Today’s Biggest Winners Are Tomorrow’s Best Shorts

TIM $14,068 (up $78 on the day)

Boring Market Today

ASHW —still holding my 700 shares short overnight tonight, acted nicely today, would’ve like to see a larger down day, but not bad considering the strength of other retailers, th

e overall market and stock’s illiquidity.

FFHL —coulda shoulda woulda been a good short today (and probably tomorrow too—especially if it cracks $3.25), but no shares available to borrow. Ahh, sometimes it stinks to be poor! I’m sure some specialty brokers have shares available—oh well, no matter there’ll be more like this.

SWAT —another runner, I wish it had exhibited more strength and volume. Oh well, next.

BIDZ —ahhh the glory of short selling! really nailed this one—it’s nice to see there’s still justice every now and then. Alas, no borrowable shares available here either (Trust me, I tried and tried!)

UPDATE: Per their conference call , BIDZ says they’ll sue StockLemon and there’s an analyst out defending the company even though the stock is down another 20% in after-hours. It’s amazing that in this day and age, short sellers are treated with such disregard. Too bad there’s no short sellers fighting back by suing people who right puffy/hype-filled “research” reports.

HOKU —nice morning dip of 60 cents/share, but the rest of the day offered ZERO shorting opportunity due to the tight range and the fact that it failed to take out the early morning low (which would’ve been a great short signal). A perfect example of why it’s so dangerous to short in the morning.

DEIX —niiiiice, up 53% on news of their amended/extended deal with SIRI. Horrifically perfect bearish chart (below)—ideally it continues to bounce (maybe to $3 to make it shortable at Thinkorswim!) so I can short into some real strength (just like SMRT, ASHW, FFHL, blah blah blah—starting to get the picture yet?)


The SEC says I should tell you I’m short ASHW even though this website, my posts, my book, my DVD and basically my entire existence are for entertainment purposes only!