URGENT: The Best Stock To Watch Tomorrow

best stock to watch

Best Stock To Watch

I want more millionaire students so when I find opportunities for students to have the best stock to watch in front of them in real-time I try to take advantage of it…that’s why my trading challenge students students get 2-4 live trading and Q&A webinars every week and my live trading video lessons HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE are all MUST WATCHES…because as useful as it is to study the past, it’s even more useful to learn in real-time, especially when real $ is at stake!

…and this is why my in-person teaching classes here are so heavily in demand (hit my team up here if you want in on future ones coming up in Europe, NYC and Miami!)

…and tomorrow you have the opportunity to witness a rather great trade live as it plays out and that’s why I’m writing this blog post now, so that you’re FULLY ready to observe and learn tomorrow!

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So, how can you learn — be sure to be in my chatroom here tomorrow as I will be giving live trading alerts and commentary throughout the day, just as I do EVERY DAY and have been doing EVERY DAY for a decade now since I began teaching!

Second, vote in this twitter poll I just created:

…as the cool thing about tomorrow is that one of my newly minted-six-figure-profit trading challenge students who we previously featured HERE is about to have his biggest profit yet tomorrow as he has been short LFIN throughout its multi-week halt and will look to buy to cover tomorrow when it reopens on The Grey Sheets.

What does all that mean and why is it such a good learning experience?

First, it’s good to know the penny stock basics, so be sure to read this new penny stock book and take meticulous notes…also see this free penny stock guide as it’ll help you bigtime, especially with all the basics and terminology.

Second, young Michael short sold the pump LFIN expecting it to drop and he followed a classic #6 pattern from this MUST WATCH penny stock trading guide and he got a bit lucky with the trading halt as LFIN was under investigation as you can read in this article “Cryptocurrency Stock LongFin Halted, as SEC Charges Fraud” so he’s going to absolutely CLEAN UP when the stock finally re-opens tomorrow and likely drops 50-95% from its last traded stock price in the $28s.

The only question now is how much so I want you watch LFIN like a hawk tomorrow and seeing EXACTLY how much it drops, and how it might even bounce a little too as short sellers like Michael have to buy-to-cover their shorts in order to take profits.

A few years ago I had a solid $70,000ish profit day when I shorted a blatant pump, CNTO, which also I got a bit lucky on as I was just shorting the first red day, but when the regulators halted it and investigated it, the pumpers couldn’t do what they were doing before so the thing dropped like a rock, see more in the blog post entitled “How I Made $74,000 Yesterday & Will Make $100,000+ Tomorrow (Seriously)” and know that I covered that stock WAYYYYYY too soon, I was just happy to make $70,000 so oh well, what can you do! (and that week I ended up making $160,000+ detailed in this key blog post entitled “64 Penny Stock Trading Rules To Honor My $164,000 Profit Week, I’m Mad You Probably Don’t Know Them, Do You?” that you should read repeatedly, memorize and recite outloud at family dinners every 2-3 weeks.

(Similarly, when I had my first $100,000+ profit day outlined in chapter 6 here, I took profits WAYYYYYYY too soon as it would’ve been a $200,000+ profit the next day)

So, the big question is where should Michael cover his short tomorrow and how much money will he make? If you look at all his trades HERE, you can see he’s a really solid short seller as all his biggest profits are from shorting:

…but his biggest profit is just over $7,000 so when LFIN re-opens tomorrow, he could be looking at $10,000+ profit, a $15,000+ profit or even possibly a $20,000+ profit so I’m writing this post not just to hewlp you learn in real-time, but also to put the pressure on Michael so he’s safe and conservative and is sure to lock in profits along the way.

I see too many short sellers these days get locked in on a price/goal — usually ZERO — and when the stock for whatever reason doesn’t do what they expect, they’re like a deer in headlights and they cannot adapt and so their profits dwindle.

I don’t want Michael making that mistake so we as a community must bond together and make sure Michael locks in his profits along the way, whatever they might be…

…now that’s not to say he has to cover his short all at once, as I’ve already told him privately, I would cover some when the stock reopens down likely 70-90%, and then see how the price action goes before covering the remainder, but what’s most important in situations like these is just to lock in the mammoth profit from the trade as a whole and not to worry about missed dollars or cents/share afterwards like too many newbies do.

Anything obviously can happen, but I haven’t seen news this bad on a stock in quite a while so Michael should be fine and if for some reason the stock surges, well, Michael has studied enough and is fully self-sufficient now so I have no doubt he’ll make another $20,000 soon as he’s been averaging that amount every week or so recently, even as he just graduated college too!

So, please do congratulate Michael in the comments under this blog on all his success as he’s studied his butt off to get tot his point and after meeting him several times at some trading challenge student meetups, he’s still humble…for now at least…let’s see how his likely bigass profit tomorrow changes him!

Props to all my top trading challenge students, from Tim Grittani, Michael Goode and Steven Dux to 2 guys who wish to remain private and my newest one who I will be detailing this weekend…ALL of them are such humble, nice and hard-working guys…I would like a female millionaire student too, but I’m sure there will be one soon enough!

Be sure to watch LFIN tomorrow, learn in real-time and see how the stock reacts to shorts covering their positions…it could drop and bounce a little, but its future seems murky at best so we might also just see a 90%+ drop and no bounce whatsoever.

Get especially excited trading challenge students as Michael will likely be in the chatroom tomorrow as he’s covering his short on this stock so it should be a VERY cool experience for all of you to witness one of my students’ biggest profits and remember if you read his original article, he started with just a $20 account, now he has a chance to make 1,000x that in 1 day!

This is why I love penny stocks and you should too!