Where My Subscribers Can Post ALL Their Gains/Losses Honestly - Timothy Sykes

Where My Subscribers Can Post ALL Their Gains/Losses Honestly

Know how I’m always preaching and yelling that people should be more transparent with the posting of ALL their gains/losses? After all, gains are fun to keep track of and losses serve to help EVERYONE learn so it’s a clear win/win…

The problem is 90%+ of traders lose money and yet 90% of those who post on financial message boards and websites claim to be profitable.

Why the disconnect?


But considering I once turned $12k into $2 million in 4 years, have now detailed in 2,000+ blog posts over the past 2.5 years how I’ve grown my $12,415 Thinkorswim account into $125,000, solidifying my position as the #1 ranked trader out of 45,000+ on Covestor, the only website that verifies all trades/account performance, academic studies have shown how I have won 75% of the time on my trades (although according to the penny stock regulation impaired SEC past performance is not indicative of future returns) and perhaps most importantly, I lay out every last detail of my proven trading strategy in 10 instructional DVD packages and 4 newsletters, I gotta believe when my TIMalert subscribers and PennyStocking Silver subscribers publicly post $1.1+ million in gains in 2009, I gotta believe my subscribers have followed my lead and learned to tell the truth and nothing but.

Download a PDF version of this post.

When I don’t get behind (as happens sometimes…especially lately), you can see all my profits/losses on timothysykes.com/tim (my mom knew what I was destined to do so she named me TIM, which is short for Transparent Investment Management)…and always on the right hand side of this site (that’s far easier to update) and I created Investimonials.com to allow both monthly and annual TIMalert subscribers to leave their honest reviews of my 4 newseltters (you can see dozens upon dozens of reviews HERE and HERE)

Long story short, I want ALL of my subscribers to post their daily gains/losses in the comments section of this post….if all goes well, it’ll get to be one giant list of transparency….please bookmark this post and share your daily results openly and honestly…if you’re embarrassed or introverted, feel free to use a screen name, the key to this idea’s success is simple sharing your trading results accurately.

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Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. Iā€™m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

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  1. Anonymous

    Here, I’ll start and show you 2 formats you can use:

    Locked in profits of $2,384 shorting ABIO at 5.20 on Thursday’s afternoon fade and covering this morning at 4.86 when there was no morning panic.


    +2384 on ABIO, shorted 7k at 5.20, covered at 4.86, thanks Tim’s awesome strategy!

  2. Anonymous

    TOTAL GAINS as of 4/5/10 since 3/9/10 inception of 10000 dollar Sogotrade account:

    $2,843. Breakdown as follows:

    4/5-NANX: SHORT: In at 1.96, out at 1.68 = 280 on 1000 shares after second morning drop.
    4/1-AEN: SHORT In at 2.07, out at 1.61 = 690 on 1500 shares after classic morning plunge. Should have made over 1000, but got to take profits and protect small account.
    3/30-ENCO: SHORT In at 4.06, out at 3.45 = 610 on 1000 shares. Covered too early as there was no sign of a spike, but being extra conservative.
    3/29-ABIO: SHORT at 5.92, covered at 5.69 = 230 on 1000 shares. Broke 6 convincingly on vol, but worried about a spike after stalling a little in the 5.60s.
    3/26-SSY: SHORT at 3.53, covered at 3.50 = 30 on 1000 shares. A little late to this one, and it was struggling to break away from 3.50, and showing signs of a volume spike. Lots of bidders.
    3/25-SSY: LONG at 3.57, sold at 3.53 = 40 LOSS. Looking for another spike, but up volume was dying, and did not feel good about the trade. Should have taken profits at 3.80 when volume was dying. Lesson learned.
    3/24-MSEH: SHORT at 3.4225, covered at 2.96 = 463. Nailed the top, but got too edgy during a minor spike back toward 3. Had collapse written all over it, but covered anyway. Should have been close to 1k.

    TOTAL GAIN since 3/24/10 = 2263 in new Sogotrade started with 10000 on 3/9/10

    Trades before 3/24/10:
    3/23-JOEZ: LONG at 2.7306, sold at 2.75 = 19 on 1000 shares. Keep thinking this will break 3. Failed again.
    3/18-CNAM: SHORT at 7.21, covered at 7.13 = 40 on 500 shares. This was not a smart trade. It bounced off of 7 a few times. Not many sellers left. Vulnerable to spike. Amateur mistake.
    3/16-JOEZ: LONG at 2.7499, sold at 2.6101 = 139 LOSS on 1000 shares. Looking for a gap/breakout and stubbornly held when it failed. Got to cut losses or take small gains as soon as it doesn’t act the way you thought.
    3/12-IPCI: LONG at 3.85, sold at 4.10 = 250 on 1000 shares. This was purely a scalp trade on obvious momentum, but dangerous as it had already spiked significantly. Although I made money here, this is a GLARING example of how traders lose money.
    3/12-ZANE: LONG at 3.18, sold at 3.19 = 10 on 1000 shares. Spike failed again. TAKE PROFITS!
    3/11-ZANE: SHORT at 3.17, covered at 2.77 = 400 on 1000 shares. Great trade for my first short in this new 10000 dollar account as I covered right when the spikes were gathering steam.

