Your website is growing huge.

  52. jj

    Already read the book & watched the DVD but hey, can’t beat free! As for Mike, get a life and if you’re so much better where are you’re posted results? How long did it take you to make your $1.65M? Sorry you must be a value investor..and and are still waiting. You came to the wrong site. That’s not what Tim’s niche is all about. Tim- move on. He’ll have nothing to say when you’ve Britney Speared him. “Oooops you did it again. $1.65M” Ya MIke -I ‘m a follower who’s also done my research and has sucessfully learned from what he’s doing for this market. Do your’s next time and save us all the drama.

  53. Gary



    They have had a good few day run. They also just got UPGRADED to buy to $17. I think this is your POS company to put on the watch list.

  54. Gustavo

    Not yet married. (High School) But if I ever do, I would like to have enough money to afford those hookers. (Where your strategies come into play) Rock on.

  55. Trader Tom


    I am a newbie and want to learn as much as possible. Tim’s method intrigues me, so please send me a DVD! Thanks!

  56. Gustavo

    Out of curiosity, where do you keep the million or so you made previously? Is it investment in your web sit, books and dvds? Do you trade more than just what’s on covestor? Is this money in the bank? Spent? Or market type fund? Would you ever consider taking a percentage of your net worth and putting it in some undervalued operation? Value investing?

  57. steven krahl

    New to your site. love it so far. small capital investor who would benefit great from a great instructional DVD such as yours. please include me in the contest. thank you. Steve Krahl

  58. Randy Red Elk

    I would like some free stuff, and perhaps some
    complimentary free warm rolls.
    Thank you.

  59. Donald Allen

    i need the dvd.i’m the dumb ass that asked you if (rio) was a micro cap.you were kind enough to write back and suggest i purchase “how to make money in stocks”.i bought it and i’m making progress.
    i hope you make billions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Angelo


    I think i need this DVD because I work for COUNTRYWIDE/BofA.



  61. Chad Geauvreau

    I’m very Interested to understand your approach to investing. I ordered your book last week. I have a strong understanding of technicals and fundamentals. I’ve been investing for close to 15 years…..I just started day trading 18 months ago….awesome! I love it…and just can’t get enough off it! I do extremely well with my set of trading rules…..but knowledge is power…gotta keep feeding the brain! Bring it on Tim!

    I have an investment website/newsletter/Investment course and blog…..we have a different target market….so i don’t think I’ll be reposting.

    Cheers! Enjoy your site, humour and especially your attitude!!


  62. Randy

    Tim, What are you doing? Stick to trading. You’re not going to get respect by chatting with whores.

  63. Mayhem

    Great stuff, Tim! Followed you since you whooped bullship butt on WSW and now I follow this site regularly. Thanks for all the trading info and good luck on your way back to the top! Count me in on your contest and Rock On!

  64. cybertrade

    Tim, I am always buying stocks long, (with little success)need to learn the” Tim way to succeed.”

    Thanks for the info

  65. Mayhem

    Hey Mike. Nice to see that the public education system is still failing people. Go get some of your wool sheared off and play nice with the rest of the sheep.

  66. Hugh E. Rexson

    Dear Timmy: I will make a promise to you that if I win your free DVD, then I will take the $300 I saved and I will spend it on asian hookers right here in NYC. This is a win-win-win situation. You give me the DVD, and help me become a better trader, I keep the money in the local economy and help NYC thrive during the recession, and I give the $300 to a needy young asian college student who will go and shop for stylish clothes right here in the fashion center of the western world. Hell, I will even post a review of my exploits here for free.


  67. Tim Also

    I’ve been following your progress since I had down day. I was looking through the news and blogs when I came across your site. You shorted the stock at the same time that I bought. You made money and I lost it. I thought to myself I can learn from this guy. So many investment educators are so one dimensional in their teaching. They only teach making money on the up side. Because they don’t think we can understand and or accept the extra risk. I want to learn all the tools there are. Opportunities are everywhere I want to know how to play them all.

  68. mike

    Tim would you be willing to have a video debate with me??? my only 2 pretenses are:

    A) it goes unedited


    B) it must be the cover to your site for atleast 6 months.

    If you are please tell me and i will give you real personal info, and we will do this.

  69. timsykes

    sorry mike, what r r we gonna debate about, i already detail everything i do, u, i don’t now and i don’t really care, u’ve proven u have no research skills and i have no idea who u r or what u do….put up a blog and detail everything for 6 months then we can debate. until then good luck

  70. Mike

    Like going on a diet, learning a new trading stategy is difficult. There are alot of fat people in gyms as I am sure there are lots of your DVD’s sitting unopened on customers book shelves. We are all lazy to different degrees. We all need a push.

