$103,000 In Profits: These 7 Trades From My Subscribers Are Commendable

If you watched my Friday the 13th inMay episode of LiveStock, you saw the show get interrupted by my calling the exact top in Jammin Java Corp. (JAMN), but as usual, despite several profitable trades HERE, HERE and HERE, all added up I made roughly $7,000.

$7,000 in trading profits is good for a lot of people — not me…not when it’s the exact pattern I look for time and again.

But the point of this post is not to whine about how I played it too safe, how I bobbed when I shoulda woulda coulda weaved….no, it’s to highlight several upcoming traders who are PennyStocking Silver subscribers and PRO subscribers who traded JAMN far better on this DEAD PUMP BOUNCE pattern than I did and that’s commendable….after all the initial drop on May 13th was just the beginning of the end and there have been several opportunities to profit in the 3 weeks since as you can see from the chart:

Penny Stock Slowly Fading Into Oblivion

Penny Stock Slowly Fading Into Oblivion

Obviously if you don’t have an account with Interactive Brokers or my special broker (see my comprehensive guide to the best penny stock brokers), you’re probly singing this song:

$78,624profitJAMNShort Stock
scaled in and out.

Posted by lx21 /

$10,484profitJAMNShort Stock
looked like it was out of steam

Posted by elkwood66 /

$7,316profitJAMNShort Stock

Posted by skylu113 /

$4,575profitJAMNShort Stock
patience paid off on this one

Posted by Juanmr /

$2,942profitJAMNShort Stock
This one was hard to hold onto at times. Worst trade ever, still profitable.

Posted by bkruse /

$580profitJAMNLong Stock
still holding another 1000 short shares

Posted by choimaison /

$300profitJAMNShort Stock
yeah,…short of the year.I’ll take the $$ when its available.

Posted by choimaison /

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