    TOTAL GAIN 3/9/10 – 3/23/10 = 580 on new Sogotrade 10000 dollar account

  3. Darthtatertot

    +2310 on ABIO. Too choppy so I exited this morning at 5.03 before the spike, may be back if tomorrow spikes.

  4. ethan

    up $1491 today but did horrible scalping and momentum trades – I could of easily lost big…

    here is my breakdown today:

    +830 ABIO – shorted at 5.20/5.27/5.33, covered at 4.93/5.03
    +380 NANX – shorted at 2.12, covered at 1.74
    +340 GENT – shorted 4.22, covered at 3.88
    -10 ARQL – shorted 6.20, covered 6.21
    +69 UNIS – shorted 8.862, covered 8.849 (worst trade yet)

  5. Anonymous

    Bought RDN a couple of weeks ago from the watch list and have been waiting patiently like a Buddha (muahahhaha)..in 2K shares @ 13.50 and out today at 17.01for +$7020…hahaha if u hadn’t mentioned RDN….i wouldn’t have banked on PMI as well!!!

  6. Anonymous

    um..quick question..what’s the point system for (i.e. It says I have 1 point)? Does it mean 1) i can cash out for a free lap dance..? 2) a trip to Amsterdam 3) an all you can eat buffet at the the Wynn…

  7. Emini Student

    up $70.00 on x 500 CRUS …. only PAPER trading at the moment until I get a feel for TIMs methods… Also waiting for funds to be moved from Australia to my US account…

  8. Aaron

    Might I suggest a better website for tracking something as extensive as subscribers’ daily p/l? Commenting on a blog post, after a few days, will likely get tedious. Perhaps a new website designed in spreadsheet format, or something like StockTickr, Google Spreadsheets, a Zoho collaborative document, etc.

  9. BobsgearDotCom

    Lost $1200 holding 2K ZANE short overnight. Lucky I had a stop loss set, or the loss could have been three times as bad when I overslept and didn’t get into the market until 10 minutes after open.

  10. ace

    lost $200 on ZANE buy. unfortunate but maybe there will be another run-up in the morn and I can jump in again

  11. James D

    Oh my god… first time I actually went big and held over night, I just took a $9600 loss Tim… in the past year I made over $5K in profits with you Tim, today just wiped those out and am now down $4600 in the past year šŸ™

  12. Anonymous

    Lost $140. Bet you can guess what it was on. Not drastic though…..tomorrow is another day.

  13. Emini Student

    I stayed away from ZANE because of the chart and TIMs buy alert wasn’t very positive….

    Still holding CRUS …. Up $188 … Entry @ 9.01 … Stop now @ 9.00

    (paper trade)

  14. Hardo

    – 648 on ZANE, bought 1000 at 3,29 yesterday and sold today premarket at 2.65
    +815 on AMOK, shorted 2000 at 2,66 yesterday and covered today at 2.2 and 2.3

  15. Anonymous

    Covered $5k PURE at $3.09 just before close, $400ish gain.
    Small short position CPBY overnight, this stock fading fast.

  16. Anonymous

    +320 on NANX shorted 2k ave 2.04 last friday. covered 1.88…too slow and painful.
    The rest shorted PURE and long PNX unrealised

  17. Anonymous

    -520 ZANE o/n. should have sold at 3, but was greedy/hopeful and held on until giving up at 2.7

  18. Emini Student

    +325 on CRUS…. Stop now @ 9.50 …. Entry @ 9.01 … Been holding this one for 3 days now…. Can only trade LONG… waiting for new setups so might as well hold… ( 1st paper trade using Tims watchlist )

  19. Scott_W

    +1336 covering o/n position of PURE. Was hoping to get a spike today above 3.10 but it couldn’t quite get there.
    +200 unrealized going long on CIGX. Holding o/n.

  20. Cory

    +500 on PURE. Held overnight against everyone else, glad I did. 2.7K shares bought at 3.09, covered at a safe 2.90 early AM. Should have held a little longer, but couldnt pass up the gain.

  21. Anonymous

    Have u guys heard of stop losses..i see losses in -2k..-3k..-5k..wtf??!!!! are all of u guys made of $$$$…or are u using the hoping/praying method?