    Send me your product free and in return I promise to complete the course and review it twice. Then I will make twelve 4000cnd dollar trades and submit my tickets to you. If there is a profit I will purchase the course for anyone of your choice.

    From Japan

  71. timsykes

    LOL, i get offers from people wanting free copies every day…nope…i spent a good deal of hard work/money making it, i have to make back my investment. if you’re not willing to spend $300 on something with a 60-day money back guarantee (minus a 20% restocking fee), then you’re either a) too poor to be trading these kinds of stocks b) to cheap/unwilling to give my lessons/rules a chance or c) all of the above.

    but don’t worry, you’re entered into the contest, good luck!

  72. mike

    LOSER IMPERSONATING ME ABOVE IS A FRAUD….. you seem fairly confident i make a mill plus a year…. atleast it will be ” educational” to your sheep, allow me to debate you 1 on 1 i will fly across the country as long as it makes the first page on your pathetic website.

  73. 5holeSAVE

    Gottagotta have it TIM!!!!
    I just opened my TOS account yesterday w/ referral props to you dude… Now all I need is the DVDs and I’m good to go!

  74. Mazda3jdm

    But Im just a poor boy and nobody loves me-
    Hes just a poor boy from a poor family-
    Spare him his life from this monstrosity-

  75. Jim

    hahah you guys want to learn how to trade.. go purchase master day trader by pristine. big traders at all themost famous firms recommend it as the best learn how to trade book. real tools and tactics

  76. Greg

    Hey Tim, thanks for the giveaway – I want in. Read the book and gave it to a friend. Didn’t like the new website to start with but it is now starting to grow on me. Wish you well.

  77. AP

    As long as you keep blogging for free I’m happy. The ironic thing is that guys like Dennis Gartmen who charge for their newsletter don’t provide any relavent trading ideas or technical analysis (lower left to upper right.. seriously?).

  78. Eddie


    As long as I get a spot or two up on TIMTV, count me in!

    Very much enjoying the blog commentary, covestor, lessons learned, and creativity. JIb-Jab like pictures are awesome. Keep up the good work, and sign up “Kristen” for Sundance ’09

  79. J P Moron






  80. Sebby D

    Love the blog, learning from you on how to short crappy stocks. Saw ya at the traders Expo, enjoyed your speech .
    The new website is starting to take form. Keep up the good work!

  81. Jorge

    Hi, I’ve been following you since you started this blog. Great stuff. I’d love a chance to get the trading course for free. Thanks.

  82. richard tan

    hi tim! I came all the way from the Philippines and i just got a copy of your book An American Hedge fund and I think it’s great. Too bad you closed your hedge fund bec. you’re an inspiration man. I wanted to see you make that multimillion level and just shut the haters up! Keep up the good work. Congratulations on your book and dvd. I hope i can get that free dvd! =) Someday you’ll be in forbes billionaire’s list. Just believe.

  83. Janet B

    I sure could use your instructional DVD. It seems very difficult to try to understand the stock market otherwise. I seem to gain a little then unfortunately lose even more. Really enjoyed your sample video clip. You seem like a pretty awesome guy.

  84. Joe

    I wish I would have borrowed LDK this morning rather than last night. I covered and broke even. Why oh why didn’t I cover at $24?

  85. paowiee

    Hey Tim,

    Count me in, I hope I win! been making money off of your recommendations and I just want to do even better!

  86. Scotty

    Hey Tim,

    Your book is GREAT.. Received it as a gift for Christmas.. Now all I need is the DVD and I’ll be in BUSINESS!!
    Keep up the good work…

  87. Dionysios Kattis

    Sweet! A chance at your DVD. I’d love to get my hands on that. Count me in, Tim. I’m following in your footsteps.

    Give the God of Wine your DVD!

    -Dionysios Kattis

  88. Juraj Krivda

    I’m slovak student on colege in Slovakia -Business Computing and I can’t afford to buy your DVD set, so i just hope in miracles You are my Wall Street Warriors hero #1 GoodLuck 2 U (:

  89. Whiskey Mac

    Anyone watching MMTIF? SmallCap 140m. Clean break out at $1.50… Yesterday 1.2 million shares traded, so far 500,000 today. News was fluff, ‘change of Director’.

