The Most Honest Presentation On Penny Stock Pumps Of 2012 - Timothy Sykes

The Most Honest Presentation On Penny Stock Pumps Of 2012

UPDATE: My upcoming Vegas conference is now sold out but you can attend via Livestream when you ..register by Friday and you’ll also get a DVD of the conference!

This is the week!

I’ve been waiting all year for the 5th Annual PennyStocking Conference (please refer to it as #PSC2012 on twitter) and it has finally arrived….see all details here

Those of you who have already purchased your tickets should be getting very excited. I have a lot in store for you! Three jam packed days of the best trading education you will find this side of “the street”.

Not only are you going to learn how to grow your account, but be prepared to learn EXACTLY what it takes to be a successful stock trader as I will be sharing the stage with 6 and 7 figure a year traders…and yes, there are intangibles that make certain traders great, but you will have the opportunity to learn the intangibles this upcoming weekend in Vegas as well!

It’s one thing to read a book or be in a chatroom with successful traders, it’s a whole different ballgame being in the same room and picking a millionaire trader’s brain – and learning his “secrets” first hand.

For those of you who for whatever reason didn’t register for my conference…there is hope for you yet! As you noticed, the conference sold out 2 weeks ago, and we closed down enrollment. But we had 3 seats come available over the weekend. These will literally be first come first serve. I am making the 3 spots available right now when you register HERE

Don’t miss out on this weekend, you will be kicking yourself all the way to the bank if you don’t lock in your spot. Don’t forget, live trading day on Monday – my goal is for you to earn back your registration fee on trading day alone, not to mention the tactics you will be able to take home with you.

Register Now!

I’ve introduced you to most of the speakers right here, but looking over everyone’s presentations, I’m most excited for you all to hear this guy’s presentation.

Check out some of his slides below, after he answers my 3 questions…very well:

1. What is the one thing you’ve done that you’re most proud of?

I’m really proud of the fact that I was able to take a very negative aspect of my life (being a penny stock promoter) and turn it into something very positive – teaching people how stock promotions work, how you can leverage them for your own benefit and most importantly how you can protect yourself against all of the deceit and avoid catastrophic losses in the penny stock marketplace.

Stock promotion is one of the most dishonorable ways to make money. It’s a “license to steal,” as a former colleague once put it. However, working in the business for 7 years taught me priceless lessons that I’m using to become a more profitable trader, a better teacher and a publisher of accurate content about how penny stocks really work.

2. What’s the best lesson/s you’ve learned through your business/stock market experiences?

Information is only valuable if it’s kept in the hands of a small # of people. Once information finds its way to the masses then it’s useless. As a close friend of mine always says: “what’s the value of knowing something, if everybody already knows?”

Do not give information away for free. As LX21 said at #PSC2011: “we’re all competing against each other for a finite amount of money.” Giving away quality information for free hurts your bottom line as a trader. (TIM note: Good thing so few people even bother watching my 7 free video lessons due to laziness)

3. What is the single greatest opportunity right now for people to profit from?

If I knew the answer to that question and had a very high degree of certainty – I’d make you pay for it. There’s no such thing as a free lunch and if somebody volunteers to tell you about the “single greatest opportunity” to profit from then you should run for the hills.

One opportunity that may be very lucrative is to invest into your own education and obtain all the necessary financial licenses to work for a market maker (or start-up your own). Stay at the firm long enough so you can trade your own account, learn my trading strategy & Tim’s strategy in & out and then make money by trading pump & dumps from the long side (w/ super fast order executions) and from the short side (w/o having to sing “no borrow, no cry.”

Here are 2 slides from PrePromo Alerts masterful and honest presentation…be sure to Register Now and grab one of the last 3 seats if you want in!

PrePromo Presentation

PrePromo Presentation

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