This Penny Stock Will Crash 30-50% In The Next 2 Days | Timothy Sykes

This Penny Stock That Will Crash 30-50% In The Next 2 Days

UPDATE: The stock dropped 10% following a rather perfect morning panic…all caught on live video which will be uploaded shortly for trading challenge students…I locked in profits of nearly $4,000 and had to celebrate given how predictable it all was:

Hey you trading challenge students take notes…these plays are the big money events that make you rich.

Everyone else, including most of the subscribers of my 4 newsletters, you’re too lazy to even watch the videos below so I have little hope that you’ll ever learn how to get rich….sad…but I am wrong 30% of the time trading so perhaps I’m wrong about you and you actually do want to be a millionaire?

Anyway, a week ago, I wrote this post listing 10 reasons why ECAU would drop 50% over the next week…it’s down 45%….my bad.

I banked roughly $12,000 from this beautiful $5,000/night penthouse suite in LA, getting a bit too excited how dead on I was and leaving roughly $30,000 in profits on the table, but inspired by 2 trading challenge students earning $10,000 and $12,000 each and they have much smaller accounts than me!

Well, we have another setup where a stock will likely crash 50%, but it should be all today and tomorrow, not just over the next week and once again I’m short with a specialty high net worth broker and most of you can only use this as an educational experience.

Here’s the chart…get ready for a crash EXACTLY like THESE 8 charts or this morning panic and understand why I’m glad to be short as I explain in yet another video at the bottom of this blog post

Definitely contact me HERE if you want an introduction to my special high net worth broker which requires a $30,000 minimum account but has shares to short of perfect pumps like this:


Not to mention its DTC chill so most brokers won’t even let you buy shares and of course there’s this:

If you actually study hard like my trading challenge students and still can’t profit from this pattern that works 70%+ of the time, you’re truly helpless and should be ashamed.

You’re welcome.

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Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. Iā€™m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

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  1. Jerry

    Timi you trying to pump your short and smoke some. Its all good. I’m buying when it drops. I think the chil wont last to much longer. ameritrade is getting spanked and loosing customers because they wont let them buy it. This should be interesting tomorow. By the way you should try some of those Dixis Elixir drinks they realy clench your thirst lol.

  2. Jerry Vazquez

    timi you guys pulled a good Short and Distort scheme on mjna, It started to go down when Infitialis (@Infitialis_) droped the Bomb, after that it was like Timberrr! However it seems like the Bomb that Infitialis wrote was Slander. A Mug shot and picture of the coo which isnt her was just part of the Short and Distort scheeme. Infitialis later retracted there slander but it was to late MJNA didn’t come back, the Damage done.Word is that MJNA and the coo might go after seeking alpha and Infitialis. I wonder what will happen? Will MJNA actualy do something ? Will timi and Infitialis keep shorting it? Will the sec get involved in this short and distort scheeme? This is like waching the movie boiler room except in reverse. Interesting week lets see what hapens in the next few weeks.

  3. Justin Kuepper

    So, basically, Timmy, you were already in contact with Infitialis regarding MJNA on Feb. 13th, and then on Feb. 15th right before the market opened, Infitialis’s libelous Seeking Alpha article appeared, causing MJNA’s stock price to plummet 30%. This causes you to brag about your ability to predict which stocks are ripe for shorting? You simply had prior knowledge of an event (i.e., the publication of Infitialis’s libelous article) that would cause shareholders to panic and dump shares. There’s no ability involved here. It’s pure deception and manipulation, and in this case, because so much of the information in the Seeking Alpha article is so demonstrably inaccurate that the author surely must have known at the time of publication that it was inaccurate, some legal lines were crossed and it’s going to get some people in trouble. Your parents should be really proud, Timmy, you little slime ball.

  4. Doc K

    So, you are trading on prior knowledge of a very damaging, yet libelous article, being released? HMMM…HELLO SEC!!

  5. timothysykes

    no idea any article was gonna come out, i have a 35-minute video explaining EXACTLY why i shorted and covered, all before any news came out, be ashamed of your lies promoter scum

  6. Doc K

    Did you forget you posted this in the article?

    We are uncovering a boat load of red flags re: $MJNA. Company management riddled with convicted criminals that did hard time ā€“ No disclosure

    ā€” Infitialis (@Infitialis_) February 13, 2013

    The day before you give your short alert on MJNA and two days before your infitalis’ SA article came out? I hope you have a good lawyer because that right here is enough to have all your email communications and twitter messages subpoenaed. Good luck defending against a few hundred individual lawsuits that are about to be filed against you and Infitalis as well as the criminal investigation.