  22. Scott_W

    I think a lot of those may have been on the ZANE long o/n and they didn’t have accounts that could trade after hours. Ouch! That’s one of the things about SogoTrade that makes me nervous holding o/n sometimes.

  23. Anonymous

    +$840 Shorted 3k ABIO @ $5.67, covered @ @5.39. Beautiful head and shoulders! Thanks Tim.

  24. Red

    b/o of CRUS 1,700ish 8.7 to 9.6ish
    short of JYHW 150ish .92 to .82….originally 190ish but tried to get back in @ .81 anticipating a crack but held nicely so got out.
    -250 ABIO bad entry

  25. rexboyce

    Shorted SERV on Friday, 1000 shares at $3.83, covered 500 at 3.60 and 500 at 3.55 for $255 gain

  26. Anonymous

    Bought ABK at $1.48 on morning breakout, sold a few minutes later at $1.73. Made +625. Gotta love NYSE stocks.

  27. Anonymous

    -400 shorting in the morning got scared
    -100 shorting the consolidation and getting scared

  28. Anonymous

    +1k short PURE. Shorted 4k at ave 3.30, covered 3.05 today. RPC shorted 7k at ave 2.25. still holding so not counting.

  29. RebelQ

    +130 on RPC, profit got eaten by EOD Spike. Better than a poke in the eye with a stick though !

  30. Cory

    Held RPC overnight @ 2.27, covered in the AM @1.85 for a +$1300 gain. My account is up 70% in 3 weeks thanks to Tim’s picks.

  31. RogueTrader

    Made +$273 on 1300 RPC. $2.68-$2.47. Covered into the after hours dip. Thanks Tim for all the accurate research on this one.

  32. Pat

    Tim, sorry for the late P/L I accidentally posted to the “Trades” section comment area so this wasnt included on the 4/14 watchlist mail.

    +$797 total profit [+387 (34.2% gain) on AGEN, +410 (10.7% gain) on RPC] My best trading day so far execution & profit wise even though I (happily) left another $140 on the table with RPC as of this writing.

  33. Cytranic

    Covered RPC @ 2.29 for a profit of +2500, biggest yet. As of today my account is now up 98% with tims picks. Might just become a penny silver subscriber =)

  34. Jbrown

    +1107 shorting RPC like 4 times (+30% gain) Biggest trade with Tim so far…Hes a genius! My total Sogotrade acct has now up 52%…..Awsome. Thanks + Tim and Chatroom!

  35. Carole Steel

    Tim – great few days of trading! Made my 25K in account so no more PDT. +142 shorting PURE, +540 long STTN, +1375 total shorting ABK several times, +2540 shorting RPC many times. Still have 500 shares RPC o/n. Unrealized loss of -410 RHIE o/n. Carole (aka Chihuagirl)

  36. Anonymous

    +$971 realized on 3 shorts of RPC. One of ’em was while I was watching Clash of The Titans. šŸ™‚

  37. Anonymous

    Unrealized loss of -$109 on 700 RHIE…small jackal long trade at 3:55pm…sucker dropped .10 in 4 mins after that. Shocker! 4:15pm press release though. ‘Possible’ next delisting play. For the record NOT a Tim Sykes pick at all. Don’t yell too much Tim. šŸ˜‰

  38. Baron

    RHIE: o/n long + $642.40 (sold to early at 0.56 instead of in the 0.60s), ahh well
    VKNG: $(40.00) cut losses quickly
    VKNG: +100 gain, unrealized, liked the close

  39. Scott_W

    +2060 long on RHIE today.
    +300 covering my ENCO o/n long WAYYY too early. I was too busy to watch it or else I probably would have got back in @ 5. Oh well.
    Also holding small short positions of RPC & ABK o/n still.

  40. whizzler

    Just covered my RPC short after holding through the week for +$9,949. Great call and blogpost Tim!

  41. Anonymous

    Just joined today! Could not get any shares from Fidelity or Scottrade. Must open another brokerage account! Any suggestions? I watched the trade after getting the alert. Nice easy money maker from Tim! Thanks!

  42. jb77

    +140 shorting PRAN, in at 3.20, out at 3.06 on 1k shares.. clearly should’ve shorted for atleast an hour or 2 instead of 5 minutes.

  43. Anonymous

    RDCM shorted 1k at 6.30, covered at 5.85 +450. JSDA shorted 8k at 2.24 ave. still holding o/n; Shorted 10k MLNM at 0.225 holding o/n

  44. Darthtatertot

    +4,005 on PRAN, +2050 unrealized on ENCO, +340 on SEED (chatroom pick) , -180 on ACAS (chatroom pick), -970 on RDCM (chatroom pick). +5,290 total on the day.

