Several Injured in Shooting Near Austria Synagogue

vienna terror attack cover image

Shots were reported in downtown Vienna, Austria at 8 p.m. local time. There are multiple casualties, as many as seven victims have reportedly been killed.

The city’s police department confirmed in a tweet that there were several suspects armed with rifles, six different shooting locations, one deceased person, and several injured (including one officer). One suspect was shot and killed by police officers.

It’s unclear at the moment who the intended target was, how many attackers there were, and if there is still any danger to the public.

Police advised people to avoid the area and stay off public transit.

Kronen Zeitung newspaper reported a large police operation in Schwedenplatz square.

The shooting occurred near the city’s main synagogue. Ariel Muzicant, the head of Austria’s Jewish community, said on Twitter that he is unsure if the synagogue or nearby office building were targets. Both were closed at the time of the shooting.

There are unconfirmed reports of an additional shooting at a Hilton hotel in Vienna. Local reports have stated there is a hostage situation at a nearby restaurant. There have also been reports of a suicide bomber.

Austrian news service APA, quoting Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said at least one suspect has been killed and at least one other is being sought. He also said it was “an apparent terror attack.”

Europe is on edge after terrorists in Nice, France attacked people with knives leaving three people dead less than a week ago.

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