    You should be ashamed of yourself you stock fraudster.

  7. timothysykes

    I embedded a tweet you fucken moron, I had no idea he was writing an article, if I did I would’ve held my short…my lawyer is gonna have a field day with you, prepare to be sued for slander

  8. timothysykes

    watch my 35-minute video lesson on mjna and see EXACTLY why i shorted and covered ONe DAY BEFORE the SA article…you guys really should be ashamed of your slander, but don’t worry i’ll make you pay for it all in court, get excited to meet me very expensive lawyer šŸ™‚

  9. Jbeach

    slander is spoken, this is written, which makes it libel. either way, i didnt know it was a tweet, so i apologize.

  10. Doc K

    you are correct, you did just copied a tweet by him, it does not necessarily mean you knew the article was coming. But it still doesn’t change my opinion of the situation.

  11. mjna stock holder

    Wow you are so professional. I cant believe anyone would listen to you! I hope all this comes back to you and you end up broke and in jail!!!

  12. mjna stock holder

    You are the one who should be ashamed! You call your self a professional? What a JOKE you are!!!

  13. mjna stock holder

    Proof that the Short and Distort scheeme was caused by Infiatalis who remains anonymous, sykes and SA. The following is a post that I copied from another site.

    Justin Kuepper ā€¢ 5 hours ago

    If you want to understand how Timothy Skyes makes his “predictions,” you can observe how he timed his most recent short of MJNA. Here’s how it worked:

    Timmy was already in contact with “Infitialis” (an author on Seeking Alpha who writes hit pieces about companies in order to make their stock prices fall) regarding MJNA on Feb. 13th (and, of course, had been in contact with him before this date). For proof, see Timmy’s article entitled, “This Penny Stock That Will Crash 30-50% In The Next 2 Days,” which was published on Feb. 14th. Timmy (stupidly) mentioned his correspondence with Infitialis in this article. On Feb. 15th right before the market opened, Infitialis published a libelous Seeking Alpha article attacking MJNA and its management team, causing MJNA’s stock price to plummet 30% (closed down 22%). As you can easily see, there was no shrewd, analytical stock-trading ability at work here. Timmy simply had prior knowledge of an event (i.e., the publication of Infitialis’s libelous article) that would cause shareholders to panic and dump shares. It’s pure deception and manipulation, and in this case, because so much of the information in the Seeking Alpha article was so demonstrably inaccurate that the author surely must have known at the time of publication that it was inaccurate, laws were broken and it’s going to get some people in trouble. Congratulations, Timmy, you are (literally) a criminal.

  14. Justin Kuepper

    Stop talking about your silly video, you little cunt. You’re just making yourself look like an even bigger liar. Of course you’ve got some bullshit rationale for why you were sure MJNA would plummet 30–50% exactly when it did. Everyone who reads this article and these comments knows it hasn’t nothing to do with your prediction or when you closed your short position. Dishonest little shit.

  15. timothysykes

    yes he did, i simply clicked embed…maybe he deleted it later but its not illegal to embed a tweet, why are my haters SO incompetent? ridiculous, u should be ashamed

  16. timothysykes

    why would i be professional when dealing with liars and poor people? u guys are fortunate enough to be able to watch my dead on videos, if u say anything other than thank you, you’re 100% wrong

  17. timothysykes

    show me where i have EVER called myself a professional? you promoters/suckers are just straight up lying, i’m just a millionaire showing you the pattern that keeps making me money…you guys keep ignoring it thats why you’re poor. neither of us are professional, my life just crushes yours, you’re welcome for the reality check

  18. Jerry Vazquez

    MJNA is a good American company that hires Americans. Why would tim want to hurt a good American company by shorting it? To me that is unamerican. They make a great product that helps people. There is to many coinsidences going on here. I think that it would be good for the SEC to investigate.

  19. timothysykes

    LOL its just a pump, please do bring on the SEC, i’ll make them watch all my videos showing the EXACT same pattern, maybe it’ll help them be more competent

  20. Jerry Vazquez

    They have real products and distribute those real products at over 500 stores, they also sell online and they keep expanding and distributing to new stores all the time. They just keep growing and growing. It also looks like Kentucky and a few other states will be opening up to Medical and discritionary use very soon. People buy and use there products everyday. Sykes yes you made some money shorting this stock but that doesnt mean that this company isn’t a company with real products. I’m sure you have some freinds that hit it hard. Go have them try Dixie Elixirs.