  45. x.factor

    +1040 ENCO plus +1600 more Unrealized o/n ENCO, +284 Unrealized BGBR Long. Thanks Master Penny Trader Tim!

  46. x.factor

    +1040 ENCO plus +1600 more Unrealized o/n ENCO, +284 Unrealized BGBR Long. Thanks Master Penny Trader Tim!

  47. bork

    Shorted 500 shares PRAN @ $2.83, covered @ $2.35. Shorted 1000 shares RDCM @ $6.35, covered @ $5.85. total gain +$7.40, Nice Monday!

  48. Anonymous

    +216 PRAN Short.

    Woulda been more but I had an appt this morning and had to rely on a pre-set limit order.

  49. smitley

    covered all ENCO — +$2,500 roughly…dont feel like calculating it cause you can just verify it on my Covestor.com/mbr/chrissmitley account…or my blog @ BeBearish.com…account is officially up over $30k from $18k about 2 months ago…thanks everyone!

  50. BCNTrader

    +72 on BGBR, long 600 shares at 1.25, sold at 1.37, thanks Reaper! ($0 commission SogoTrade)

    I canceled my 1.42 limit sell that should be ordered If I waited, but too risky to wait as Reaper advised. My first month here and my first trade also, enjoying with the chatroom ppl a lot.

  51. ethan

    $4,769 profit day for me (including commission costs)

    $2764 shorting ENCO
    $755 shorting RDCM
    $1250 shorting MBHIP

    realized profit of 21.693k in less than a month (started 3/26)

  52. Pat

    Sorry for the late post, please include this in the 4/22 watchlist(updated with 4/21 profit too): $258 profit locked in on 4/20 with the ENCO short. $50 profit on NXWI short on 4/21, small position & weird circumstances. -Soggy

  53. Anonymous

    Lost $147 on my overnight 1800 shr short or ENCO reducing my overall gain to $887. It was a dumb trade. Nailed the absolute bottom of $4.07 at 3:30pm (why not just wait until 3:59 right)and just watched it climb from there. Luckily a little a.m. sell off got me back to $4.15 to cover. A little early obviously since I just saw my price of $4.07 go by. I assumed an a.m. selloff which kinda happened, but my entry was rookie bad.

  54. cosmo

    +175 on 1k ENCO short. Tim wouldn’t be proud of the trade, but I made a profit despite my stupidity.

  55. Swags

    70$ on DEAR short.. should have covered earlier.. but was waiting hoping I dont have to use up the 1 of the 3 available trades for equities under 25000USD… anyhow.. still waiting to trade exactly like you whenever you trade…You might say copycat. This was a stock picked up from chat room

  56. Martini

    +1150 on BGBR, after I cumulated 30k at 1.12, covered at 1.16 average, dangerous scalp! Martini

  57. Anonymous

    DCTH (-$205). Was trying out intra day break out/ break down trades. Guess need fine tuning. Sill in JSDA short.

  58. nil

    Lost 8000 by following TimAlert this week on Enco. And also because Tim came and talked of DEAR in his chat room while we subscribers were away from the chat room.

    Also, because by the time I was able to get the shares Tim got, it was too late.

    Somehow XYZ (you know who) was able to buy /sell shares according to Tim’s alert before we general subscribers. I still will stay with your alert because do not want to go against you (tim inc). and yes I am already paid. So still will stay for another 2 weeks.

    Anyhow, lost a lot. And yes wondering where to pay my rent now. Thanks Tim for such alerts where WE can find no stocks to short either at TOS or Sogo and your email alerts come later than your alerts by someone on your chatroom. Great job!

  59. Anonymous

    how exactly did u lose $8k on ENCO? curious considering I said it was a short but watch out for big spikes…after the firt big spike, i said, it has now flipped to a buy…only an illiterate fool who doesnt pay attention loses $ on that…DEAR is not a chatroom play, it was a watchlist play, i said premarket to watch it all day for a breakout above 3.30ish, late day it happened so i piggybacked some big buying, again your fault for not knowing the patterns.

    might as well cancel now because i wont stand for idiots blaming me when i lay EVERYTHING out there

  60. Anonymous

    Ps if u watched my dvds, i said NEVER trade with rent money…u go against all my rules and still expect to make money, nope, sounds like your losses are well deserved

  61. Pat

    +$258 realized short ENCO on 4/20.
    +$50 realized on NXWI short on 4/21.
    +$92 unrealized short BGBR, -$210 unrealized short ANTF(hate to admit it), +$110 unrealized gain long DEAR on today, 4/23.

