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This Will Be The Best Stock Of March 2013 [15-MINUTE VIDEO]

UPDATE: In the month since this post, PAMT has risen nearly 100% from $10ish to its current price of $20/share making it indeed the single best performing stock of March 2013 so far…I sold out too early, but did make $20,000ish in profits and my trading challenge students have made $100,000+…all boding well for my upcoming longer-term newsletter, contact me HERE if you want in, we’re just gonna have a small group of solid stock pickers

In my best-selling book An American Hedge Fund (buy it HERE on Amazon if you somehow haven’t read it yet…it’s required reading for all penny stock traders), Chapter 6 details how I made over $100,000 on one fine Monday morning back in early 2000 before the crash…you can read that chapter for free HERE, it’s a pretty memorable story…all you trading challenge students should DEFINITELY read and memorize it.

Long story short, a company announced they would be featured on TV over the weekend and I bet roughly $170,000, or 3/4 of my net worth at the time, that it would be a positive story as hinted by the company’s press release and ridiculous bull market at the time…I was right and cashed in $100,000+ in profits that Monday morning, selling as quickly as I could.

Had I waited another day, my profits would have been $200,000.

It was then and there I learned the power of momentum and news, the importance of being ahead of the crowd discovering what’s going on and my ability to make great sums of money without having perfect timing.

Anyone could’ve read the ISCO press release that Friday and bought the stock before the market close just like I did, but most people are too lazy and don’t understand the power of mainstream press or big contracts.

This is the beauty of my longterm penny stock newsletter launching next month; I’m not lazy do all the research required and more and my students benefit…contact me here if you want more information on this newsletter, it’s going to be an amazing research tool.

Download a PDF version of this post.

After all, I’ve ALWAYS had problems holding my positions long enough both on the short and long side, but I’ve managed to make $3 million in trading profits as you can see on Profitly and more importantly, I’ve realized I’m a far better teacher/researcher than I am trader.

And the latest stock I’ve invested $170,000 in…not 3/4 of my net worth anymore, more like 1/20th…Parametric Sound Corp (PAMT) will likely rise far longer than I will hold it, I’ll just make my 50 cents-$1/share and go as that’s how I’ve become a multi-millionaire and you don’t change a strategy that works as often as mine…just as I teach in these 7 free video lessons you should have all watched by now.

They’ve come up with a technology that can direct sound in a specific direction…picture watching TV with someone who is hard of hearing and that person would have their own increased volume and you would have your normal volume…it’s literally that amazing and everyone who hears it in person says so.

I haven’t heard it yet in person, but I’ve spent all weekend researching and everything on the interweb says this is truly revolutionary technology and PAMT has all the patents.

One of the interviews talks about how some unnamed entertainment company wants to utilize PAMT’s technology in their theaters to make the whole theater 3d sound..the same kind of thing Imax did for visual entertainment…and PAMT’s CEO often compares their business model of licensing along the lines of “Parametric Inside” to that of DLB, Dolby…

Both IMAX and Dolby are multi-billion companies…PAMT has that potential, but its just a startup with an $80 million market cap and enough cash to last another year or two so it’s got a long road ahead…

So PAMT is a longterm long pick here in the low $10s and I think their stock will have a HUGE March for some very specific reasons I explain further down.

But I’ll probly sell most or all of my long position early this week depending on how the price action is (those who have studied my DVDs know I exit my positions when the price action isn’t EXACTLY what I expect and that makes it difficult for me to trade real companies since their price action is very choppy…a good example was my longterm pick of CUTR at $12ish in this blog post before it spiked to $13, but I actually lost $ because it dipped a little before the big spike and I cut losses quickly.)

See the 2-year chart of PAMT and see that while it’s volatile, it’s clearly uptrending and its approaching some resistance @$11.50ish:


Last time it approached resistance at $6ish, it broke out and went to $9, for a nearly 50% gain, in a few days…given what I explain in the video below about PAMT, I think it’ll breakout and rise 50-100% in the next few weeks…depending one exactly what news is released.

This is the tweet that got me interested on Friday as I LOVE small cap stocks that have deals with the biggest companies in the world:

…and sure enough as you’ll hear on the video below, PAMT’s management awkwardly confirmed the McDonalds test of their next generation sound technology along with Fujitsu, Ingram Micro, Rite-Aid, Build-A-Bear (those have all been announced already) and some other cool things in the works like a healthcare product for those hard of hearing and their products with the most potential are still a year or two away where they can put their sound technology into smartphones and tablets…no speakers needed.

But a lot of companies with “revolutionary technologies” promise big things, why will this be the hottest stock of March 2013?

Because as I also expose in this video below, management confirmed in both little heard January and February interviews they will announce 2-3 big licensing deals by the end of the March 2013.

The first trader who alerted me to this was THIS GUY and he has a great track record…you should ALL follow him.

Now the question is with which companies will they announce the deals and when will the announcements be?

I bought on Friday because big deals are often announced on Monday and if they do announce the McDonalds deal this stock could spike to $13-15 rather quickly so I wanna be invested ahead of time…and that’s why I alerted subscribers of my 4 newsletters too and am telling you now so you can be prepared AHEAD OF TIME.

It’s a bull market and speculative technology stocks like UNXL, NTE, CIMT and ONVO are doubling and tripling within a few weeks…

But the end of March is still 5 weeks away so I’ll probly be out of most or all of my long position before any big announcement, I’m just telling you this now because PAMT is a GREAT example of what my longterm newsletter will be all about (remember to email me HERE if you’re interested) and just in case they do announce some news and spike this week I can say I told you so šŸ™‚

The good news is speculative stocks like this often rise in anticipation of big news and as you can see from PAMT’s chart, it’s been uptrending strongly…so there’s no rush to announce as until then people will just speculate and likely invest/buy since this is just an $80 million company and the potential of this technology is so big it’s just a question of whether they’re real or not.

And given the Fortune 100 companies attached already tell me the technology is real so it’s just a waiting game…glad to be long in the meantime…even though it’s kinda funny/sad that when I was gonna link to their webcasts on their website so you could listen to all the management interviews like I did, I find their website is down as these morons forgot to renew their domain name!

That doesn’t diminish my bullishness though as these guys just aren’t good businesspeople, they’re basically nerds who have reinvented sound.

(Thank god it was up all Friday and Saturday as I was researching and fortunately recorded my findings on the video below)

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  1. Peter Kleinschmidt

    Hope you do well on the Long pick-your last 4 or 5 weeks were not the best but still were better than mine.

  2. PAMT Pump and Dump

    The McDonald’s trial in Anaheim, CA was mentioned in their recent conference call. You didn’t listen to the conference call? The tweet was correct but tweets are not DD.

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