Why Ian Cassel Is A Liar & Shady Stock Promoter

UPDATE: Thanks to my calling him out, Ian has amended his performance page to state he got shares of GLTC at a 30% discount to market prices at $1/share…nobody else could’ve gotten them there…he should adjust the figure to the stock price the day he started getting paid to promote…roughly $1.50/share…biggggg difference scumbag

LiveStock is live tomorrow 1-2PM EST, tune in here…no liars accepted….or watch it on demand later when liars are accepted.

I have nothing against stock promotion–in fact most of my true “gimme” trading profits stem from cutting through the BS of these liars on pumped up stocks like Spongetech Delivery Systems Inc. (SPNG), EMGE, GVBP, UOMO, IMGG, NPHC, the list is exhaustive…

While I don’t want to stop them or shut them down, to help you learn how corrupt they are (you can obviously learn more with these), I do like pointing out their blatant lies–like when BestDamnPennyStocks.com said there were no shares to short of their pump even though I shorted easily at Thinkorswim and when a different carcass company used Shaquille O’Neal to pump up their stock.

So when a small-time stock promoter like Ian Cassel, who has been paid to advertise stocks like Zagg Inc. (ZAGG) (good pump Ian!) and GelTech Solutions, Inc. (GLTC) blocks me from following him on twitter (you can follow me though), preventing me from adding hi to his deserved position on my “Soulless Stock Promoterstwitter list, I must call him out on his lies.

And while the blatant lie I caught him in is a small one…once you can establish a pattern of behavior, well, it throws everything else Ian Cassel says into question.

Let’s see if you can find the stock promoter lie, like find Waldo:


Hint: Take a look at GLTC’s performance over the past year:


C’mon Ian, you say you got into GLTC at $1 in December 2009, you’re about 50% off!

Liar, liar, what was left of your soul is on fire!

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  1. Bruce L.

    Tim, be careful you aren’t taking on Ian because of some knee jerk response (on your part) in a personal issue ( he blocked you). imo, there are far better people to go after. While he is certainly a promoter of his investments, I have found him to be honest. I don’t see where he says he bought GLTC @ 1.00. Please point that out. I do see where he says he purchased some GLTC at 1.45-1.50.

  2. Anonymous

    perosnal issue? LOL…i will go after every manipulative bastard out there…i’ve ripped on ian long before this but when there’s a glaring lie on his performance page, i’m gonna call him out…are you blind, do you not see the $1 initiation on GLTC? he still hasnt fixed it yet…my god you people in penny stock land are dumb as bricks

  3. Anonymous

    Are you really this unsophisticated of an investor/shorter or are you the real liar?!?! He didn’t say he bought the stock on the open market. He obviously participated in the PIPE at $1 as did I. http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1403676/…You do know how to read a FORM 8-K, right? If you need help, I would be happy to explain to you want it means.

    The fact that he bought restricted shares that he has to hold for at least 6 months before selling, means he is quite the opposite!

  4. Bruce L.

    I Just asked you to point out where he lists GLTC as being purchased for $1.00. You said on his performance page. It does say $1.00 but that is via a PIPE investment. Although it is a form of payment, he is not lying in this case. He should have averaged all his purchases in as well, but as you say, he hasn’t fixed it yet.

    Regarding the title of your post, calling him a promoter would be accurate. However calling him a liar, is going too far, is over the top and is unnecessary, in this instance.

    As for calling me dumb as bricks, you don’t know me; and that is just rudeness, born of arrogance which is born of ignorance. While I may be dumb as bricks, it can only be yet another hastily drawn conclusion on your part, to make yourself feel good. If you have attained a measure of success, be careful that it does not take over your head, as it will eventually bring harm against yourself.

  5. Mike


    I used to think you were full of it, but I learned the hard way (I was destroyed by SpongeTech). The world needs more people like you going after those sick, manipulative, worthless pumpers. Keep up the good work.

  6. Anonymous

    Hey fellow pumper–as depicted clearly above, Ian claims his price initiating at $1…the 30% discount you got in your PIPE is irrelevant…it’s what price you tell others that matters if you want to claim an accurate price initiation…good luck on your stock, worst financials i have ever seen…i love the part of their hurricane dampening technology LOL

  7. Anonymous

    You are talking in circles. How can the price he paid for the stock be irrelevant to the price he paid for the stock?!?! LOL. You just proved that you clearly don’t know how to read a financial document. He, I, others, who participated in the PIPE didn’t buy the stock at a 30% discount at the market. The 1.60 you are alluding to is the price of the warrants. The stock was purchases at $1 in the PIPE. I.e. the $1 he initiated his position at.

    From the form 8-k

    “From December 18, 2009 through January 13, 2010, GelTech Solutions, Inc. (the “Company”) sold 1,275,000 shares and 1,275,000 three-year warrants to purchase the Company’s common stock exercisable at $1.60 per share and raised $1,275,000. ”

    If you divided 1,275,000 shares by $1,275,000 you get $1 per share. Then if you read, its $1.60 per share for warrants. LOL

    Lets see if you are man enough to admit when you are wrong!!!

  8. Anonymous

    Yo pumper…I dont care what price u and Ian got in at…Ian’s little pumper graph shows the “price initiation”…that should be what the stock was at when he initiated coverage for his pumper followers, which was in December 2009 around $1.50ish…not a 90% return, but more like a 30% return…your too ignorant to even realize that when real analysts start coverage of a company, they dont count the PIPE, they count it at market prices…but you guys aren’t real analysts are you? go back to your little redchip conference and work on your fake tan, typical microcap slime

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  14. Shorty

    oh Timothy, You really need to get a life. Why do you care what anyone else says or promotes. If you are any good at what you do, it shouldn’t matter. Apparently you are not. Do people actually pay you for your opinion? The fact that you even care is evidence you feel a need to make your existence on this earth relevant by trashing others to somehow elevate yourself.

  15. Anonymous

    dude i expose compensated and conflicted penny stocks promoters…i am irrelevant…all that matters is the exposes and that i save a few people from believing their BS…ian’s latest pick QPSA just dropped 50% off its highs, just like his other shady picks PRXI and TIXC…all the same pattern, must be exposed, you’re welcome for my efforts u dont deserve my honesty

  16. Shorty

    compensated?? Do people actually buy your DVD’s and subscriptions? If you are as good as you think you are, why do you charge for this trash? As a matter of fact, i took a very nice profit from QPSA. Go buy a clue. You are nothing but a wanna be.

  17. Anonymous

    yes they pay for EDUCATION…if u watched and had my products u’d see i dont claim to be that good, and that i think with the right education people can do far better than me….but instead u mock the very products that would cure u of your ignorance…sorry no time for lazy people/ losers…congrats on the QPSA gains, good to piggy back ian’s promotion but then definitely bail as he NEVER goes bearish because he doesnt want to ruin his relationship with management and possible consultant fees later on…sick and conflicted…thats why its GOOD for me to teach people about scumbags like him and u

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