  62. Nil

    Possibly on April 22nd you came to your chat room and said DEAR is not a good play to short. Well, on on your TimAlert email of April 21st there was no mention of DEAR

    As soon as you said so iin your chat room, the stock spiked forcing many short to cover and many of your subscribers to cover. yes , DEAR was not on your TimAlert list of April 21st. And yes you “might” have just caused the spike. No, I was not the one who lost then. I lost later.

    So in essence a few of your subcribers got to hear you from your chat room. And the rest just waited.

    You flipfloped on ENCO.

    On one email you said ENCO is a “possible” short . So, mant of your subscribers including me had huge interest (compared to my savings and portfolio) in it. I trusted whatever you say in your email is accurate. NEver I realized that you might just be assuming in every sentence you sent in your email.

    BY the way, how much are you earning? I checked with Covester (CVIM) representative. They were prompt enough to tell me that you had NEGATIVE earnings in many of the months you were with them

    Anyone who wish to check these out can basically check at CVIM.

    Yes you did make some huge gain once. But now, you are still making loss. If not, then CVIM is a huge liar which I do not think they are. Their website lists that you made losses recently even.

    So, are we (your subcribers) going to believe the numbers listed in CVIM or in your website. You might just as well be lying. You just have to pick up your CVIM and make sure that has some gains too.

    Buddy, I admire your skills . But I really wish you were a little more clear of what you say.

    And listing others gain in every email is a nonsense. We rather hear more of why you picked each and every stock in your TimAlert so we can also check up your sources.

    Thanks and God Bless. May you earn some money and may all your subscriber get the TimAlert on exactly the same instance. I have seen that Reaper gets your notices of short/buy stockks earlier than anyone does. I wonder how?

    ALso, I noticed that once you realease your actual short/long call during the day, the stock right away(within 1 sec or so) most time spikes or dumps. It happend with DEAR last time.

    I am still short on DEAR. Would love to see how much it goes.

  63. thedave2006

    20K to 65K to 18-20K port size before and after Bre-X. To 125K and back to 100K during tech bubble now to 400K to 100K to 400K in resource boom and bust and during financial collapse.
    Resources is the game….looking to go to 500K+ one day and maybe a million, well at least I see 1million+ is totals traded. Fun!!!!!!!!

    Cheers, Dave.

  64. Anonymous

    Hey moron, of course I flip flop, I’m a trader…it’s YOUR fault for not understanding how I trade..I made a friggin video for PennyStocking Silver subscribers 2 days before I bought DEAR saying it was a potential buy…its earnings and chart pattern made it a potential buy….I did not create the DEAR spike, its called a technical breakout in a highly shorted stock, as I pointed out in my premarket watchlist that is when I said I would buy….gotta learn to read man

    ENCO was a potential short now its a potential buy, gotta adapt to price action…you wanna trade based on my words, don’t, all my trades and lessons are to help you become self-sufficient, it’s our fault for not understanding this as i’ve said it a hundred times…especially on my dvds which i’m guessing based on your pathetic trading, you’ve ignored

    Bring up CVIM, shows you don’t pay any attention to what say, as I’ve explained dozens of times, its not working great because IB hasnt had the shares to short lately, Sogotrade has….look at my CVIM numbers, still up nicely if not hugely.

    Reaper doesnt get anything faster than anybody else, people like you are just too stupid somehow…

    Blaming me for your own incompetence/ignorance is a waste of my precious time, I encourage you to watch my dvds before trading so you dont get squeezed and come up with ridiculous conspiracy theories

  65. Baron

    DEAR was a great buy. Interesting to see where it opens Monday.

    ENCO is too choppy to short imo.

    Tim outlines this buy, buying in late afternoons, 3:30-3:45pm in his Pennystocking 2 DVD. DEAR was basing at about $3.45 all afternoon, and a few mins before Tim’s buy it might have broken down, but it didn’t, it rebounded, and it seem like that’s when Tim bought it.

    I shorted DEAR on the morning spike in the 3.15s, on the first 100% day, again, not a great short, and now thinking about it, kind of dumb if I’m shooting to be a 3R trader. I should have covered later when DEAR was in the 2.80s for a nice 7% jackal gain. Instead I was stupid, and greedy, and held.

    The stock spiked to 3.40s, and yesterday, when Tim bought it.. it was basing at 3.45ish.. again.. that first spike indicating safety zone of resistance.. resistance becoming support etc. If things got bad Tim could have cut losses quickly at low 3.40s, only risking like 4 cents.

    FORTUNATELY, more like luck, there was just profit taking by 3:45pm, and the stock tanked into the 2.50s and slightly rebounded in the close (Also.. a good buy), ending a 70%+ day (similar to RHIE, also turnning out to be a good buy, but a different play since it was a drug company), on positive news and earnings. Again, a good buy, and the pullback makes it easier for the stock to have another 20% gain.

