The Truth About Penny Stock Promoters Like Stock Hideout

This morning I showed you a VERY inspirational story and video…

The video below is the exact opposite and sadly it’s the truth about sites like Stock Hideout as you can see by the reviews…these penny stock promoters pretend to give you education and yet all they really do is get as big of an audience as possible and deliver them misinformation because they’re compensated to do so.

For this very reason, most financial experts would advise you to stay away from penny stocks when, as you can see how some PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers have fared recently, I will tell you not to stay away, but to run straight towards penny stocks and learn how to short sell the junk because the profits can be massive:

$15,660profitKNKTShort Stock
Withstood huge spike..sold over time, re-shorted once. Went for big – Thx Reaper

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$11,380profitALZMShort Stock
Very pleased with this trade as ALZM continues to be a tough stock to trade.

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  1. Johny Tsunami

    This is pretty funny considering that Stock Hide Out and all the other Bluewave sites are sending out mailers promoting your paid newsletter subscriptions and DVD packages…

  2. Gary J. Palys

    Tim, honestly, I would if I could! I started out in Oct. 2009 with $600 and added another $10,000 in Dec. 2009. I am sitting at roughly $22,000 in my TD Ameritrade account now. Still stuck in my first mistake Adventrx $ANX because I didn’t know how to play it. I figure it should do good by August, then I just might join your alerts!

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