To All My Facebook Friends & Friend Requesters: - Timothy Sykes

To All My Facebook Friends & Friend Requesters:

Just 3 days left…

I’m sorry, but Facebook puts a cap of 5,000 friends so I am not allowed to add any more friends on my Facebook profile.

Trust me, it’s the dumbest thing since stock promoters trying to learn how to be truthful, but it’s the law of the land so to you 600 or so people who have requested to be my friend, please don’t be angry with me….I’d love to add you if I could, but all Facebook will allow is for you to join my Facebook Group page.

At least that way you can still follow along with all my latest blog posts so definitely do join my Facebook group page…and of course, you can follow my blog posts and trades through a number of different ways listed below:

Follow me on Twitter

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

So when you get a chance make sure you check it out.

PS: Don't forget to check out my free Penny Stock Guide, it will teach you everything you need to know about trading. :)

  1. Henry Kogan

    I”ve seen this happen before to other people in the spotlight. I've seen facebook convert their personal page to a public figure page so they can have unlimited fans. You might be able to convince Facebook to do this as you are an educator and have a huge following.

  2. Dwight

    To show how big of a crook you are one has to subscribe to your Silver package at $100 a month to get the alerts instant vs the Tim Alerts that will come in 2 minutes later after his order has been put in. Now you have to pay Tim extra based on the speed you want the alert. What a lowlife!!!!!

    Stop preaching how honest you are. A week ago you sent out a survey asking whether your alerts should be free or not. Oh, like that's going to happen. You're such a cheap bastard you're not even offering a free 2 week trial to test your service. Even a used car salesman will allow you to test drive their car before buying it.

    If you were as honest as you claim your alerts would go out before you place your own trade.

    Your ABIO alert today would have been worthless if it was 3 minutes late as most of the decline came within 5 minutes of market open.

  3. Dwight

    On another note, stop posting what our subscribers made on your picks unless they are confirmed by Covestor.

    You're a hypocrite to knock InvestorsLive for posting his gains but not his losses yet you go and do the same think with your subscribers.

    I got no problem with the way you do business as long as you admit to being a used car salesman. This preaching that you are a saint has got to stop as many of your actions go against it.

    1) No 2 week free trial to test the goods.
    2) Trading first then sending out your picks. You now have over 2,000 subscribers. You're big enough to influence stock price. SEC could come for you as this is front running.
    3) Charging double to get your alerts instant.

    I can keep going….

  4. timothysykes

    Dwight, you disprove your own point, thank you for being such a moron…IM alerts are little faster making ABIO alert at 8 better, but pennystocking silver subscribers ALSO get a nightly video watchlist that prepared them for my ABIO short…you don't even realize it, what a tpyical penny stock buffoon. go attack someone who doesnt have my track record

  5. timothysykes

    Hey troll, I have 1462 subscribers, the vast majority of whom dont even trade or open their email….u really think i “Caused” ABIO's drop today? LOL seriously, go start a blog and preach on it, troll comments are boring.

    PS No free trial because unlike EVERY other newsletter out there, I know mine is quality and I did turn thousands into millions once before, show me one other newsletter writer who can boast that. exactly. shutup now

  6. Dwight

    That's your comeback. How do I disprove my own point. I said Silver subscribers are getting your alerts instantly vs your other subscribers. You still are placing your trade before the alert is sent. You come first and your subscribers second. Why not send everyone the alert via IM, Mr. Sykes or must I throw another $50 your way for this luxury. What amazes me is how cheap you are. You're making 100K just from your alerts yet you are a penny pincher.

    Stop with the I turned 10K into 2 million. You are a broken record. I know of your accomplishment and I never was attacking your track record. If you'd actually listen to critique instead of running your mouth you might use some of the free advice I offer instead of ranting like a monkey.

    How do you know your subscribers don't even trade on your alerts? Did you do a survey or a study to find this out. Bottom line is you have no clue how many of your subscribers are trading on your alerts. And if this is actually the case why not send out all the alerts via IM since no one is actually trading on your picks. What's the point of spending $100 a month if no one is even using your alerts to trade. You're an idiot, brah.

    I've disproven everything you can come up with. You won't win this arguement Sykes.

  7. timothysykes

    Dwight, silver members knew last night what i was gonna do, they didnt need to wait for my alert. the dvds help people learn too. dont tell me how to market, i could care less what trolls think. $100/month, hell even $1,000/month is a deal for my valuable information…u forget people lose thousands/tens of thousands per month due to misinformation and bad information. go attack someone not transparent and let me get back to revolutionizing this industry please

  8. Dwight

    I've turned thousands into million. Blah Blah Blah…

    Do you comprehend what I'm telling you? I told you that you're a good trader. My issue with you is how you promote yourself as ethical when you're no better than the penny stock pumpers promoting their P & D's.

    Endless promotion of your DVD's getting a little ridiculous. You're now charging $1500 to learn Level II. Come on!!!! You are out of your mind. Please tell me you don't believe you're actually in this for teaching newbies. The more you keep pushing this the less serious you'll be taken. Don't take me as a troll when what I offer is fantastic advice. You even said the majority of your revenue is coming from alerts and your trades so why continue to push silly material that's not going to sell at the current price. You're selling a $3.00 Big Mac for $100.

    You offer quality material so you refuse to offer a 2 week trial. Go back to business school. You're just a cheap a$$ which is the main reason you refuse to offer anything free. Every business in America offers trials. If someone actually made money during your trial he'd join your site giving you another customer but you're too stupid to see that because you're a cheap greedy blog pumper.

    If you think I'm really a troll go and post a blog to your subscribers how they feel about your business ethics. You're in it for the money. Admit it!!!!!

    New Sykes DVD….Learn to trade while you eat. $1,000….

    Good day to you Tim

  9. timothysykes

    Troll, I could charge 5x as much, as my competittors do and it'd still be a deal because i am real whereas others are not…not sure where u came up with $1500 to learn level 2, but i dont understand the mind of trolls. again please dont tell me how to run my business, its working out just fine and people who pay get a great value. go attack non-traders who charge $5k, $10k for seminars, not people who entire product line can be made back shorting one supernova like ABIO in one day

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