    If after hours into the 2.80s. (Again, don’t know how meaningful a/h play is.. b/c the stock opened in the 2.50s really, I bet it was short covering).

    It opened the next day in the 2.60s, surged to 2.90s (~15% gain) on the morning spike, the touched a lower low in the 2.50s again.. BASING PERFECTLY. And now.. 2.50s is Resistance, and exactly 2.58ish. Some other trader in Tim Alerts chat, bought the stock on the run-up back into the 3s for 3.5k gain. GREAT BUY

    The time to cover was then.. I covered in the 2.60s for a nice gain. Overall the short was bad to begin with really, and Tim was right. Even though I made over 1k shorting, it surged for a moment into the 3.40s, and I could have lost even more.. this was not a 3R trade.

    Take a look at ROHI, perfect chart, up on no news, and speculation. And a BB stock. I’m waiting for the first red day. And i love how it closed strongly into the close.

    Also look at ANTF, a poker company merging with an oil and gas exploration company. This stock is now closing at RSI above 95, the only stock in the market to do so. I’m also waiting for the first down day.

    I’m not used to playing BB stocks, so I’ll stand back a little more in the future, unless it is a straight up pump, like NXTH, or BGBR (did not trade this).

    In either case.. this is not Tim’s or anyone’s fault. The fact is.. you should ALWAYS cut losses quickly, even if you have less that 25k, you need to use your daytrades, that’s what they’re there for.

    An 8k loss is NEVER acceptable, unless your account is huge. Just cut the loss quickly, there always more trades.

    Over the past 10 years, I bet there has been 500 supernovas.

    One last comment is.. yeah the DEAR spike was odd, as soon as Tim buys it.. it surged basically immediately. If you look at the volume, yes 7k was a lot of shares for that stock in the afternoon, but a LOT of shorts are in DEAR, 10% of float according the shortsqueeze. DEAR trade is just too crowded now. Tim says he doesn’t influence trades, but he’s got 1500 subs, and a lot of people listen to him, so.. it’s hard to say, and he has autotrading from covestor, which is typically a few mins slow from what I have heard. To say he doesn’t’ have influence is not true, but.. on high money volume stocks like RPC, when he executed trades, the stock didn’t budge.

    And the only time to even short that stock was on the failed spike on the 100% day in the afternoon in the 3.30s (after seeing it fade off the 3.40s). Highlight is 20/20.

  66. Anonymous

    good post but this wsnt an autotrade stock (marketcap is too low)…i waited patiently all day for DEAr to show signs of fading/breakout…the few minutes before i bought (put in an order of 9k, only got 7k before it spiked to 3.50)), there was a fakeout breakdown then a volume surge, thats what told me it could really spike

  67. Baron

    Yeah, excellent buy. Wish I was watching it, instead I was watching ANTF. I have to get better at watching more stocks at once.

    And I missed the ROHI morning spike. So I played terribly on both.

    Also ANTF was a morning fakeout, first time I’ve experienced that, which is another good reason to never short in the morning when the stock is running up, and to wait for the red day.

    I was looking at how to buy breakouts more, b/c obviously it is ‘easier’, b/c you don’t have to go through hoops w/ shorting shares through your broker, you can just straight up buy the stock. I’ll be trying to look for buying more, like I did w/ RHIE at the close when it was up 60%+, b/c I thought the hype was there. The stock surged +40% the next day, I sold into the spike.

    I was looking at the ZANE intraday chart when it surged from like 30 cents to 60, then back to 40 cents, the broke out at 11am at $0.63, already traded float, early in the day, the stock DOUBLED to 1.20. Another great buy, even though the stock is a scam. The illusion becomes real.

    DEAR is even better b/c it is an positive earnings play. I should have bought at support of 2.60s right as I covered, looking back on it, after it restested the low and bounced. And just cut losses at 2.58, risk only a dime, max, when the stock has already gone to 3.40 the previous day on positive earnings.

    You point out some earnings plays in your DVDs, and you pretty much should wait for a red day b/c the runup can go must farther even though it is a gap, and there probably will be a fade, but it might take a month to breakdown, not worth the time value.

    I don’t even know why you would hold a short on ENCO more than a day, since the stock is a microfloat of like 1 million shares, and the stock has a history of spiking, and being choppy. How or why you would wait to lose 8k on ENCO is a lot of Tim of DVDs, and trading books to learn to always cut losses quickly. 5% max or 7% (or 20-40 cents) max, and use the daytrade, re-enter the short at the higher price, or later on in the day on a fade or spike top. Or better yet, wait for the next RPC or BGBR or NXTH.

