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The Wolf Of Wall Street Trailer, The 1st Exciting Wall Street Movie In Years

Business/finance TV shows and movies usually suck.

The writers/directors get too wrapped up in explaining the technical jargon and forget that people hate feeling confused/overwhelmed.

That’s why my TV show Wall Street Warriors has been an international hit and is popular HERE on Hulu — because they focused on our moneyed lives (but not nearly enough).

And why my videos showcasing my multi-millionaire lifestyle and the videos talking about how not one but two trading challenge students have now made over $600,000 with my strategy in just 2 years (see the 2nd trader here) are infinitely more popular and commented on upon than long boring technical videos of perfect stock trades like this:

(the # of views on the trades are higher because they’re older videos and I promote them nonstop whereas I should really promote the crazy life I lead videos more…oh wait, perhaps that’s why I just spent $50,000 in less than 2 weeks in Japan and I brought my videographer šŸ™‚

…but for all the $3+ million I’ve made trading and blog posts like yesterday’s where I detail the lessons from making $10,000 last week, I’m smalltime compared to the richest, most powerful force in the history of the penny stock industry.

The Wolf of Wall Street is the over-the-top story of Jordan Belfort who basically created the penny stock pump and dump industry and for who we have to thank for all the perfect pump and dump patterns on which my students and I have now made over $8 million.

See reviews of The Wolf Of Wall Street book and know that it’s not technical, the author knows how to sell so he focuses on the wild partying, girls and drug taking.

I thought the book sucked, but then agin, I’m a purist — I actually am more interested in the stocks and the technical stuff since my mastery of it has made me rich and that of several trading challenge students….aka how these traders made over $2 million in one day a few weeks ago.

Especially since what I teach my students is 100% legal vs. The Wolf Of Wall Street who might’ve made much more money, but he also went to jail and owes hundreds of millions of dollars too.

But I understand the majority of you don’t care about legalities/ethics, you just want to make a lot of money and enjoy it.

Well, you guys no longer have to have old movies like all Street, Scarface and The Godfather as your go-to sources of greed and ambition…

The Wolf Of Wall Street looks to be the first non-boring Wall Street movie in years, perhaps ever.

So watch the trailer and get inspired…perhaps the best thing this movie is gonna do is to get a lot more people interested in penny stocks and it should help to create a new generation of penny stock promoters who want to live the life…which is great because I’d like to see more pump and dumps trade like this.

For now, enjoy The Wolf Of Wall Street trailer, thank God for Scorcese:

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  1. Colin Klinkert

    It looks awesome! I met Jordan in San Deigo couple years ago and he talked about this getting made.

  2. Hao Zheng

    movie trailer looks pretty funny lol. surprised that leonardo actually would take that role lol

  3. davidjohnhall

    Read the screenplay for this last year. If the movie is half as good it’s going to kick ass!

  4. Ryan

    Don’t get me wrong. Love the lifestyle you are able to afford! However, must respectfully disagree that techincal analysis videos are much more entertaining and informing than that of money being tossed around. Reason: if people weren’t so lazy and greedy they could study your technical videos and make their own money to blow. You can give a man a fish. And feed him for the day. Or you can teach a man to fish and feed him for life. Thank you for all you do. Can’t wait to get the money together to enroll in your challenge!

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