  90. Ted

    Very entertaining … and it works. I had never played the “short” before! Great instruction, right to the point. Thanks, can’t wait to hear more.

  91. NeilTheRealDeal

    Yesterday was my birthday. I was born on Friday the 13th and the past 3 years I have dislocated my knee cap TO THE DAY on my birthday. I can’t afford your book or DVD and Winning this DVD for my birthday would surely break my unlucky streak!

  92. Gary

    Anybody have any plays today???

    cvsc took a nice run up. wish is want so scared. Would have been a good gain!

    But I see nothing worth the risk.

    See something?

  93. Ams

    I’m from Malaysia and I want your DVD. I’ll pay for postage and handling I swear.. Give a foreigner from a far away country a chance!

    Thanks Timmy!!!

  94. Cameron Fous

    CHeck out CGLD.OB today.

    Small Cap gold stock breaking resistance on heavy volume. Released a strong profitable quarter yesterday. Me and most of my members are already on board.

  95. Robert Drummond

    Hi Tim…

    I wonder if she reported the money on her income taxes!

    I NEED TO WIN your DVD!


  96. yaktipper

    I already posted but this one is to poop on bad Mike!

    Mike, what do you see wrong with a strategy based on betting against terrible companies with hyped PR? Common sense should tell you that would work more than half the time, and Tim has proven it. And the return percentage has nothing to do with the amount of money in play. Wouldn’t you be happier if you were up 32% since November?

    I’m afraid Mike is just a an attention craving troll and gets cheap thrills from others’ reactions.

  97. Gary

    hmmm… and they broke the .75 mark. This may be a good play.

    GOOD EYE. This is def not a supernova yet, but it could be. Good to see the .75 mark break and hold.

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  99. Pingback: TimothySykes.com Just The Latest POS Hype Play, aka Why PennyStocking Works | Timothy Sykes - Stock Trader, Author, Entrepreneur

  100. TIMS DAD


    It’s Time to let Little Mickey go bother some one else. I thought we taught you not to pick on people of his limited intelect. We pitty then but we do not encourage. Plus your mom hates when people say mean things to you.

    Little Mickey, why do think any one would have any interesr in who you are?, you pathetic moron.(sorry i rarely practice what i preach).

    I’m sorry your dad never took you to baseball games and went to your tennis matches when you were in high school. Oops sorry i don’t think the things you did in high school were spectator sports.

    Please go back to your chat rooms and video games and your Sports Illustrated swimsuit addition. If you close your eyes and pretend its almost like having a real date.

    Tim’s Dad
    (sorry Tim I will get a life some day)

  101. tyler

    I’m your biggest and poorest fan. I have bought the book and have salavated over the DVD, I am a broke ass college kid who really wants to learn from the Zen-Master himself. I sure hope I win this…..Your Biggest/Poorest Fan.

  102. Ernie Barrera

    Hey Mike have been reading over your site and i am laughing my ass off. you are a funny guy and i think you have somthing to teach us. I will keep checking back every few days so i can learn and laugh some more.

  103. TSG

    ??i pu???o??? ?q??? pu? ??u ?ui????os u???l ?lqissod pu? ?i ??i? o? ?uilli? ?,i ?nq ‘??n? ?? ????? lli? o?pi? ?no? ?ui?? ?,uop i

  104. timsykes

    leverage and margin are 2 different things–yes, i borrow shares to short from my broker, but i have plenty of cash to cover that borrow. i only use about 30-40% of assets at a time, unlike these wall street funds/banks that leverage up 40+ times their capital and get into trouble since their crap is all so illiquid

  105. John Fagan

    Was starting to think that you can not make money on the market with only 15 gran until I came across your site. Now I have some hope that the DVD will show me the way.

  106. mike

    To Tims dad

    You could have learned alot from my dad actually as you have raised a son who has absolutely no morals, and i can only assume that you actually condone this behaviour.

    If i tried to make up a a conversation pertaining to a situation where two peoples lives were ruined, all for the sake of sleazy webhits, and for the greater cause of scamming people, my dad would have kicked my ass.

  107. mike

    I guess in the sykes family they draw the line at “selling slaves,” (straight from tims own mouth vs. the rabbai) but are more than willing to screw ma and pa through lying and cheating as long as it pads the pockets of a fellow sykes.

  108. Ryan

    Tim, your new book is amazing!!! If your DVD is half as good as your book, it’s got to be priceless. Please select me for your DVD giveaway. I want to prove that ordinary people such as myself can take your trading philosphy and make it work!!!

