Which Of These 3 Milestones Will Happen First? [POLL] - Timothy Sykes

Which Of These 3 Milestones Will Happen First? [POLL]

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We’re getting close to 3 big milestones:

Dow 22,000
My 5,000th Video Lesson
My Reaching 1 million Instagram Followers

…so I created this poll for you to guess which do you think will happen first?

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Which Milestone Will Be Reached First?

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Go ahead and guess/vote in the poll before reading any further…

You see this whole blog post is a good lesson for you in human nature vs reality as we humans LOVE celebrating victories and milestones and because of that we often lose track of what really matters…the ups and downs along the way, the process, the journey.

Whether the Dow hits 22,000 or 21,000 or anything in between matters little, as there will be trading opportunities both long and short along the way. 99% of Wall Street is bullish because they don’t understand short-selling or think it’s illegal or un-American, but, in reality, there’s a far better short-case to be made on far too many stocks that are trading at nosebleed levels. And yet a bull market is good for shorts too as we can bet against BS stocks that are rising just because of the overall market…a rising tide lifts all boats, even the leaky ones.

But the news and our politicians love talking about how the overall market is hitting new highs every few days as it’s just human nature to want our stock market and thus our country to succeed, only a few terrorists and communists want the reverse to happen.

And no, just because I sometimes also short sell and endorse short selling, does not make me un-American or a terrorist, just someone who pays attention to history and statistics and understands that most small companies fail and go broke, so you might as well not be naively bullishly-biased like everyone else and profit from the downside on a lot of these incompetent and corrupt companies too.

Similarly, whether I hit 5,000 or 6,000 or even 7,000 video lessons in my video library here in the next few days, weeks and months matters little, as I’ve been building a massive content library for years so my students can study and learn from the past, and for the first time in stock market history, in a comprehensive manner.

And the more videos I do, the better I get at distilling important lessons as many trading challenge students have remarked watching newer video lessons is like night and day compared to my earlier video lessons from several years ago, when I didn’t have as much teaching experience or success.

You’ve heard me talk about my several Millionaire trading challenge students a ton lately, but a few years ago I didn’t have any and I got a lot of shit for that.  But, I wasn’t worried at all, as I know from personal experience that it takes time to grow a small account into 7-figures, it’s just that most people are too impatient to wait for the best Supernovas that can help get you there. And the more video lessons I do, and the more stock trading topics I cover, the better prepared my students are and thus they will likely have more success too.

And yes, passing the 1 million follower milestone on any one social network is a big important achievement, especially since most of my social media accounts like youtube, twitter and Facebook are hovering around the 150,000-250,000 follower mark and I do love instagram the most so I’m happy that it is my most popular social media following.

But whether I have 970,000 or 1 million or even 2 million instagram followers matters little as unlike the many narcissistic internet celebrities who post to help their insecurities, I probably have a little too much confidence, so I only use social media to find new and dedicated students like this guy:

…who found me and began studying hard because he liked my Lamborghini on instagram! And now, he’s going to be one of my upcoming millionaire students, as that Lamborghini inspiration has worked well for him.

And unlike EVERYONE else with 1 million or more followers, I also use my pictures and video visuals to motivate existing students to study harder as I want more millionaire students and they need all the daily inspiration they can get as studying finance can get boring/frustrating over time, especially in the beginning of your stock market journey when most people have little profits and it’s most important to study in order to develop good habits.

So, what’s the point of this post, am I knocking all milestones?

On the contrary, I think milestones can be very useful, like my CNN article here about my top student turning $1,500 into $1 million in 3 years (he’s now closing in on $5 million in his 6th year, see ALL his trades HERE…don’t just take anyone’s word for a big profit like this, require you see EVERY trade, way too much BS out there these days) which has inspired thousands of students to try to accomplish a similar feat, no different from my initial $12,415 into $1.65 million in 4 years feat that got me started wanting to teach in the first place.

And studies have shown that having a big goal, as opposed to several smaller, easier to achieve goals, increases daily performance 15-25%…so by all means do keep up with dreaming big and big goals and the milestone-celebrations and let’s all celebrate humanity and success! No different from teams and cities worldwide celebrating sports championships when their teams win “the big game” (even though it’s basically just for bragging rights as sports championships don’t change the world one bit in the long run!)

But, at the same time begin to understand that these short-term milestones we celebrate are rather arbitrary.  You can set any kind of goal you want, as long as it pushes you in the right direction.

For example, my goal isn’t to make $100 million or have 1 million students, it’s to create 1,000 millionaires and build 1,000 schools with my charity and I’m between 1% and 4% of the way there on both goals, so I have a lot to do in the future (see how I set a big goal for myself?)…I’m all about quality over quantity.

