Why BestDamnPennyStocks.com Is A Liar

UPDATE: The SEC halted this stock just 2 days after BestDamnPennyStocks.com, who was paid to promote this thing, sent out tons of emails talking about how good the company was…whoops, busted! TIMalert subscribers made $10,000+ in trading profits while members of BDP’s free newsletter lost hundreds of thousands of dollars…now you see why good information costs a bit, but it can save you thousands of dollars vs. bad information…welcome to penny stocks.

As I wrote in this well-researched and fully linked blog post, EMGE is nothing but the latest blatant pump & dump, likely to drop substantially as the pump turns into a dump or get halted completely if the SEC halts this stock like they did GVBP. BestDamnPennyStocks.com is one of the many stock promoters bribed hundreds of thousands of dollars to pump up the stock price of EMGE.

Exactly like the prior pump & dump on GVBP, these stock promoters are paid to advertise the companies which they’re paid to advertisepump, so they don’t care about what they say and often lie because they think there’ll be no consequences.

BestDamnPennyStocks.com is about to learn why lying is bad and I’m gonna make it my mission to point out all his lies…a full-time job in itself considering this stock promoter is one of the most dishonest, if not the single most dishonest, of all stock promoters.

Download a PDF version of this post.

Below are some points in his late Friday email to his subscribers (the only reason why the stock rebounded from the low $2s to the low $3s as the promoters don’t want the SEc on their asses so they can’t let their pumps dump too quickly or else too many people complain and the stock gets halted…just like GVBP. Those mistakenly believing they’re getting a deal by subscribing to BDP’s free newsletter (ANY free newsletter is not a good deal, they want to sell your email, rent your email out or hit you with misinformation) should understand you’re just a pawn in this stock promoter’s manipulation scheme. He doesn’t care about you, neither his picks nor his research is accurate, let alone truthful, because he gets paid to pump penny stocks. The more free subscribers he has, the more $ he gets paid to pump. Understand that yet you friggin suckers and degenerates?

Check out the disclaimer:

BestDamnPennyStock’s affiliates may from time to time have a position in the securities mentioned herein and may increase or decrease such positions without notice. BestDamnPennyStocks.com owners may or may not hold positions in the companies that are profiled. It should be assumed that the owners of BestDamnPennyStocks.com own positions in companies profiled and may buy or sell at anytime before during or after Investor Realtion services. BestDamnPennyStocks.com affiliates, and friends and family of BestDamnPennyStocks.com may have a position in such securities. The position may have been acquired prior to the publication of any website information or email alert. You should also be aware that the aforementioned parties do have the right to sell their positions at any time without further notification. Any opinions expressed are subject to change without notice. BestDamnPennyStocks.com encourages readers and investors to supplement the information in these reports with independent research and other professional advice. All information on featured companies is provided by the companies profiled, or is available from public sources and BestDamnPennyStocks.com makes no representations, warranties or guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of the disclosure by the profiled companies. BestDamnPennyStocks.com expects to be compensated $150,000 cash from a third party RLJ Holdings for an EMGE investor relations service. This is not a solicitation to buy or sell any securities. Any claims or Statements should be deemed apocryphal. BestDamnPennyStocks.com, nor any of its affiliates are not registered investment advisers or a broker dealers.

In the email he sent out, BDP claims it’s the short sellers fault for this pump & dump dumping mid-day Friday…this excuse is worn out, but it’s actually very normal…people fear what they don’t understand. The numbered statements below are what this huckster says is the reaosn EMGE tanked exactly 50% intraday Friday:

#1 There is no borrow on EMGE to short which means these market makers illegally shorted shares of EMGE. This does in fact happen its called naked shorting.

BLATANT LIE: There were shares of EMGE to short and my trade was verified by Covestor, where I’m still #1 out of 30,000+ traders…BDP, why don’t you show your trades in a transparent manner? Even if you did, I’d guess you’d be near the bottom of those 30,0000 trades.