  68. Swagato Bhatta

    DEAR – $500 profit. Please Tim. Find shares like this that we can go long on. Sold too early at 4.43. Well in last 1 year I have learnt that do not be greedy. And small profits a day makes a large win at the end of the year. So 500 for me is my first profit hearing TimAlerts. Wish same goes next time.

  69. tomofnj

    from tomofnj: Had unrealized 122 DEAR from Friday, all together out today (way to early) at 4.74 for a gain of +602
    Thanks Tim šŸ™‚

  70. Anonymous

    long 5k shares DEAR on Friday @ 3.25 (on breakout anticipation)…sold 5.10 Monday… that’s over $9k+ for a wknd hold…yeeeehAW!!!!!!!!!!! Tim Alerts is paying for itself 10x over…

  71. jgoetsch

    +655 BGBR long on gap after first day of pump
    +3100 BGBR short from 1.38 to .98
    +615 POSC short .24 to .163

  72. Anonymous

    ROHI (+1k unrealised) shorted 4500 shares at ave 3.30. ANTF (+500 unrealised) shorted 1k yesterday at 3.72

  73. Pat

    Removed this post & re-posting above because this one didn’t get included in the watchlist mail.

  74. Jbrown

    Shorted ROHI 3 times average $ 3.17 covered in morning at $2.92 for $625 Gain.
    Tim is on FIRE!!!

  75. Anonymous

    +50 on ROHI after commisions. Shorted 400 @ 3.09 (had trouble getting a fill with sogo), covered 4at 2.95. My first trade with TIMalerts!

  76. Anonymous

    +700 on ROHI short
    +150 AMEL long
    BGBR -100 being a jackal
    +500 on APPY

    can’t remember anything else ATM

  77. shumail

    +$1700ish on ROHI o/n short. Covered way too early at 2.93. My biggest gain on a tim alert yet!

  78. parabol

    Sold ROHI yesterday at 3.42 covered at 3.2.
    Reshorted after Tim did @3.10 and covered this morning premarket @2.82 avg.
    Overall +$600

  79. dba54

    +250 scaling back on ROHI short, holding rest o/n+40 FAZ, got out before it dropped from its high netted +30 on two FTBK trades, one was bad

  80. Darthtatertot

    -260 the first time I shorted FTBK, now +600 of unrealized profit in it while holding o/n

  81. Cytranic

    Shorted ROHI o/n +1000. Holding ROHI again o/n +100 unrealized. Left $600 on table this am cause of sogo website problems…

  82. Scott_W

    +4481 short on FTBK. Also holding some o/n and currently up about 1500 unrealized.
    +92 covering ROHI. Covered way too early.
    -1300 long on NEXM. Thought it would spike on the news. Jackal play!

  83. Anonymous

    +$350 o/n on 2400 ROHI on Tims alert. I got in sorta lowish w/ a $3.12 avg. (Have I mentioned how much I despise limit orders?) and when I didn’t see the big a.m. dropoff start I covered at $2.97. Before Tim, but somehow at a higher price. Like Tim…WAAAAY too soon obviously. Congrats to the rest of you with much larger stones today.

  84. Anonymous

    Drat, when the mkt reversed a little I got scared and covered my 250 shares of ASFN at 4.38 (from 4.75) instead of holding on as the price reversed. Left $350 on the table but that’s alright because I based my decision on price action, not wishful thinking.

    Still made $93, and I’m sitting on unrealized ROHI & FTBK gains of over $500.

    The gains are great but mostly I’m happy because I’m starting to recognize the patterns Tim teaches. Just need to trust what I’m seeing a little more. Thanks Tim!

    –Kerry (former jackal!)

  85. Anonymous

    -$80 short FTBK; -$45 long SNSS; +148 long LBIX, I just ordered Pennystocking Part Deux last night, so hopefully I’ll learn something!

  86. dkasper

    +60 on 200 shares short of GRAN
    +115 on 100 shares short of FTBK (should have taken a bigger position!)
    +30 on 300 shares short of ROHI from overnight

  87. RogueTrader

    Tim, Made $ on 2 of your watch list stocks, +$160 on ICCI shorting at the the open. Also booked +$250 on APPY short which I was in prior to your alert. Thanks…RogueTrader

  88. bhatta

    Unrealized Loss of -36$ from shorting APPY (505 shares )

    Average Entry point: 4.13$
    Hoping Exit Point: $3.13
    Lets hope

  89. bhatta

    Recalculted my loss from Sogo, TOS and IB.

    Total loss is -900 trading APPY
    -30 trading BGBR

    That wiped out all my gain and now I have loss.. after started trading following Tim.
    Anyway, lets hope for the best

  90. RebelQ

    1245 loss on APPY. Got in too late, did not cut my losses, sold almost at the top – 4.55. More lessons for me ! Ouch !!

