Tips To Grow Your Account From My Millionaire Student {VIDEO}

Tips to Grow Your Account: Key Takeaways

  • I introduce yet another new millionaire student!
  • From full-time job to full-time trader — here’s how he did it…
  • Learn these must-know lessons from a millionaire trader

I love how in trading nice guys can finish first. And my Trading Challenge student Sandeep is truly a nice guy. He made this video to help aspiring traders learn from his journey. Find out how he grew a small account into $1 million!

Here’s what you can learn from my newest millionaire student in today’s video…

  • Trading with a full-time job is tough. Check out Sandeep’s tips for finding study time.
  • Nothing’s achievable without hard work. Learn how Sandeep puts in the effort and how he thinks new students can maximize their education.
  • Learn the crucial mistake that blew up Sandeep’s first account, so you can avoid it!
  • What Sandeep says new students should focus on in the beginning. (And don’t worry — it gets easier over time.)
  • Expect to lose in the beginning and start small. Hear how much Sandeep thinks is an ideal amount to start trading.
  • I don’t think you don’t need a bunch of fancy indicators, and Sandeep agrees. Find out which indicator is his go-to.

Don’t miss these lessons from Sandeep — in his own words. Watch the video now!

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