The Justin Bieber Penny Stock Saga Continues: Business Insider & Frontpage MSN Money, The Company Just Discovered Their President Is Convicted Felon! - Timothy Sykes

The Justin Bieber Penny Stock Saga Continues: Business Insider & Frontpage MSN Money, The Company Just Discovered Their President Is Convicted Felon!

I can’t even make this stuff up…roughly a week after I exposed Options Media Group Holdings, Inc. (OPMG) for the near penniless wannabe company it is and how pop singer Justin Bieber, for no rational reason and all basic due diligence aside, signed a deal to own 16% of the Weekend-At-Bernie’s-like carcass of a company, new developments have caused this to become frontpage MSN Money material…the gossip sites probly aren’t far behind (although until now Bieber’s track record has been spotless so I’m sure they’re not too thrilled to expose the ugly facts here)

MSN Money Homepage - Spot The Bieber

MSN Money Homepage - Spot The Bieber

These new MSN Money article and Business Insider articles basically highlight my blog post and a new, perhaps more important blog post from a Palm Beach newspaper that did more digging than I did and discovered the creator of this no-texting-while-driving-app is a convicted felon! And he’s not the greatest at being interviewed either:

As they write:

But the Pulp has learned that the company Bieber partnered with doesn’t share his rosy public persona. The man who created the software has a criminal record that includes being part of a stolen-car ring, according to documents. And analysts have questioned the finances of Options Media, which had almost no money in the bank and a reported $10 million in losses.

Anthony Sasso, creator of PhoneGuard, said his racketeering conviction is in the past, and he downplayed his role in the car-theft ring. “I’m a convicted felon,” he said from the company’s Boca office. “What else?”

Sasso said he owned a home and car audio installation company in 2004 and was approached by a former customer who needed a bill of sale from a past purchase after his car had been stolen. “All of a sudden, the feds swoop in and say I’m part of this ring,” Sasso said.

That account differs from the one told by a task force of investigators from around South Florida and the state of Indiana. Investigators who worked on “Operation Money Car” claim Sasso was part of a conspiracy to sell stolen and “insurance give-up” cars on used-car lots using bogus vehicle identification numbers and forged documents.

Sasso says his limited involvement in the case meant he was given just two years’ probation while the others convicted in the deal received jail time. The detailed court records were not available from the Broward County courthouse.

As of Monday, Sasso was listed in PhoneGuard’s annual report as the company’s president, and a man who answered the phone at the company and identified himself as a spokesman confirmed that.

However, when Options Media CEO Scott Frohman learned from the Pulp on Monday about Sasso’s criminal record, he said he asked Sasso to resign. Sasso will also no longer have voting rights as a stockholder and will have no relationship with the company, Frohman said.

To Eric Barton, the author of that fine investigative blog post I say good work…I shoulda woulda coulda caught this hugely important piece of information as after all this company is based in Boca which is basically the Vancouver of America in terms of questionable companies. But to my credit, the company didn’t even know about the conviction as you can read OPMG’s CEO was just informed…allegedly…by the newspaper.

OK, so OPMG is even more questionable now, big surprise, right?

Well, here’s where it gets even more interesting…EXACTLY as I said I would in my initial research post (yup, read the last 2 paragraphs), I actually bought the technical breakout in OPMG above .045 as I wrote in my trade alert to subscribers of my 4 newsletters:

TIMalert: bought 200k OPMG on the breakout at .048, risking roughly $10k, goal is to make $5-10k on Bieber hype, conference call on Wednesday, message board idiots should hype this nicely into that event

Yes, yes, I buy bad companies (remember I made my first million BUYING technical breakouts) just as I short them and as I wrote I would NEVER short a 4 cent stock…unfortunately I was long overnight when this felony article came out premarket around 6:25am EST, but nobody really saw this random blog post until this article of their hit the newswires at 9:37am EST and people began forwarding it to me at roughly 10:30am est.

By that time, the breakout had failed and I had exited for small profits, doing these multiple video lessons explaining why I exited the stock.

For the first 20 minutes of the market open today I actually gave it some time to breakout — blissfully unaware of the felony article — and made $880…and when people began forwarding me this new felony article, guess what, I warned my subscribers as I knew many of them don’t like playing it safe and exiting as quick as I do.

$880profitOPMGLong Stock
Bought the breakout, stock hurt by newspaper felony expose

Posted by timothysykes /

Several subscribers also profited from the near perfect technical breakout

$200profitOPMGLong Stock
ran into a wall at .055

Posted by Juanmr /

$445profitOPMGLong Stock
Took profits, looking for reentry later in the day.

Posted by Jo_Cardin /

$285profitOPMGLong Stock
Caught the breakout with IB alert didn’t commit quickly enough. Sold into spike

Posted by Magsvt76 /

…but apparently a few subscribers of my 4 newsletters and tons of message board idiots/promoters began blaming me for the felony expose and OPMG’s dropping price late in the day today.

After all, I was the one who exposed OPMG’s near-cashless situation in the first place and I was quoted in this new article, so I had something to do with what happened today, right?


No different from the Spongetech Delivery Systems, Inc. (SPNGQ) pump, my initial blog posts were quoted in followup articles by the NY Post when they did their deep investigative reporting on the company and discovered fake lawyers and that 99% of sales were fake too…SpongeTech tried suing The NY Post and me arguing that we collaborated on a “short & distort scheme”, but they never served me, insiders just plead guilty and I had never been in contact with The NY Post during their research…they simply quoted my blog…just like this Florida blog, MSN and Business Insider have now done…the last memory of SpongeTech is this hilarious video I highlighted the other day

Same here, I have NEVER talked with this FL newspaper blogger nor had any idea he was writing a story that would unearth such revelations…anyone who thinks or says that I did something to screw over my subscribers will be met with the harshness of my immature rebuttals to such nonsense.