BestDamnPennyStocks.com is just a big fat liar (penny stock companies should be careful when doing business with such liars) and Thinkorswim had plenty of shares at various times during the day and we profited nicely. BDP, you little bitch, look at my trades, copied and pasted from my Thinkorswim account page:

9/25/2009 8:34:18 AM WBT SOLD -1,500 EMGE @3.88 ($8.95) $5,820.00 $58,208.35
9/25/2009 8:34:19 AM WBT SOLD -2,500 EMGE @3.88 $0.00 $9,700.00 $67,908.35
9/25/2009 10:31:06 AM WBT BOT +500 EMGE @3.20 ($8.95) ($1,600.00) $66,299.40
9/25/2009 10:31:17 AM WBT BOT +500 EMGE @3.20 $0.00 ($1,600.00) $64,699.40
9/25/2009 10:31:23 AM WBT BOT +500 EMGE @3.20 $0.00 ($1,600.00) $63,099.40
9/25/2009 10:31:29 AM WBT BOT +500 EMGE @3.20 $0.00 ($1,600.00) $61,499.40
9/25/2009 10:31:29 AM WBT BOT +1,000 EMGE @3.20 $0.00 ($3,200.00) $58,299.40
9/25/2009 10:31:29 AM WBT BOT +1,000 EMGE @3.20 $0.00 ($3,200.00) $55,099.40
9/25/2009 2:36:00 PM WBT SOLD -4,000 EMGE @3.13 ($8.95) $12,520.00 $67,610.45

I am not a naked short, and I doubt there are ANY naked shorts in this as TIMalert subscribers were finding shares all day long….the shorts are perfectly legal, unlike BDP’s pumping and dumping (this guy got paid to make EMGE look as good as possible, no excuses…like any actual facts like this company having only $90,000 in revenue, the CEO being the CFO and treasurer, unaudited financials (even as pitiful as they are), some “third party” paying $375,000+ to various promoters to get the stock up (geee, maybe to sell into that buying??!?!! Pump and dump little children, pump and dump!)

#2 They did not understand that EMGE was profitable and will not have to dip into the outstanding shares to dilute and raise money for the company. So 1.6 million shares is all there is in the float.

#3 Right now we believe these firms are short more shares than in EMGE’s float!

#4 The only way they have a chance is if they get panic shares from investors. Even then I do not believe they could win.

BLATANT LIES: The SEC look into BDP’s trading accounts and those of his friends and business affiliates, my guess is they’ll find these guys selling their shares they bought pre-pumping. The SEC would find no such inconsistencies with me because I run an honest business. EMGE IS profitable, by $20,000 on revenues of $90,000. Meanwhile they doubled the # of shares outstanding from 10 to nearly 20 million in the last few months.

They are in a lose situation right now and are just trying to soften the blow…notice when they start buying back everything lifts at ease so they must stop. They got to Buy back though!

All this is opinions from my observation and from my investegative team. We believe them to be true but could be wrong.

BLATANT LIES: BDP has no “investigative team”, it’s just one guy taking bribes from the worst penny stocks in the world…he’s been in the business long enough to know EXACTLY how this game ends, the same way ex-pump & dumps like UOMO, CVRG, HYHY, KYUS, GVBP, SPNG, VRAL and dozens more…ALL drop 90%, go bankrupt or get halted by the SEC.

This above misinformation are just some of the reasons (TIMalert subscribers know ALL the reasons) why I re-shorted EMGE late yesterday at $3.13 and I’m very glad to be short as the stock promotion fueled buying dies down and the ugly truth is revealed.

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  1. Name

    “Meanwhile they doubled the # of shares outstanding from 10 to nearly 20 million in the last few months.”

    As far as I've known the O/S has been 20M shares for about a year… check your facts.

    19,805,586 as of Sept. 30, 2008..

  2. timothysykes

    Balance sheet ending June 30, 2009 said this:

    A corporate restructuring was done with that had the net effect of increasing the total
    shares outstanding to 19,805,586 compared to 10,279,216 compared to the prior quarter.

    busted you little promoter

  3. timothysykes

    oh wait, the note to which i'm referring has been there for several reports in a row, the idiot forgot to change it over time…thats what happens with one man companies, u cant fight the ugly facts

  4. Name

    the fact is that the O/S has not increased, that's what's important whether the someone forgot to update the report or not. you are a scumbag sykes.

