This Penny Stock Pump & Dump Has Lost $1.2 Billion But Is Up 450%+ In A Month - Timothy Sykes

This Penny Stock Pump & Dump Has Lost $1.2 Billion But Is Up 450%+ In A Month

UPDATE: Beautiful BVSN profits and and from students who adapted & bought breakouts, but all of whom GREATLY underestimated this pump’s potential as did I.

Please watch these brand new 7 free videos I just finished to better understand the the pattern of BVSN.

The other day I wrote this well received research blog post on convicted penny stock manipulator Jonathan Lebed’s latest pump and dump…and the pump laughed in my face, surging 120% higher over 2 days from $20ish to $44ish on record volume:

Jonathan Lebed Manipulated Penny Stock Pump Supernova

…but not before I had covered my short for $7,500+ in profits as you can see HERE and HERE because as I explained to subscribers of my 4 newsletters, you have to respect a pump that refuses to crack support (unlike this penny stock pump which we successfully shorted for $50,000+ in profits when it DID crack support and them plummeted 50% in 2 days)…or else you deserve your short selling losses for ignoring the rules as outlined in my many instructional DVDs (as some of my lazy/undisciplined students learned the hard way).

Now I’ve saved my truly useful chart reading and predictions for a superior video lesson I made last night for PennyStocking Silver subscribers and trading challenge students and those who study my TIMfundamentals and TIMfundamentals Part Deux DVDs know how to research BroadVision, Inc. (BVSN), but here are a few more fascinating crumbs that will help you understand why BVSN will soon crack 30-50% lower, if it hasn’t already between the time I write this post on Saturday and when it gets published a few days later:

1. Despite my negative bias on BVSN, my new newsletter BuyinAlerts issued a BUY alert due to buyins on short sellers when BVSN was trading at $18…given that BVSN surged to $44 over the next few days this turned out to be a GREAT call for $26/share in upside, a 144% winner, and I need to learn not to let me personal bias interfere with this data-backed newsletter since this was a dead on call that demonstrates the value of BuyinAlerts perfectly.

BuyinAlerts 100%+ Winner

2. Contrary to convicted penny stock manipulator and National Inflation Association (NIA) president Jonathan Lebed’s assertions that he was shocked to discover a major company like SoftBank using BVSN’s Clearvale software, that deal was actually announced nearly 2 years ago in a Broadvision press release that is clearly visible on their website to those of us who do actual research instead of people like Jonathan Lebed who manipulate penny stocks and lie.

This SoftBank news was also picked up by several mainstream press sources one year ago in early 2011…and despite those articles claiming BVSN/Softbank would revolutionize the industry, as BVSN’s 20%+ year-over-year decrease in revenues and lack of any followup articles anytime after in 2011 shows, the partnership seems to be the only product not growing at 50-80% year-over-year like all of BVSN’s competitors denoted by these press articles.

It’s telling that convicted penny stock manipulator Jonathan Lebed makes no mention of these old press article nor does he dare mention BVSN’s -20%/year decrease in revenues.

3. Contrary to this misleading press release and convicted penny stock manipulator and National Inflation Association (NIA) president Jonathan Lebed’s assertions that BVSN’s contract win to handle this conference in London is a big deal, BVSN accidentally reveals on their blog that they’re a “founding sponsor” of the conference, meaning OF COURSE the conference is going to choose BVSN’s software…the only question is how much did BVSN pay to be a “founding sponsor”.

This is not a meaningful contract win at all, its announcement only helps convicted penny stock manipulator and NIA president Jonathan Lebed mislead people into believing that it is.

4. This isn’t the first time someone has made absurdly bullish statements on BVSN whose revenues have not only dropped 20%+ each of the past few quarters but the 20%+ decreases have been happening for years. And a few years ago, BVSN was in some legal trouble for this very same practice of hyping their business just before they reported terrible performance.

As revenues have continued dropping the past few quarters, causing the stock to trade below cash value of roughly $12/share, check out the CEO’s comments regarding their quarterly reports:

October 26, 2011: “We are pleased with the progress we’ve been making with the BroadVision Clearvale social business solutions suite,”

(revenues down 20%+ from 2010)

July 27, 2011: “We continue to make steady progress for the BroadVision Clearvale social business solutions suite,”

(revenues down 20%+ from 2010)

…given the consistently decreasing revenues, which coincidentally seems to be decreasing more and more lately, BVSN’s CEO has learned not to over-hype, but of course he has to stay positive with the whole “we continue making progress” line. Instead, it’s convicted penny stock manipulator Jonathan Lebed comparing BVSN to Facebook who hasn’t learned this important lesson (and legal question).

5. Oh yes, as the title suggests, BVSN has indeed lost $1.2 BILLION since its inception. This is a MASSIVE waste of money and it’s telling just how incompetent is this mere $180 million company (which is quadruple its valuation just last month). As denoted in their last SEC filing:

As of September 30, 2011, we had an accumulated deficit of approximately $1.2 billion.

