URGENT Regarding Tomorrow & Today's $300,000+ $PTBI Profits - Timothy Sykes

URGENT Regarding Tomorrow & Today’s $300,000+ $PTBI Profits

50% off blowout sale for just a few days on these annual newsletters here and these DVD study guides because providing educational tools for those who want to grow their accounts exponentially is my primary focus in life.

Today was an incredible day with over $300,000+ in newsletter subscriber profits on PTBI after yesterday’s $200,000+ students profits on ICLD…in both cases a beaten down penny stock spiked gradually throughout the day and my students and I NAILED the run ups..and today’s drop on ICLD too šŸ™‚

ptbi close copy

ICLD copy

Here’s a video lesson on this chart pattern that is not so coincidentally outlined in my new Spikeability DVD study guide (remember it’s 50% off at this special link for just a few more days, see a preview HERE)

Between the past two days, most students made anywhere from $500 to $50,000 depending on how big they bet/their account size, but a few great examples are here:

svai: Ok I just closed another trade on $PTBI. I’m exhausted. I’m taking a break to count my dollars. Totally unbelievable morning. Out of this world…above 20,000$ ish profits : ) Love you Tim! best day ever! Thanks to all I’ve learn since joining! Thanks again for all!

The list of students who banked is incredibly long but I’ve included more student comments below to help you understand a few key things:

1. Despite widespread hatred/negativity surrounding penny stocks, these run ups ARE predictable…my PTBI buy before it spiked 100% is NO different from my VLTC buy before it spiked 1,000% or my CELH buy before it spiked 50%. I don’t claim to know how high they can go, but I do understand the power of a positive catalyst like billionaires investing in lowly penny stocks.

2 You don’t need to be able to predict the news ahead of time or even be there when the news breaks — the big $ is in the hours and sometimes even days or even WEEKS after the news has already hit if you understand patterns like these as I outlined HERE.

3. You can have a $500 account or a $500,000 account penny stock trading especially when buying is indifferent to your starting amount some of us like this great trader started with $1,500, this international trader started with $2,200, I started with $12,000ish and this young trader who made $600,000 started with $100,000…all that matter is you try your best to take advantage of the current plays, long AND short (use these penny stock brokers to short sell)

4. The past 2 days I’ve made roughly $4,000, a pittance to what’s possible and my $4.2 million in career trading profits, shown trade-by-trade HERE since full transparency matters (lots of people on the Internet claim big #s, but they don’t back it up with audits, account statements and tax records like I do HERE), is just a small taste of what’s possible when you master penny stock volatility…just ask this guy who has made $2.7 million in just 4 years and I’d guesstimate he’ll be over $20 million by the end of the decade.

5. You need to be prepared AHEAD of time to best capitalize on these patterns, that’s what my trading challenge is all about. Sadly, too many people don’t want to invest in their education and because they want to cheap out on a few hundred or a few thousand bucks (if you get all y DVDs/webinars etc they miss out on hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in missed opportunities over the years as they deal with their own confusion and inexperience.

6. HERE is a link to 20+ webinars from my top student Tim Grittani exclusively for trading challenge students, if you have problems with my attitude/cockiness at least learn from this humble great trader who has not only become a better trader than me, but also a better teacher…it’s okay, my ego can take it, don’t worry šŸ™‚ Watching these webinars BEFORE you make your next trade will increase your odds of profitability dramatically as you will learn how the single most successful trader in the world in the last 5 years has built his seven-figure account up from hardly anything in less time then it’s taking you to read this blog post.

I actually missed ICLD yesterday, but I NAILED the buy alert HERE on PTBI at $3.60 and again at $3.80 and all I wanted was the 4s or the 5s, never really believing it would go to 7 so quickly (it’s a good problem to underestimate a stock!)

So tomorrow, be ready for more PTBI/ICLD volatility — I’ll be sending out a watch list with my expectations before the market open tomorrow so all you newsletter subscribers, PAY ATTENTION! Being prepared is the difference between profit and loss…sometimes great profit and great loss.

And tomorrow after the market close, I want all of you trading challenge students attending my weekly webinar as we’ll be going over all of these plays and it’ll likely be my best webinar of the year so consider this your warning to attend…and have questions ready to be answered!

I know many people reading this will still hate on penny stocks and me for any number of reasons, but as you look through this list of students who have learned these patterns and are banking every day lately, I want you to ask yourself, what are you afraid of? Are you afraid I might be right and that the mainstream thinking that penny stocks and God forbid day trading penny stocks can be a consistently profitable activity?

The funny thing is that because I have NOTHING to hide and tons of knowledge/experience to provide — as you might’ve seen in these 400+ FREE videos and my best-selling book HERE downloadable FOR FREE — it’s not a question of if you’re going to realize I speak the truth, it’s a question of when and how many days like the last 2 days will you miss before you do come around.

I’m not going anywhere, these predictable patterns aren’t going anywhere, even when I miss a trade or trade too conservatively, by putting everything I know out there, you will find as I have, that my students are quickly becoming BETTER than me and that makes me the happiest guy in the world.