  5. timothysykes

    when that someone's in charge, it says a lot about them not updating their SEC filings…whether there's 1, 2, 10 or 20mil shares, the guy at the helm seems incompetent, only good at issuing misleading PRs just like the stock promoters hired here, no, i am not a scumbag, i am the antidote to the misinformation virus

  6. Name

    The person who has no name is a moron. Nice job Tim. This right here from monsterpennystocks is pretty hilarious also. Sur ethe moron above though that called you a scumbag will probably have some type of idiotic comment that will make me laugh again at his incompetence. He probably just mad because he bought at $4.50ish. Sucker!!!!!

    MonsterPennyStocks.com I comment when everything is beautiful and I must comment when there is adversity.

    Shorts are playing very hard today. They are scared and this is there last breath.

    Two firms were shorting from $1.50 all the way up and they called in a big boy today to help them create panic.

    Those of you that have level 2 may have noticed a market maker TRLN just pop in the offer box out of the blue today soaking up shares all the way to $4.59.

    This is the firm they call when they get scared to help them create panic.

    After TRLN shorted a load of shares today they began ripping the bids out and I even saw prints 15 cents below were the bid and ask even was.

    They did not to their homework on EMGE and they are in probably one of the biggest pickles they have ever seen.

  7. Name

    Donna Levy owns Bestdamn penny and wallstreetpremier.com look who she is married to

    Les Garland lives and breathes music television. After years as one of the nation's top rock-radio programmers, he became an executive at Atlantic Records, a gig he left to join his friend Bob Pittman in co-founding MTV and then VH1. In the 1990s, Garland helped launch The Box, a music-video channel that has since been swallowed by MTV2.

    Now Garland is back, this time with The Tube, a music-video network that is squeezing itself onto the extra space in the digital spectrum typically used just for secondary high-def options. The Tube launches in June on 30 Raycom-owned stations; the largest market is Cleveland. Garland talked with Stuart Miller about the music-on-TV business.

  8. scequity@gmail.com

    I know the guy behind BestDamnPennyStocks.com his name is Eric Cusimano. He just doesn't pump n dump stocks but he also manipulates the stock that his website is covering through an offshore brokerage account in Gibraltar it's off the coast of Africa. I have report this jerk to the SEC and they should of seen his last few pump and dumps. Check out what he did back in Feb with BANI that was a classic pump n dump. pumped it up stock spilt he and his people got the split quicker than the everyday investor n the stock is under a penny now Eric pumped it all the way to $0.58 I believe take a look back in Feb. of this year BANI. Eric also advertises on google and yahoo and other places as his websites being 100% accurate that is hard to believe and your right eric doesn't have an investigative team it is all him and the guy he has design his website Jaime Boye. Actually if you search anything to do with penny stocks almost all of the sponsored links are Eric's sites that Jaime created or sites that they work with.

  9. scequity@gmail.com

    Donna Levy doesn't own BestDamnPennyStocks.com, but she does get Eric lots of his big pay days. Donna might own the other site stated in the comment at the bottom of this thread. That is true about her husband he gets her lots of deals n she gives a portion of the deal to Eric actually BANI was Donna's deal. Donna may own the other site you said but I'm not entirely sure. Donna Levy and Eric Cusimano what scums of the earth!!!!! So Tim do you think that Eric's legal disclaimer is full proof enough to keep him out of jail? If we can get him taken down I will testify I used to work with him I know so many of his secrets like pushing the stock price during the pump and dump in order to make the price increase through his Gibraltar acct.

  10. caleb

    hey tim just joined tim alerts a few days ago and need some help how do i go about finding shares to short dont even know how to begin all help appreciated

  11. You Know

    OK Parker You f@g! You drank the hatoraid! You got big b@lls when you run to LV…why don't you come back to NY? Scared?

    Thats right you are because not only would you get beat your girl would probably get b@nged by my boy again…lol…we had a hidden camera set up if you would like to see?