Are you beginning to understand why I am short biased this carcass company and I look forward to short selling the stock this week…only subscribers of my 4 newsletters will know when I take a position.

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  1. Momo






  2. Shankle Hunter

    BVSN has been a real monster. I have multiple trades on BVSN… roughly broke even after losing on short side and buying one breakout. Lots of lessons! Thanks for your hard work!

  3. Baumer

    Like I said in a comment in the previous blog post, you probably don’t want to short this until just before their conference call and earnings report this week, unless you are a river boat gambler. I bought some shares in this stock at $10.25 back in mid December and have since then unloaded half of those. Buying in the first place went against my better judgement but sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good. Right now I am playing with the houses’ money. I plan on selling the rest here soon and then shorting because I don’t see anything positive that can come out of the earnings report.

  4. sheryar1

    wooh Momo you are a dude man … just wait untill it cracks and buyers get out .. and short attack will be a heart attack to u !! Respect Shortsellers coz they do fuckin more hardwork then you

  5. Lebed Biz Son

    Wow Sykes… you NEVER lose money bro! First you made money on the short side and then got a killer buy signal at $18!! OMGZZZ your backwards looking predictions are SOO AMAZING you f*ck*ng scammer! You’re not much different from Lebed.

    And go ahead and try to say you’ve been updating your trades in real time… because I know for a fact you haven’t! You loud mouth worthless sh*t weasel!


    Yea SYKES is full of crap! Everyone hates him nd he tries to play it off like he makes money! only way he makes $$ is off his sheep followers who he takes to the slaughter house!

  7. Larrylivermore401

    You guys are pathetic carcass pos wastes of life… Don’t disresepct the guy WHO ACTUALLY GIVES YOU LEGITAMITE FACTS!!! Mono your an ignorant BITCH and Son your obviously a baby dick racist cocksucker… Quit wasting everyone’s time and LEARNING space w ur b.s and use your time CONSTRUCTIVELY by KILLING YOURSELF… Preferably AFTER BVSN TAKES A NOSEDIVE!!!

  8. Brick City

    haha this is pretty funny that all the comments attack Sykes on his own website.  haha love it, he definitely a douchebag

  9. Anonymous

    actually my subscribers are banking on buying BVSNs’ breakouts as u can see, but thanks for lying promoter scum, u make it easy to show how many liars there are in this gutter

  10. Jjones

    what a tool sykes is, ncie try dude… I shorted it, no wait… we went long.. yeah thats right ,we made money on all sides… 

  11. Anonymous

    the only tool here is you given that you don’t realize i go long and short sell and have newsletters focusing on each…sorry you’re too lazy to have research how i made my first million (going long) and 2nd and 3rd million (shorting)

  12. Alex09

    Damn … Plenty of negativity here. I subscribe to Tim’s and hasn’t gain much which is all because of going against the flow. Do I blame him? Not at all. Did I make money from his newsletter? No. Could I have? Fuck yeah! But I have my own strategy and just too hard for me to change the usual. Am I wasting my monthly fees for nothing? Well it’s how I look at it. I do enjoy the research and I very much get the kick of people talking shit both from others and Tim as well (no hard feelings Tim but u do talk trash back). Bottom line is, Tim provides a good research and they are profitable (not for me but for others). And who the hell is Son? Lol

    Subscriber since August 2011.

  13. Ginia

    Gotta to love this – tell half your subs to short and the other half to get long. One group is always happy and you are happier even more !!! I am happy and long BVSN

  14. Angel Salgado29

    all you idiots let tim teach before he leaves us all and goes back to managing a hedge fund and then were really screwed

  15. Anonymous

    actually no, i was shorting the entire way up, only one of my newsletters had a buy signal…i shouldve listened to it, but nice try at twisting the facts promoter scumn

  16. Baumer

    BVSN down another 3% in after trading after it’s 4th quarter conference call. BroadVision (BVSN


    ) says Q4 sales were $4.2 million, down from $5.1 million a year ago. Non-GAAP net loss was $0.30 per share, down from a profit a year earlier. Look for it to tank even more tomorrow.

  17. Sijinkj

    In addition, the Company noted that, during the past few weeks, there has been an unusually large amount of trading activity and price movement in its stock. The Company is not aware of any corporate developments that it believes would explain this unusual activity.
    Got a nice return on the rally though :-0 what a run it was.

  18. Stash

        Everyone must try to be positive……If you don’t like Tim’s style of Trading simply don’t participate.
         Personally I try to find “Legimate”  stocks that are penny stocks , but have potential for making money on the long side …..Shorting is not my thing except for inverse ETFs
          2 Examples of long winnes for me are HILL and HIMX both under $1.75 , and both technolgy stocks with bright futures going forward !
          To all have a beautiful profitable day!

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