Twitter’s Latest Measures Try to Slow Election Misinformation

The battle for misinformation is raging as the election fast approaches. Social media giant Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) announced and imposed new measures in an attempt to limit the spread of misleading and false information.

This is nothing new for Twitter, which has banned all political advertising starting in 2019. In May, it began adding fact-checking links to several of the president’s misleading tweets.

On October 9, it announced it will be stepping up enforcement and adding restrictions on accounts that belong to political candidates, their campaigns, accounts with over 100K followers, and any other account that gets “significant engagement.”

Today Twitter expanded on exactly what we can expect to see on election night.

It warned users that any tweets claiming an outcome of a race before it’s announced by election officials or at least two independent news agencies will be labeled with fact-checking links.

It also added an additional step for retweeting that went into effect over the weekend. This applies to all users and is designed to slow the spread of misinformation.

Twitter has long been a target of the political right. As recently as last week, Republican senators accused the platform of having an anti-conservative bias.

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