  21. timothysykes

    Penny stock suckers always confused real products for stock price…go look up HHWW, NXTH tons of other penny stock supernovas I’ve shorted accurately, they all have “real products”, but it has little to nothing to do with stock price, i pity the uniformed and misinformed, but this is why i’m a multi-millionaire and these people aren’t

  22. Jerry Vazquez

    There has been companies that started as penny stocks and they grew up to be big corporations. Not every single penny stock company is a scam. tim if you tell your students to short a stock like MJNA and you announce it of course your minions are going to bring the price down. Real products do affect the stock price because aslong as sales, revenues and profits increase it will bring the price up. Now if someone with many followers tells his minions to short a stock then of course there going to cause the stock to come down.

  23. timothysykes

    jerry please do share ALL the companies that have started out as penny stock and are now big in the last few year.s…i know the answer and i know that u don’t…and do tell me how me and my minions caused MJNA to crash when there were hardly 300,000 shares available to short and the thing trades 30+ millions shares/day…do tell jerry, why are my haters so fucken incompetent?

  24. Vipul LipidDestroyer Dusa

    Fuck assholes like you. Honestly, people like you are pathetic. You have no real passions and as a result resort to an ego stroking “profession” that makes money off of manipulating people. Fuck you. You’re only clever, a “Genius” connotes someone that provides something to humanity. You’re just a piece of shit broker that likes the dopamine rush from trading. You’re an egotistical dope addicted dick. Fuck you Timothy Sykes. Have fun with the lawyers, asshat.

  25. Vipul LipidDestroyer Dusa

    And even more, here you actually call out people for being “poor”? Really now? Are you that much of a dick? Go shove it up your own ass. What an atypical psychopathic personality type, to the point that your personality type is both boring and predictable. You people are disgusting. I can’t even fully blame you either. We’re raised to believe only money matters. That’s the problem with unregulated capitalism . . . it creates greedy, manipulative, unempathetic people like you.

  26. Vipul LipidDestroyer Dusa

    You may be richer than me, but it’s apparent at this point you’re missing a key factor in happiness in life, “Love”. You lack lots of it. Unempathetic people like you are what crashed our economy. Go burn in a figurative hell.

    And you keep stroking your ego over and over. Go watch some Sam Harris videos on “Free Will”. You are no more “responsible” for being rich than another is for being poor. Stop brown nosing your own ass and grow the fuck up.

  27. Vipul LipidDestroyer Dusa

    No one wants to see your crap dvds. All you do is analyze charts with some shitty technical info and act like as if you’re doing something big, and then you go on to disregard the observer effect people like you have when you release your shorting schemes and your buddies at SA release their bashing articles.

    Either way, you’re either a complete retard that doesn’t understand the observer effect or you’re a manipulative asshole that has no real passions or talent and decides to instead use that wonderful brain that you possess as an ego-stroking tool. The fact that you have “millions” makes me think you’re the latter.

  28. Jerry Vazquez

    timi your the one who doesnt know and you call yourself a guru? Quit being so lazy and read. Timi whats the deal with your program? I mean seriusly dude which one is it? Are you selling a product telling people to get into the shorting business but now you say that there isnt that many shorts available? I think the only one incompetent was you when your hedge fund failed. Haters ? Nah, well maybe only the ones that give you a donation of 50 dollars a month, you know the ones that you call poor dum ingrate students. Which isn’t me LOL.

  29. Steve Kasian

    I lost my a$$ in the MJNA crash that morning in February, and I was pretty damn pissed off at Infitalis, or whatever the fuck his name is, for writing that libelous article full of untruths and inaccuracies. I wouldn’t doubt it if you were Infitalis or WTFHNI… but I know in the bigger picture that even though you fucked over a legit company that wasn’t really the P&D scum that make up the majority of OTC, you are right about everything else. For that reason, I worship the ground you walk on and will give you all of my money so that I might learn all of your techniques and skillz from you and take over the stock market world. I will be THE SHIZZLE one day, and have only you to thank! So thank you in advance, Timothy Sykes!! You have just made me a millionaire… in the future, actually… not yet. But sort of though, cuz it is already written in stone and WILL happen. It’s actually a bit like shorting a stock… selling shares you don’t have. I don’t have the million $ yet but I will, so I am claiming it now so that I can leverage my future on the promise. Hey, that’s actually a great idea! I should be able to leverage $1,000,000 and make my million quickly by claiming the million+ as collateral ahead of time and trading with it on margin!!!! I am a genius!!! And all thanks to you, Tim! Thanks a lot for ripping me off with MJNA and for giving me the lesson of a lifetime that would change my life forever in the process!!!! YOU RULE!!!!!

    But seriously, you do rule. You have inspired me BIGTIME!! I’m gonna be RICH!!!

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