  109. timsykes

    Mike, LOL, where does the lying/scamming no morals come in? I just don’t get it. All I do is detail all my trades openly, proving I’m making money even as I’m not and never have been that great a trader. Have u read my book–the last third is the detailing of how I lost 30% when I ignored my trading rules. What exactly do you think I’m hiding here?

  110. beesh

    I like the idea of traders debating in uncut video, I think thats a sick idea for a web site and I’ve never seen a website that does that. If you are trying new concepts for a website, you should start with a debate with Mike.
    The conversation between you guys is classic and the video could generate traffic; plus I got to know if this Mike guy is real or if he’s just one of your friends fucking with you.

  111. poppychullo22k

    A brown truck pulled up to my house last night at around 6 pm. About midnight I finished your book. What a kick in the balls. This book makes me want to fine tune my own investment strategies. I currently use an internet candlestick charting company and I have been returning around 11-12% monthly. After reading your story Im ready to explore new and different trading ideas. Once again thanks for taking the time to show me a few of the pitfalls you experienced and therefore saved me. Your fan-poppychullo2k ps-cant wait for the markets to open on monday

  112. mike

    beesh it will never happen as tim sykes knows the holes in his story. He knows his shitty strategy is not scaleable and certainly not scaleable for resale.

    Be warned tim sykes is a liar, he has already been exposed here for making up the shit about Ashley Dupree and trying to use someone elses broken life to promote himself.

    Ask yourself before you do business with him whether or not this is someone you want to be involved with.

    I am done with you and your site now for good quit making up aliases and spamming other sites.

    P.S. to Tims dad…..

    How did your invesment into cilantro fund workout for you???
    ahhhhhh just what i thought….. you must be real proud.

  113. Paul

    As one of those that has fallen for some of those BS scheme’s out there, I am tired of paying for something that doesnt work. Now, I want your DVD for free (dont wanna pay anymore)!!!!!!

  114. Kartey Agbottah

    Hey man I wish the best of luck to you man. Keep making money and exploiting those haters man!

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  116. AJC

    After being hot linked here… and readuing the uber amount of testimonials… I figured that you must be onto something. Please consider my entrance into this DVD give away too please…


  117. Chris

    Tim, teach a man to fish he will eat for a life time. I know you want to say you were apart of other peoples success so help a starving college student out. I need the fishing pole (your DVD)!

  118. Daniel K

    I just came to enter the contest and I got stuck reading your argument with Mike, I am currently a university student in Great Britain. I am very interested in trading however as a student I clearly don

  119. Kyle

    I would really enjoy winning your free DVD it would definitely help me become a better trader.

  120. Xavier

    It’s been several years since I traded stocks and never penny stocks. I’m looking forward to getting back into it. You’ve inspired me to learn some more and give it a shot again.

  121. Fred


    Maybe the low turn out for your free giveaway is a clear indication that you need to lower the price of your DVD. I would buy it for $99.99.

  122. timsykes

    LOL, the low turnout suggests I should raise my price, considering to make back what I spent making it, I gotta profit from the small audience out there! (Don’t worry I won’t…yet)

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  124. Tom

    Short everything! America’s financial crisis will crumble more than people can rationalize right now.

  125. Pingback: TIM Lesson: Ashley Dupre Proves Hype Lasts Longer Than Expected | Timothy Sykes - Stock Trader, Author, Entrepreneur

  126. mini

    I have just discovered your blog. It looks interesting and I promise to visit again. Please include me in the draw for your DVD.

  127. Marco

    Hi Tim, u r doing an awesome job…..need your DVD, would u send me one without going through this giveaway? (I don’t loose anything by asking, do I?)

  128. Glen H

    Tim, you’re a true maverick. You remind me of Jesse Livermore’s quote, ” . . . the fruits of your success will be in direct ratio to the honesty and sincerity of your own effort in keeping your own records, doing your own thinking, and reaching your own conclusions.”

    Enjoy your insights very much. Only been actively trading for 6 months and have lost a lot, in the first 5, due to ignorance of course.
    So now I’m at the stage of being cautious, reading blogs voraciously, and minimizing loss at all cost.
    And you know what? I absolutely love trading. I’m probably making 2cents an hour with the time I spend on it, but learning is only the beginning . . .

    So thanks for a great site, and I look forward to your off-the-cuff-honest commentary.