Wanna see what I’m talking about, check out this email:

You ruined me. I had a big majority of my savings invested in OPMG, and I lost a big chunk of it. I wasn’t looking to get rich on the stock, I only wanted to make just enough money to buy my girlfriend an engagement ring. Instead, I ended up losing what I have worked so hard for. It will probably take me years to make this money back. I guess I better forget about marrying the woman I love.
Yes, I learned a valuable lesson. Unfortunately, it ruined me.
Thanks, I hope your article was worth it.

This was my reply:

Sorry but you and your ignorance ruined you…I wrote my article 6 days ago…you had plenty of time to digest it and actually sell for a profit…ignoring my warning cost you, good lesson, you’re welcome for trying to educate you, sorry you didnt listen


PS I’m not the one who discovered the felony relationship today, go take your ignorance somewhere else

You wanna blame me for OPMG’s 24% drop today when I was long heading into today? Sure, go ahead…enjoy your delusions.

But don’t you dare claim I would purposely put out new negative information when I am betting on a higher stock price.

Don’t you dare claim I “pay other bloggers to bash” (I have never nor will I ever pay someone to “bash”…I write ALL my own research posts and I work on them so hard, I’ve gained nearly 50 lbs. the past few months so show some appreciation rather than this ingratitude)

Don’t you dare claim I wrote my research report to expose a pump before it had a chance to spike (when I see an injustice I feel compelled to report it ASAP)

To everyone, non-subscribers and subscribers of my 4 newsletters alike, you’re welcome for my honesty, education and transparency…the penny stock market is filled with so many liars and thieves, it’s amazing that my business model of brutal honesty is so revolutionary. The people who inhabit this gutter of the stock market make me want to short sell the human race. Very sad.

What do I think about OPMG now? Well, if you study my instructional DVD packages, you know EXACTLY what I think about stocks that fail to breakout. Kiss it:

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  1. guitartattooman

    Looks like you were ahead of the curve on this one, Sykes!  It’s still amazing how the technical chart action eventually tells the truth anyway.  Good Due Diligence is sort of like a pre-chart.  I am now saved.  Baptized in the blood bath the stock market often dips us in.  And shame on me for not liking you before all this crap flopped out!


  2. Stevie Wonderful

    Hey Tim,

    What do you make of the 10Q as you have not mentioned that anywhere which gives me the impression you want this to tank.

    From the 10Q:

    “As of May 23, 2011, we had approximately $750,000 in available cash and $427,000 in accounts receivable. ” [pg 15] “We delivered approximately $350,000 of DriveSafe on March 31, 2011 to a distributor and have received $190,000.  We expect to receive the remaining balance due of $160,000 on or before June”

  3. Blastedleezy

    LOL the moron keeps promoting his service, while not answering the question. Why haven’t you used the updated financials, douche?

  4. Sell1cell

    Oh god Scott please admit to your company being a scam.. Your a Nevada Corp, you had a media company that was a scam also. Anthony Sasso formed a corp cellular spyware then got a license agreement from netqin and then formed a corp Phoneguard. and merged with you. you don’t develop any software and your reselling a product  trying to raise some money to keep in your pockets.. come on look at the salary’s you where paying out.. Please get a life.. its one scam to another.. lead company to a penny stock company. i was on the conference call and your trying to sell something thats not there.. all that money for what.. just develop a app that will do what your buying now and reselling.. there is a app coming out for all platforms that does the stoping of text and time-out sessions..  and its priced less than yours and a private company….   

  5. Sean

    You said about 50 different loans since last two years..LIE…YOU JUST PULL STUFF OUT OF YOUR ASS AND POST…OPMG Is the EXCLUSIVE distributer of PhoneGuard in N. America…And S. America… Why don’t u stop bashing…and yea right all of the sudden all this bloggers qoute you …one day you get caught…Jail should teach you a lesson….

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  7. mono

    Remind that guy he should only invest money he can lose. Also don’t waste you money in weding rings.

  8. Anthony

    Timothy … heres a question for you, how does options media trade on the stock market and now look to change name the ticker from ompg to pg  for a corporation that is owned by Anthony Sasso (phoneguard, phoneguard1 and cellular spy ware Inc or CSI ) they say he resigned and its a product they didnt even develope they are licensed resellers for it.. and forget about what the companys loss/profits are.  i have been watching the company since december and just cant figure it out but i do have a good idea.


    heres a funny thing i did a search on where to buy the product in a retail store as they say they have all over and i called 3 of them and they dont have it or heard of it… HMMMMM

  10. gexxer72

    I love the fact that so many of your posters are borderline illiterate. There are so many grammatical and spelling errors on this page it would make a 3rd grade teachers head explode. 

    You’re lying with the pigs Timmy.

  11. Joe Lund

    That’s harsh.. too harsh… Timmy has his beliefs and, regardless of if he is correct or not, posts like this are going to turn the vast majority against OPMG. 

    Let Timmy do what he does. He cannot single handedly bring down a company with his remarks, true or not. He can only expose a company for fraudulent behavior, and if that company is in deed a scam then odds are he will have a strong role in bringing it down. OPMG is holding strong to this point and will hopefully do well after the product launch 6/6. 

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