  12. Name

    Eric the only person that is scared of anything is u. Every time I came to your home u would b all jumpy worried about someone you screwed over on a penny stock pump and dump finding out where u lived. I even remember Jay and Jason talking about you being scared someone was going to come to your home n jason told u no one would come to your home, but yet u were shook like the lil f@g u r. I didn't run to LV to be away from u no one would ever run from u they would break your jaw again, I rather literally run a NV. Corp which I have to operate out of NV unless like you will have to pay NY state taxes for operating your NV corp. in NY. I have sent your compensation disclosures to both the NYS IRS n the Fed IRS they both are planning on you paying a hefty tax bill so when you think about evading your taxes this year think better of it champ! Eric u must have my fiance mistaken for your girl bc Jay told me and my fiance that your girl came onto him before, also your girl was with mad dudes at the Connection while she was with you does the name Tyson ring a bell? Also jay even told me that you caught her up with a guy from the connection n Jay almost got fired for telling u how to access the chat history! I speak the truth Eric, n u don't u lie and manipulate n your going to take alot of ppl to jail with you! If I am afraid of you why would u call the police on me? U damn well know I couldn't hack into your compu., but rather than b a man n come c me face to face u call the cops n say I sent an email trying to extort u! Dip shit all u had to do was ask the person for their wire instructions or to meet u u would of found out who it was right, but no u didn't bc u r scary as fuck n u RAN to the cops which opend up a can of worms that will result in your assets being frozen n u going to the big house. Don't pump n dump stocks if you cant take being called out on it! Do u still walk w a limp Eric, man that makes you so cool n tough I am so very scared of u SHORTY!!! U n J r liquor thugs, you only fight when u r drunk n u have no fighting skills at all. Myself on the other hand trains 4 days a week at Kick Boxing Academy in LV come down we can get in the cage n c where your skills r at u wanna b BULLY! Did Jay have a hidden camera up when he did ur girls lil sister? I believe she was underage at the time that wouldn't be a good tape to have! Did Jay tell his wife that he did that too? Does Jay's baby mother know about the half million or more he has made this year? I will have to inform her I guess!
    The truth is out Eric Cusimano owner of BestDamnPennyStocks.com PennyStockPerfection.com MonsterPennyStocks.com
    and many others. If you have been scammed by Eric Cusimano n want to call him out on it call him up at the number at the bottom of this link
    If that doesn't work then just email enforcement@sec.gov n report the complaint that you have against him n make sure to forward the email that scammed you the sec is compiling all of these. Take Care Eric Cusimano I will see you soon during testimony.

  13. The Real Parker

    I got caught in my actions? Got shut down? What are you talking about? If I am not mistaken the FBI have been asking around about you Eric Cusimano(BestDamnPennyStocks.com owner), and Jamie Boye(TryPennyStocks.com, ThePennyStockJerk.com , and BlingBlingPennyStocks.com Owner)! Eric good job trying to have your scum bag family rob my home, that is going to cost you a nice buck in the civil case I am filing. Also did you know you will be held liable civilly for posting with my name too. Man you are truly a total moron. Why are you afraid to post under your own name? Calin should quit telling people you all moved because the heat was on you guys, makes you look pretty stupid!!!!

  14. Lloyd Olson

    I am new to penny stocks and am very glad to have your info. As most of us work hard for our money and try to use it smart. I have never had a reason for a credit card, cash works very well.
    I’ll find a address where I can send a money order to become a member. It’s not hard to understand if you can find someone who knows the cash coming in and going out of these stocks you can perhaps make a little money. I’ll grow to your top listing. As you say, I think there is a reason for free information. Lloyd Olson, lsnlyodo@gmail .com

  15. Cash Cobain

    You R just mad. They fully disclose that they are paid advertisers. They also warn you of unforseen risks as well as potential total loss of investment.
    I make good money on there picks but I never put more cash into any one trade than I can afford to loose.
    BDPS is A OK in my book.
    Read the fine print.
    They also encourage you to do your own Due Dilligance before investing,.
    If you knew what you were doing you should have seen plenty of warning signs.
    JGeravsi – Cash & Cobain

  16. pissed

    I also have made money using BDPS however, Eric is full of shit. He recently sent an email to all members saying it contained a huge hint for his next pick. The hint was gold sector related. Three days later his “new pick” was GDGI. This is his second or third time around with GDGI. When his email came out the stock TUMBLED! Now for those who do not know GDGI has NOTHING to do with gold. I simply asked him what happened to the hint and he banned me from his newsletter. He is a douchebag! Don’t listen to this guy! He is in it for himself, he is not looking out for you! 

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