  129. NolanH

    Just started following this blog a few weeks ago…in that time I’ve already signed up for a TOS account, moved some $$ in, and made a few shorts that worked out! Thanks for the guidance Timmy…u da man! DVDs would be awesome!

  130. David G..

    I’m always cool to freebies.

    Always good to see the self-righteous fall such as Spitzer, as they usually turn out to be the biggest hypocrites.

  131. Chris

    I could use all the help I can get the way I am losing money in the market the past 4 months.

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  133. David G..

    Just thought I’d post here again with a few thoughts I’ve had.

    I find it funny she seemed to criticize you (Tim) for using a magazine cover you were on years ago for your facebook image, as you became famous by doing something, rather than doing someone..

    That’s ridiculous that she commits a crime (prostitution is on the books..) and becomes “famous” out of it and is given immunity just because someone more notable was implicated. She needs to do her time (UNPAID!) and learn a few lessons just like everyone else……

  134. Mike C.

    I’m an options guy, really, but I keep checking in on you because you’ve got so much dang PERSONALITY (for better or worse 🙂 ).
    Keep up the good work!

  135. Mike

    I NEED THIS DVD!!! ever since i was a kid (im only 18) i dreamed of being a millionaire…THIS IS MY TICKET
    if i don’t win the raffle, tim can i have 12k? ill use it to grow my own 1.65 and we can race?! huh hows that sound ?!! hMM ?!! you know it sounds good TIM!!! DOnt DENY ME MY TICKET I WILL SPREAD WORLD PEACE AND ALL THAT SHIT !!!! yur gana put me through collage. today i was buying a McObesity burger from taco bell and it dawned on me i don’t have any money !!! i need this dvd i would buy by it but i cant even afford a McObesity!!! ok but seriously im trying to show you that i want this way more than those other guys
    ok lets make a deal you give me a free copy and don’t tell anyone i wont tell anyone and you can give it to someone else and announce that guy the winner. (i’ll do anything !) think business c’mon network with me i can provide you opportunities.. send me a pm AIM: mko237

  136. Mark

    Count me in!!! As you may have heard the Bush Administration
    said each one of us would now get a nice rebate.
    If we spend that money at Wal-Mart, all the money
    will go to China. If we spend it on gasoline it
    will all go to the Arabs, and neither will help the American economy.
    We need to keep that money here in America, so the
    only way to keep that money here at home is to buy
    beer or spend it on prostitution, since those are
    the only businesses still in the U.S OH NO which way to go. If I don’t win can I download it free on limewire?

  137. Jorge Quiroz


    Hi Tim,
    No more compliments .. other than I would really like to wacth your instructional DVD on the 20th ‘TimAway’.
    Best, Jorge

  138. Wags

    Sign me up!! I’m really gonna need this DVD after I get back from Reno…apparently they don’t have candlestick charts for rating the teams in the NCAA trny…otherwise I’d make a killing!

    Keep up the good work!!

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  140. Gauntlett

    Like you I read and read to figure out what strategy will suit my personality. The image below says plenty as to why I’m interested in your DVDs!


  141. Anne

    Awesome blog! I <3 what I’ve read so far and really hope that I win. BTW, do you accept bribes? ;-)[img]http://www.gkst.com/images/letters/bribe.gif[/img]

  142. Matthew

    Hey Tim, I’m in too. But could you do me a favor and delete all these responses above (and below) me? It would sure help my odds of winning!

  143. Dan

    found out about this on a pod cast. Look forward to checking out your DVD’s.
    Just starting out in trading more. Been a long holder for a while.


  144. Rich

    hey tim,
    I’m new to trading and trying to read up and expand my skills. I have noticed alot of these small companies seem to rally for a couple days …and then everybody splits, like it’s just a place to meet up and spin money in circles. From what i’ve read on your site, your strategies and outlook is what i’ve been looking for. I can’t seem to find your book in any stores, I’ll see how your, “Timaway” goes. At best I will be ordering your book shortly, thanks for taking an honest approach to this type of investing.

  145. Jeff L

    Your site is interesting, but I’m still a skeptic. If you can pull off even half of the 1.6 mil, then yea, I’ll believe your trading styles are better than Vegas gambling.

