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The Illegal Stock Message Board on That Will Be Shutdown By The SEC

It’s amazing that the SEC doesn’t pay me a salary for doing their work. Or Maybe its iHub that should be paying me to expose these morons? Someone should be paying me, not just TIMalert subscribers who I help enough!

The message board you are about to read is the very definition of market manipulation…it’ll make you laugh and cry and probly help inspire you to retweet this post around the interweb so we can shut down these criminals and make the world a better place for those of us who are honest:

Exhibit A: One Play A Day Message Board on iHub

The MORONIC group moderators, who will surely end up in jail or face prosecution or pay heavy fines, who cares what happens to these guys, in a market niche full of retards, these guys take top prize, actually ORGANIZE the message board to do “group buying”.

Look at that posts like this where they actually take surveys of who is going to do te coordinated buying (uhhhh guys, this is market manipulation and every new post is just more evidence against you):


Follow the link below to go answer our newest Survey. Answer YES if you plan to buy in with us on Monday. Answer NO if you plan on sitting this one out.

**We are determined and will find a stock that can get many more of our members in at or near the bottom, and take a more normal steady run up… We need a run that will be slower and steady allowing others outside our board to also feel they are getting in at a fair entry price… which will only make it better for everyone involved here and outside our Team.

It just keeps getting worse:

WE NEED TO FINALIZE Tomorrow’s BUYING TEAM Survey so if those of you who haven’t answered yet, could go answer the survey, we can get our Pick of the Day narrowed down to 4 picks. So far, we have had 235 answer the survey, and we have 182 choosing to buy our Pick of the Day tomorrow. Thanks in advance.





Mind you these are just a few posts out of thousands of damning evidence…and I wouldn’t post about these idiots if they actually bought any stock worth shorting, but they play sub-penny stocks, so they serve no purpose and must be stopped before they lose more of my future instructional DVD buyers’ money (that’s right, I teach suckers, no higher calling than making the stupid wise)

Here’s the guilty:

UPDATES Starting tomorrow we will start to work with .00X stock choices as our first attempt to slow down the buying pressure to a normal speed since you will not be buying so much of it since it is not a trip 0 stock that you would be buying millions of.

The second thing we are going to do will start Monday and that is we will be adding an additional day to the week to help spread out the buying power over a three days and make it a little easier to get in at the lower price points and have the PPS go up at a slower speed. The days will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday. We will tweek this if needed.

Our original concept was to have one a day and then realized that we did not have enough buying pressure, so we consolidated it to one and then 2 days. Now we have a lot of buying pressure and not everyone can get in and when the made rush decides to dump at the first resistance point it is so big that it frightens everyone to buy back in at the dip to move it forward again like it should be done.

IMPORTANT – Always remember to give yourself and entry point at the beginning and if it passes you then wait for the pullback and buy at the dip to move it up for the next leg.

Spreading out the buying power to 3 days and making the stock choices .00x should be a good start at getting us back to normal trading like we did in the beginning.

Now please keep in mind that we are making every effort to get this under control and will be a work in progress. As said before by many others, this is a great idea that has some kinks to work out and we feel this a great step in the right direction so please be patient with the board please.

Thanks for being a part of the board and all your input. It is all greatly appreciated.

Have a great day and happy trading.

Thanks to Ry5577 on for linking to these Neanderthals who make penny stocks look bad.

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