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The Hottest Stocks To Watch Tomorrow

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Yesterday was a $600 profit day (no trades for me) for subscribers and I:

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TOR Minerals Int’l, Inc. (TORM) and RiT Technologies Ltd. (RITT) will both likely get crushed tomorrow as TORM is already down 15% after weak earnings and traders should run from other Superman picks…both are potential shorts as the reality of news pokes the hole in the bubble of these carcass low floaters…go job by Superman, but now reality sets in, tough to find shares to short though.

Vermillion, Inc. (VRML) reported so-so earnings and the stock was choppy around the unchanged mark all day…no big new, no big volume, no thanks…reminds me of LQMT’s lackluster earnings, off the watchlist tomorrow!

Zagg Inc (ZAGG) had no reaction to its earnings and now the shorts are really ripping on the company for their questionable dealings, see the latest article. The stock got hit as it looks like some profit taking and the newfound risks that are being exposed…I sent out a potential short alert to PennyStocking Silver subscribers at 7.90ish, but I didn’t short because the pattern wasn’t ideal…given its drop to 7.10ish, perhaps I shoulda been more aggressive…no play now.

Asia Entertainment & Resources Ltd (AERL) was choppy all over the 10s and low 11s, finishing around the midpoint for the day…volume dropped noticeably and I’m not sure it has the juice left to really breakout without further positive news which I’m sure they’ll issue soon…no play on the pattern and Superman’s credibility as an earnings-based stockpicker has been hurt with TORM…I’m still longterm negative here due to the overwhelming sketchiness of their business but until price action improves, I sit on the sidelines.

Aastrom Biosciences, Inc. (ASTM) kept squeezing shorts higher as despite its pattern, the upcoming news and fact that there are far too many short sellers in this right now both contributed to this stock surging against everyone’s wishes….no play until we see the news.

Amerilithium Corp. (AMEL) I tried shorting at .54 and .53 right near the open, due to a lack of gap up, but my IB website somehow locked up…no idea what happened, but I didn’t get executed and missed out on the solid morning panic to .42…potential short still, but as I wrote yesterday, there’s not much downside given the low price.

Titan Medical Inc. (TMD) and (TITXF) I take my eye off this for two days and it spikes over $2 without me…that’s what I get for taking my eye off the ball…potential buy as this could really keep going, especially if it can breakout past former highs at $2.50 although volume will have to pick up or else it risks a double top.

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