Watch Top Students & Timothy Sykes On TV Tonight

Tim Sykes On TV

Watch Top Students & Timothy Sykes On TV Tonight

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I’ve got a lot going on right now as I said in today’s video lesson:

Making a few thousand dollars on today’s trading thanks to this classic pattern that far too few of you are taking advantage of despite my making literally hundreds of video lesson on this one pattern as you might’ve seen here, being a month late with my 1 Bitcoin giveaway (which benefitted the winner as Bitcoin’s value has surged fro $6,000 when I announced the contest to over $10,000 now, and doing charity all day while I’m here in Asia…check out how cute these kids are at the latest school I helped out here in Thailand:

…and then yes, my top Millionaire Trading Challenge students and I will be on tonight’s episode of “Below Deck” as a few months ago I chartered a giant yacht and we had a great time as I’ve already posted some clip of our trip here:

This will be my second time on Below Deck, the first time, the show’s editors weren’t too kind to me despite them capturing one of my biggest trades, where I profited roughly $70,000, live on multiple cameras in my face:

So while I would say this new charter was better, I have NO idea how they’re going to make me or any of my top Trading Challenge students, like Michael Goode, Tim Grittani or Tim Bohen look, but whatever they do it’s cool as we all had a good time and got to hang out and chill for a few days, which is what matters most…how it all looks on reality TV is not up to me, although it appears from the TV show description that we’ll be the featured guests in tonight’s episode AND next Tuesday night’s season finale too:

The One Where Jen Loses Her Mind

Timothy Sykes On TV Tonight

Timothy Sykes returns and cannot live without his Wi-Fi, causing Kate and Captain Lee to feel the pressure; Jen is scrutinized after she upsets the entire crew; Nico struggles to make a decision about his relationship.

Show: Below Deck
Season number: 5
Episode number: 13
Air date: 28 November 2017

The Champagne Campaign

Tensions within the crew run high on the final night of the charter season; Timothy Sykes micromanages the crew; Jen tries to be on her best behavior; Nico summons the courage to end things with Brianna; Jen attempts to mend things with Kate.

Show: Below Deck
Season number: 5
Episode number: 14
Air date: 5 December 2017

And, the fact that the show description says “Timothy Sykes micromanages the crew” means this is a MUST watch for everyone as aside from it being an entertaining TV show, you’ll learn EXACTLY how meticulous I am with my planning, whether it’s stock trading or party planning on a yacht and that rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but its been key to my success as I’m a big believer in the old saying “if you want something done right, do it yourself”.

Anyways, it’s 8am here in Asia as I post this and I just woke up from a 3-hour nap as my time zone and working hours are all over the place, so remember to tune into Bravo tonight at 9pm EST, or set your DVR, and check out Bravo’s website here to learn more about the TV show “Below Deck” and if you don’t have access to Bravo, I’m sure it’ll be online on Amazon and some other places likely within a few hours from now.

Once you do watch it, definitely leave a comment below this blog post with your reaction, it’ll be funny to see what people think, and just remember, take everything on “reality TV” with a grain of salt, and don’t worry about offending me, I have pretty thick skin as you must never forget that that my first Millionaire Trading Challenge student, Michael Goode, who came aboard this yacht with me, was also my first hater so if my teachings can turn him into a millionaire then there must be something worthwhile in my training.