One Of My Students Reviews His First 2 Weeks

Today I posted this webinar online, an example of the 2-4 live webinars my trading challenge students receive from myself, this great trader** and this solid mentor**:

Because it’s where I focus the vast majority of my time, I always enjoy sharing success stories from my up and coming trading challenge students too! Just as much as sharing these testimonials with you, I enjoy reading all your comments about each story.  What’s great about these testimonials is that they are unfiltered.

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Reading REAL stories from REAL student traders paints an accurate picture of the learning curve, I can;t guarantee success and profits, but I can guarantee you I’ll teach you every single thin I’ve learned over the past 2 decades in the stock market.

So be warned, these stories aren’t all rainbows and unicorns, they depict the real trading-world struggles as well as the monumental successes, and include tips and tricks that worked for them. Although the tips, tricks, and strategies of each trader may vary somewhat, they are all based on the same educational foundation, and they all share two common elements: preparation and hard work.

A few weeks ago, I featured Sugar Jane, also known as “Airplane Jane”…and thanks to her dedication and studying, she’s definitely flying high.  Jane detailed her initial struggles and her eventual trading success. She detailed for you her learning curve, and was forthright about her struggles and failures, also showing all her trades HERE and despite several losses, she’s still fast closing in on $100,000 in profits**.

This is a great way to learn. If you are serious about trading, you should look to all these successful students, and see what’s working best for them. This isn’t to say that every strategy, pattern or tip will work for you, but it’s a great place to start…then you build your own rules on top of others’, that’s how you get ahead faster.

This time, I would like to share with you another success story**, this time focused on a brand new challenge student known as “Rugdog”.


Hello All,

This is a summary of my first two weeks as a challenge student.

 I’ve been trading off and on for a few years with no success. After watching some videos of Timothy Sykes, tired of losing my ass when trading, I decided to join the trading challenge Student Team. 

 I started on March 1, 2016. They were extremely helpful and got me going right away. I watched Penny Stocking, and Penny Stocking part Deux, and it immediately helped me. My daily routine is to watch the Silver Plan daily video in full.  Then I re-watch it on one screen, and have the same charts on my laptop so I can pause it and look at the chart and the patterns they are talking about, and pause or freeze as much as I need. This seems to be really helping me understand and see the patterns. 

 Then I will watch a DVD that comes with the trading challenge Student program­— sometimes I watch two or three. Then I make my small watch list.  I also do the same when I watch the webinars.  I’ll have two laptops on, one with the class and the other with the chart that they are looking at, so I can zoom or freeze it as needed. This has been so helpful.  My studying is paying off. 

 After the second webinar with Mark about the oil plays and how the patterns were in Penny Stocking Framework, I watched Penny Stocking Framework. The next daily video was about the oil plays. Again I heard him say the patterns were in the video, so I re-watched DVDs 4 and 5.

 I made $312 the next day and $300 the following day. Then I over traded and jumped into a trade I didn’t plan, and lost $95 quickly. This taught me to make a plan and stick to the plan.  

 Being a trading challenge Student has helped me so much in just two weeks. I can’t wait to see where I am 4 to 5 months from now, but I’m not rushing it. I don’t want it to fly by. I have never shorted, so that is what I need to learn. I know it will take some time, so I’m watching ShortStocking and level 2, and a little of the Tim Raw DVD at this time. The first two weeks was awesome. It was everything I expected and a whole lot more. This is my way of studying and learning each day.

 My biggest things I need to work on is discipline and risk/reward, shorting, and cutting losses quickly.  

 I intend to improve each week using the tools I received in the Challenge Student Program. My philosophy is, THE DAY I KNOW EVERTHING IS THE DAY I QUIT, and I’M NEVER QUITTING so STUDY, STUDY, and STUDY.


Discipline and hard work.  Congratulations, Rugdog, and thank you for sharing your story with the Sykes community!

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Finally, I would like to thank all my trading challenge students who have taken the time to keep me informed of their progress.  Your experiences continue to provide valuable insight to future traders and newer students.  If you have a story you would like to share with our readers, email me your story today!  Please be sure to include a photo or two so our readers know you’re a real person and not a fictional character—a practice that some less scrupulous sites engage in.