The Problem With Penny Stock Promoters Like Ian Cassel - Timothy Sykes

The Problem With Penny Stock Promoters Like Ian Cassel

I’ve ripped on this dude a lot, but he’s no different than the few other hundred stock promoters, some of whom are compensated, some of whom just benefit from investing in companies in which they use stock promoter tactics.

(some would accuse me of doing the same however as I’ll explain I DO NOT use stock promoter tactics, my distribution of my reports is limited, which is the way I want it, and as you see on Profitly, my biggest wins are on VERY hard-to-borrows stocks like WLOCD which I made $30k+ on and NXTH which I made over $10k+ on…the gift and curse of my strategy which is why I’m fated to make more money off educating subscribers of my 4 newsletters)

I previously exposed Ian Cassel for lying about his performance and perhaps sensing that I would only heighten my attacks, given that several of his longterm picks PRXI, EGMI and TIXC were HUGE penny stock winners that turned out to be total duds, so he stopped getting compensated for picks and instead just focused on investing in them.

OK, so he’s just like the rest of us, right? Well, no, because once you’re a stock promoter, it’s like being a murderer — you know what it feels like to kill…just like Ian and countless other promoters know what it’s like to promote and get a stock up so insiders can sell at inflated prices or the company can do a financing at inflated prices…and I’m sure murderers, especially those without regret like Ian says of his stock promotion days, can imagine what it feels like to kill another human being again…

You might think the analogy is over the top, but I don’t care what you think, society, the media and far too many investors fail to realize how dangerous stock promoters are…especially when they later blur the lines by becoming non-compensated.

You see Ian uses the EXACT same tactics he used to get the stock price of Premier Exhibitions, Inc. (PRXI), Electronic Game Card, Inc. (EGMI) and Tix Corp. (TIXC) up so much with non-compensated picks like Quepasa Corporation (QPSA)…he just passed 100 blog posts on this one company and yes, while he was on the money, making tons of money on the substantial rise in stock price, he has totally failed to respond to my allegations that 96% of the company’s revenue is irrelevant (due to $4million out of the company’s $4.2 million in sales in the 1st nine months of 2010 being from a director’s related companies, who also happens to be the largest shareholder, who happens to be selling some his shares at inflated prices…ah yes, see how it’s all connected yet?…)

See my initial research report on Quepasa and realize the stock is now down roughly $5/share or roughly 30% in a week since its release…not that it dropped at first at all…in fact I barely profited…it’s only tanking now because of QPSA’s miserable excuse for an earnings report and conference call

quepasa stock

quepasa stock

Yes, yes, I’m getting to my point, not just bragging about being dead on right here…the point is that promoters like Ian NEVER go full on negative with any stock they have gone bullish on….no matter what they dig up…because they’re still stock promoters at heart…and either their investing method is all longs or they don’t want to burn bridges as sometimes you HAVE TO DO in smallcap land to maintain performance and gain the trust of your readers.

Ian doesn’t care about his readers and will surely point to his big win on QPSA…congrats on riding/creating the wave here Ian, but even a blind illiterate subscriber of my 4 newsletters could tell from some basic research that QPSA stinks…you claim to do your research, heck, you even did a podcast with the CEO…the fact that you missed these glaring inconsistencies means I and every other short seller will be gunning for every pick you make because you knwo you’re simply not honest, thanks for never changing you miserable snake!

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  1. Rick


    Couple questions! Between you and Ian Cassel who do you think would win in the following:

    1) fist fight
    2) foot race
    3) game of scrabble
    4) bake-off
    5) getting phone numbers at a club contest


  2. Tylerruby

    And you mispelled “know.” I think I’ll keep QPSA; after all it has taken me thus far. $3 -> now.

  3. Tylerruby

    Well the good thing about being long in a stock like QPSA is its ok when it dips for a week, at the end of the day QPSA has big potential. Plenty of people are going to short qpsa with the financials looking as they are, but the mere potential has created this “hype” that has rocketed the share price. I agree it was overvalued when you shorted it, but looking a year down the road puts a smile on my face, especially with a target price of $16.00. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  4. Kevin

    LoL Tim, you gotta luv the haters!! You’re going to piss people off because every time you recommend a stock short/long there are always people on the opposite side that’ll be bitching and crying.

    Also how do you root through all this crap (idiots) here. I wouldn’t undertake just your daily email work-load without saying “F” it, in about 2 seconds. Keep up the good work, and misspell all you want, doesn’t bother me or any of the real traders here trying to make money, and not just nit-picking on small shit from Mom’s basement computer!

  5. Kevin

    Hey Tyler, I don’t know that I would be banking everything on Yahoo’s price target of $16.00!! LMAO. But good research though friend!! LoL.

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