  146. Jake

    Hey Tim! NYC was a blast man…I have been very inspired by your ambition, attitude, and success. As I mentioned, I am new to the finance world and I want to absorb as much as I can! I’m loving the book, but it’s hard for me to afford the DVD in college right now. I’d love to get started with your DVD! Keep in touch man, it will be fun to have you out to MN

  147. Pingback: TIM Monthly Review: Beware The Ides Of March Or Learn To Short Sell! | Timothy Sykes - Stock Trader, Author, Entrepreneur

  148. Nicholas A. Johansky

    would love a copy of your DVD

    the uncorrected proof of ‘An American Hedgefund” is right next to me, lovin’ it

  149. John A

    I’m a little late, but OMG TIM OWNZ!


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  151. tmcnally

    I love the smell of desperation…

    I don’t think SPNG is emitting the smell of desperation Tim…think further south. 😉

  152. dsaidenb

    dear tim-

    could you please put your “testimonials” somewhere else on the page? i completely disregard them and they are not useful to me or anyone else.

    it should be something like

    1) yesterday i made X dollars because i am so cool (buy my dvds)
    2) today you should be looking at these 10 stocks (buy my dvds)
    3) here are some testimonials

    its annoying to always have to scroll through the testimonials…put em at the end or on a different page or not at all…thanks

  153. dsaidenb

    i mean who seriously cares that Jimbo Billibob made $56 dollars before commissions on SYMX??

  154. YoungGunz

    I would prefer cutting out the testimonials for the subscribers posts and pasting them in when you post the list to the public. I understand using some of the testimonials to explain a lesson for a particular trade. After that I just glaze over all the bold text and look straight to the list. I don’t think people tat are already paying for your service should need to see as much sales pitch type watchlists. To compromise at least cut it back to maybe 2-3 times a week, especially if you have a lot of really hot potential picks for the day.

  155. Reaper

    Tim I got out of GRH awhile ago. I was sucking in my trading last week (particularly Thursday) so I just closed all my positions. I missed out on nice profits on that and JAZZ, but it keeps me sane. No way will I trade (even a good trade like GRH) if I am getting distracted / emotional. So I’m only up $71,248 all-time using your strategy.

  156. YoungGunz

    It it is above $3 ToS usually has at least some shares early. Under $3 it is pretty hit or miss.

  157. YoungGunz

    Fuck GWSC fell off a cliff fast….hoping for a little pull back to possible get in on it…just soo early in the morning though.

  158. Spit

    Thank you Tim. Just used your teachings to great effect 🙂

    Bought MPG yesterday on the breakout at 1.45 held overnight watching to see if it can break 1.60. Its didnt at the market open so as per your teachings if the price action isnt right then get out. I got out at 1.57 with a $220 profit and then it immediately plunged to 1.45

    The point is that before listening to you I would have waited and got out for a small loss. Instead I took my profit and ran 🙂

    Thanks again.

  159. ub7

    Covered JAZZ this morning @ 3.15 +$160
    Sold SAY at 4.2 for +$90

    Looking to cover SHZ @ 1.55

    Thanks tim, 2nd week here on timalerts and ive already banked over $1k using your strategy. You rock, keep em comin’

    -David B.

  160. Matthew Wallett

    I don’t know if this offer is still valid, but it would be nice to sample the DVD before actually purchasing it. If you could find it in your hear Tim to send me a free DVD copy, I would be much appreciative.

  161. Anonymous

    I just found about it right now, and I’ve been reading and researching about Timothy Skyes for about 5 hours now. I am truly inspired, and hoping to having a bright future as well. Thanks Tim.

  162. play killing games

    Sgt Tim Sykes said: “This gets our officers out into the community, patrolling the streets in a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly way. “The reaction from the public so far has been extremely positive and we are hoping to use them more and more …

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  164. Jvaughn

    I’ve blown my chance at 2 different opportunities to join your challenge, I refuse to ignore the voices in my head this time!! I will be a success story created with your strategies!! I’m your guy Tim!!

  165. Brooks

    Please Tim.. Please.. Im your guy. Hell when I make money down the road I will pay you back! Consider this free giveaway as a long term investment! I know how much u hate sitting on things but hey!! Please 🙂
    Brooks Nelson

    Im only 9 yrs late!! But I only just discovered you a few months ago.. Like they all say.. “The only thing I regret was not hearing about this sooner”. 🙁

  166. Joe D

    Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.
    Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.
    Please teach me.

  167. Trisha

    knock! Knock! Open the door and hand me your free DVD, let me join your world of financial freedom… Please.. Save me!!!!!

  168. Crystal

    I noticed at the end the day was for march 20th 2007. On the off chance your still doing a give away (since its still up)i thought id put my name in. I saw you on steve harvey and been learning alot so far. Look forward to working with you in the future.

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