Screw my Lamborghini, mansions, villas, watches, trips around the world; read through each of these students’ comments and get a sense of the excitement in this niche that transparency and invaluable trading rules like these are quickly revolutionizing:

8:55AMthebrandonpio:$PTBI bought 1000 shares @ 8am P/M @ $3.91, sold 1000 shares @ $4.51, 600$ profit in less than an hour, done for the day, PEACE OUT!

9:32AMmousears1090:In $PTBI at 4.00 sold at open for 4.70 Goodluck all

9:33AMmrbusinesz:in $PTBI in @4.10 out @ 4.60

9:35AMAlWazzan:shorted $GIGA 2.04 covered 1.86 easy trade

9:42AMjpdragon:just make $200 on $PTBI on morning coffee

9:44AMchrisk120:made $.31 cents a share on $PTBI. Had a goal and executed it perfectly!

11:38AMShaunK88:Nice bought $PTBI at 4.52 sold at 5.15 on small $600 transaction! Feels good to high %yield.

11:44AMChas:$PTBI in @ 4.15 premarket. holding till it plays out.

11:45AMthelo123:In my small account of 3000 made 650 with PTBI so far.

12:36PMrex74:$PTBI – in since 5

12:36PMjpdragon:$PTBI 1000 shares $5.30 CHA CHING. I love TIM strategy..

12:36PMMadeYaSell:$PTBI In @ $5.13, Out @ $5.64. My first winning Tim Trade!

12:38PMCaddyJack92:Bought $PTBI this morning off the initial dip at 4.36 still holding

12:39PMsvai:Ok I just closed another trade on $PTBI. I’m exhausted. I’m taking a break to count my dollars. Totally unbelievable morning. Out of this world !

12:41PMsvai ā†’ timothysykes [private]:above 20,000$ ish profits : ) Love you Tim !

12:43PMsvai ā†’ timothysykes [private]:yep ! best day ever ! Thanks to all I’ve learn since joining ! Thanks again for all !

12:41PMstr8up77:$PTBI buying small on dips all day, +$450 so far

12:51PMFire_Trades:Sitting in a grade 11 class and made $354 in 20 mins on $PTBI … too easy

12:55PMjpdragon:$BTBI in $5.30 out $5.70 1000 shares

1:40PMalanabbas17 ā†’ timothysykes:$566.50 realized profits and about another $300 unrealized on PTBI

1:41PMHarryMJ ā†’ timothysykes:Tiny profits compared to everyone else but $231 on my $497 account lol

1:41PMShaunK88:150$ profit on a 700$ account building quickly, thanks Tim

1:42PMinvest126: Made $1285 on $PTBI pre market. in at $3.89. Sold at $4.40. Thought it would crash open market

1:43PMmasters457:Made $356 on $PTBI today

1:44PMwilliammckelvey:I bought 5,000 $PBTI yesterday Ah $3.94, sold into morning spike $4.60 about $2500 profit.

1:45PMTopdawg5:made an easy 5% on a small account, thx tim!

1:46PMpharmdoc77:Made $120 on $500 account. Thx!!

1:46PMBrains86:$PBTI in at 3.95 premarket out at 4.32 should of held but wasnt looking to good at open but still thanks tim for the alert i still profited at the end of the day

2:12PMGirlbun ā†’ timothysykes [private]:Made 731 on $PTBI, first week in chat. Not going to be my last šŸ˜‰

3:08PMsherkhan12:out of $PTBI 387 profit thanks tim

3:10PMChuckBo4:in and out two rounds for +1272 on $PTBI

3:13PMAriopa:$PTBI in @ 6.02 out @ 7.60 thank you so much TIM!!!

3:15PMShaunK88:PTBI$ in 5.75 out at 7.20 Thanks Tim, Happy profits!

3:27PMKUBISNACKS:Shorted $PTBI @ $7.07 covered $6.61

jdreed has posted a new comment: Made $623 before noon on $PTBI! in at $4.10 out at $4.70!

3:39PMpharmdoc77 ā†’ timothysykes [private]:Thx for the teachings!! Ended up making decent money today and it was exciting as hell

9:34AMdsomers:$ICLD in @ $3.07 out @ $3.40

9:36AMhoodthepanda:$ICLD in @3.13 out @3.32. Was upset I didn’t buy Friday. Nice little bump

9:37AMKrisdanielson:$ICLD first time I bought a earnings winner break out … Guess tims strategy works

9:38AMDMC7:$ICLD in @ 2.30 out at 3.35 will look to rebuy

9:47AMJustice195:long $ICLD 1000 shares @2.69 out @ 3.15

9:56AMDiscoLoke13:in $XGTI .381 out @.455 grreat volume still going

10:17AMDude7 ā†’ timothysykes [private]:Made 18.75% on $ICLD – In @ 2.40.. held over weekend and sold @ 2.85 pre-market.

3:16PMWayner16:Bought 1400 $ICLD Friday AH at 2.71, sold at 3.31 this morning to lock in profits. bought 1400 again at 3.85 this afternoon. crazy stock

3:31PMbabito:in at 3.88 out at 4.20 $ICLD

4:03PMWayner16:Holding $XGTI since .38 , holding $ICLD since 3.85

3:33PMandrekirk27:in 3.96 out 4.25 nice ride. $ICLD is crazy. pm me on thoughts overnight.

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