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The Hottest New Social Network Stock And How I Found It

There’s one new newsletter that you should care about more than others…let me explain.

Sure, sure, I’ve been on fire the past few weeks, I’ve now made $42,000+ for November 2012 alone and you can see every trade here, and now $220,000+ in profits on the year with surprisingly successful recent PERFECT buy alerts on BLIN at $1.35 (now $2.40ish) and NTE buy alert/incredibly useful video lessons HERE and HERE when the stock broke out of its range at $6.75…now $15+ for a 100%+ win and subscribers of my 4 newsletters have made $60,000+ on that one, including one of my favorite trading challenge students Kristen who came to the Maldives with my team and I as a reward for making $4,000 on her just $10,000 account on NTE

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…but my latest 20% winner or roughly $2,000 in profits buying/alerting this hot new social network company (YY) which has 400 million members, nearly half of Facebook (FB) at $12.10…now $14.50 just a few days later as more people discover it

…after my buy alert and this video lesson I sent to my students.

And do you know how I found this stock so early?

One word: Superman

On November 25th, I introduced you to him in this blog post about how he’s the new #1 trader on Profitly and it’s not just because he makes hundreds of thousands of dollars per trade, it’s because


Remember, most of the other top traders like LX21, InvestorsLive and I are short-biased and our plays are often very fast which opens the door for Paul being the most useful because…

Paul aka Superman almost always has good buy picks that aren’t just day trades and you don’t have to worry about hard-to-borrow short selling.

As we saw with YY, it spiked 20% over a few days, not just a few minutes or hours…and his stocks can realllllllly run, like his alerting ROSG in the $3s and $4s before it went to $23 and LIVE when he was buying int he $5s and $6s before it went to $15+ in just a few weeks…all those are just some of his plays in the past few months, he’s had big winners every year for over a decade.

I don’t always agree with him and actually made money short selling his MTSL pick last week, but whether I go long or short his picks, he always provides good trading opportunities for me and that’s why I value his newsletters HERE SO MUCH.

And while Paul didn’t actually buy YY himself as he was busy when the breakout happened — as many of you can relate — the fact that it was on his watchlist and being chatted about in his chatroom alerted me to watching it closely and I have him to thank for my profits and

So I inadvertently have become a great test case for why Superman’s newsletters HERE is SO very great for me…the roughly $2,000 I made, and the $10,000 I could’ve made — are both far more than I pay for my annual subscription…remember which are 40-60% off in this massive blowout holiday sale HERE ENDING TODAY IN ROUGHLY 12 HOURS FROM THIS BLOG POST SO JUMP ON THIS DEAL NOWWWWW!

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