Why My Student’s $700K+ in Profits Stresses Me Out {VIDEO}

Key Takeaways: 

  • Another six-figure student to celebrate! Don’t miss these lessons from Evan’s trading journey.
  • Learn why short selling gives me nightmares — seriously…
  • Evan lost $10,000 before becoming profitable. Tune in to learn how he turned it around…

Evan’s made nearly $800,000 in profits trading the dark side. Short selling stresses me out. It literally gives me nightmares. But the great thing about trading is you can trade whatever strategy works for you. There’s no one right way to trade. Watch the video to learn how Evan overcame early struggles and losses to become one of my top students…

Here’s what you can learn from Evan’s journey:

  • Evan made NOTHING in his first 20 months of trading. Learn what he had to do to turn it around.
  • Evan’s primarily a short seller. Here’s what he learned from the GOAT and this top trading resource.
  • Shorting’s risky. Check out the recent short squeeze that cost Evan a $50,000 loss.
  • When you trade on the dark side, even a small position can mount to massive losses. Evan shares a perfect example — don’t miss this critical discipline lesson!

Watch the video below for vital trading lessons from this contrarian six-figure trader.

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