And, milestones and big round numbers offer great stock market lesson too, I’d rather have 1-2 GREAT trading ideas instead of 10-20 so-so ones, and I’d rather make 100% on my money than anything less over the course of a year which is why I trade like a sniper rather than the highly popular but flawed diversification investment strategy that the vast majority of the world follows, causing pathetic annual returns of 5-15% at the max and forcing the stock market and trading industries into being the niche industries they currently are when they should be far more popular and mainstream than sports that glorify the hitting of meaningless made out of leather, rubber and other basic materials at high speeds.

But no matter how loud I shout my lessons at the top of my lungs or how many social media followers I reach with my outside-the-box thinking, the vast majority of the world will still think the same…and for that I’m grateful, because it creates opportunity.

Look at this pattern, created by thousands of ignorant, amateur traders who put stop losses at big round numbers that inadvertently create tsunamis of selling for a few minutes only, allowing for solid intraday dip buys and bounces after the automated-computed-induced selling tsunamis pass.

Or, this pattern created by the inefficiency in lower priced stocks due to analysts, the financial media and pretty much all the richest and most sophisticated investors and traders ignoring this niche completely, allowing for good news to be priced in over the course of days, instead of seconds or minutes in more widely followed niches.

A great trader once said “the stocks change, the people change, but the patterns never change, because human nature doesn’t change”, and even though that great trader was too confident, used too much leverage, went bankrupt once too many times and eventually killed himself due to his failure, that lesson holds true…just don’t bet too big and remember rule #1 from this list and cut losses quickly so you don’t let small mistakes turn into potential big disasters!

And be thankful for human nature and our preference for milestones and big round numbers because while the stock market is not an exact science, it does create predictable patterns of which you can profit consistently if you look closely enough.

You might be able to tell, or maybe not, but I’m writing this post on very little sleep as I have some VERY cool projects I’m working on so I think I made my point, but you tell me, please leave a comment below and let me know what you think of this post!

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  1. Tom Washington

    Great post Tim…as usual…and I am really looking forward to meeting you in Orlando in September…
    Thanks for fighting the good fight!
    Tom The Coach :-))

  2. Steve

    Nestor.. Nobody thinks Tim makes his money out of trading. He did made a million or two, lost half a million playing big shot (read his free book) and now he teaches. I mean, he only says that he teaches every time he does a video, sends a email or is interviewed. They guy is a broken record (remember records?) On the other hand, he does trade with little accounts, with lousy Internet, from far away places like Cambodia.. Cambodia? Is that near Colombia?.. I am with you Nestor, I rather trade and drink and not worry every one else, but Tim has a few loose screws and he is into helping others, teaching people how to make it big in life and even helps poor people somewhere in Latin America, (Cambodia). I am not a big Tim fan, but if I ever have children, I will name them all Tim. Any way, good luck at your job.

  3. Brenda

    Really appreciate Tim’s knowledge, experience, and his selfless time. I’ve been listening to you since last July when I saw you on Steve Harvey. I made my first trade and made almost $53 : ) I am elated to say that I am finally in a masters program (for millionaires). On my way, I have faith to put some zeros behind that number next year.

  4. Ruben

    The vast majority of people think the same, which creates opportunities for those who are aware of this.

  5. Anonymous

    The only milestones that actually matter are the ones you can actually do something about. Whether the dow reaches 22k or not shouldn’t make any difference to you. Nor should you care who the president/prime minister/queen is, or what the dollar/pound/euro is doing. You can’t control that shit! Fuck it! We can all get rich no matter what the dow does.
    Rant over.

    Cool post.

  6. Travis McReynolds

    Yeah, I get it. I get that you are still the most profound teacher/coach/trainer/leader I’ve known. You have your crap together and it shows. Let the haters hate. They will come around if it’s meant to be. And only for their own good. I am a forever Tim Sykes follower – nothing weird, just pure inspiration and that goes far beyond the financial education. Thanks for what you do, sir.

  7. Eric

    Milestones matter as a temporary confidence booster only .. When the novelty of reaching a milestone wears off, another one is established to strive for, then another, and another… Don’t let milestones control and manipulate .. Instead, use the milestone of financial freedom and independence as the ultimate goal … You won’t get there if you have 10 houses, 20 exotic cars, and debt up to your ears to pay for it all… Even successful people can make foolish choices and end up regretting those choices . Don’t regret the choices you make on the journey to financial independence.. Regrets lead to a lack of freedom

  8. Albert

    Great post Tim! This was a nice little reminder that it’s ok to dream big. Rewatching your interview with Dux, for probably the 10th+ time, gives that little motivational boost I need to keep studying and learning. I’m about 2 months into the Trading Challenge, and I’m getting hit with the reality of just how hard it is to make it in the market, but it’s not impossible. Having goals and milestones to reach for (and seeing others reach theirs) really helps keep me moving.

  9. DNN

    Affiliate marketing is also possible to earn millions in too. Are you also an affiliate marketer, Timothy? 🙂

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