  91. Cytranic

    Minimized APPY losses to $-1100. No fault to Tim. Lesson learned not to short so far after a TimAlert.

  92. cosmo

    -1064 on APPY short. Painful loss to learn my lesson. Thanks Tim for continuing to teach us. I’m determined to be a better trader and appreciate your help!

  93. Pat

    For 4/26:
    +$225 realized short ANTF
    +$207 realized short BGBR
    +$890 realized long DEAR
    // = +$1322 realized gain
    +$171 unrealized short ROHI
    //Total realized+unrealized = +$1493 … best profit to date, thanks Tim!

    For 4/27:
    +$360 short ROHI, played this very conservatively and left another $600 on the table because i wanted to go back to sleep

    For 4/28:
    +$54 short CIIC in premarket. -$24 flipping long CIIC.

    For 4/29:
    -$127 unrealized short APPY. -$56 unrealized short ANTS.

    FYI Tim, I posted these a couple times but they keep getting missed so I go back, edit and carry them over to the next post.

  94. Anonymous

    +162 on APPY short
    +90 on ABIO short

    Woulda been more but I held too long. Still working on that fault.

    I’m now up 38% in 2010. Thanks Tim!!!

  95. bhatta

    Profit: $1200 on DNDN usin 10 calls and 300 stocks. AT one point I was up almost 2400$. But I forgot the number one rule, DO not be greedy. I will remember it next time.

    This week I am up about $1600. I could have been up about $2900. My target is $500-$2500/week profit for next two years so I can buy a very small apartment

  96. Anonymous

    Started this little experiment with $10,000 in the fall. Currently I’m at $8400. I was as low as $5000 because of two very poor trades that still hurt! The good news is that since Christmas I’ve been conservatively working my way back up, when I get back to $10,000 I will be psyched!

    This week was my best ever: No losers. $107 on ROHI, $615 on ENCO- held on for bigger profits there- it went well. $495 on DEAR and today $264 on APPY less $20 in comissions up $1462 for the week. Hopefully next week will be 1/4 as good- I’ll be thrilled if it is!

  97. Anonymous

    Just now able to post, was on vacation and did all this from my iphone! I had an incredible 6 day run!!!!+$2465 Long DEAR (out at $4.20 and $4.90)+$600 Short ENCO+ $950 short CSNT+ $1988 short PCBC -$300 got bought in on my short of AWSL (sucks)still holding 500 shares on ENCO short+$5703 grand total!All from reading the daily watch list. Thank you Tim!!!

  98. Anonymous

    +253 on 2300 APPY Friday. In and out in 15 minutes. Luckily my order was already up when the AIM alert came out. Someone in Timchat spotted the $4 break right after Livestock. Good job chatroom!

  99. Scott_W

    +1000 covering my APPY short Friday morning.
    +8700 unrealized on my FTBK short. (+6700 realized from the last few days) We’ll see what happens next week. If it trades under .50 I should net around 30k overall.

  100. Anonymous

    brian, if i may ask, how in the world did u lose on chgy, i shorted at 2.55, it dropped to 2.40, closed at 2.46…all just the first day after the technical beak…what do u have a stop loss of 2 cents/share? u need to rethink how u trade because todays price action was rather perfect, no reason in the world to take a loss

  101. mordy

    lost 120 APPY but still have 200 shares short FTBK from your call at 4.90 thanks tim

  102. Anonymous

    out 5k shares PDGO at 2 from 1.75 entry… for +$1250..sweet for a couple of days hold…

  103. Anonymous

    -128 KERX short.

    This was the trade that Sogo wouldnt cover during yesterday’s crash. Hung on for a while today in case it dropped again, but it didnt go low enuff.

  104. Maison Choi

    I did Swing. $1400 gain from 2 times shorting on ABIO holding it for one week.

  105. Oliwand

    + 3000 $ on HAUP, thanks Tim. It’s the first week I can short stocks because, I’m trading with Genesis. Special but Top trading platform, and also low fees.

  106. Martini

    Got $2500 (realized) shorting MBLX from $17.08 and $8700 (unrealized) shorting HAUP from $6.47

  107. Darthtatertot

    +30.00 DEAR, +400 unrealized KERX – 75.00 for borrow fee. Not bad day. And I don’t have twitter, so no, this won’t go on Profit.ly

  108. Provotrout

    +$640 shorting 600sh of IFLG. In and out a few times today, re-shorted overnight b/c of the weak closing volume/fading action

  109. Hobson

    + $332. shorting ENMD from Tim Alert on my Droid. Just signed up yesterday and still wet behind the ears! Thanks Tim.

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