The Dumbest Person In All Of Finance Jim van Meerten Strikes Again! - Timothy Sykes

The Dumbest Person In All Of Finance Jim van Meerten Strikes Again!

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Remember good ole Jim “The Dumbest Person in Finance” van Meerten? (I laid out the facts and you guys overwhelmingly voted this title to stick)

After recommending NXT Nurtrionals Holdings Inc. (NXTH) and Clear-Lite Holdings Inc. (CLRH) as buys just days before each collapsed 50%+, and perfectly exemplifying penny stock ignorance by admitting he neither read their SEC filings nor realized they had the same CFO/IR firm, he’s back with a new article on The Motley Fool, mocking TIMalert subscribers and ripping on Helios & Matheson North America Inc. (HMNA) saying:

Financial Tides posts JimAlerts when we notice penny stocks that are having wild and unexplained price fluctuations and increased volume in short sales. These are stocks to avoid. Sometimes the price instability is caused by professional penny stock speculators or the many subscribers of penny stock newsletters who are all trying to jump on board a very thinly traded stock at the same time. These people are morons and don’t always play by the rules so avoid JimAlert stocks.

Helios & Matheson NA — HMNA has fluctuated from .69 to 4.05 in this month alone. As I’m writing this there were 81,523 shares traded against 61,564 shares shorted.

Timothy Sykes has shorted this stock on several occasions and his followers may be responsible for the increase in trading activity.

Jim Van Meerten is a retired Certified Internal Auditor, Supervisory Principal and Securities Compliance Officer who warns investors of the pitfalls of the stock market on Financial Tides. Please leave a comment below or email

Disclosure : I do not hold a position in HMNA and neither should you.

I’m guessing The Motley Fool will delete this gibberish, as it’s even beneath their usual “The Next Million Dollar Penny Stock” spam, but while it’s up, I gotta comment because Jim van Meerten helps you understand the kind of incompetence out there…once again. (I have a feeling this won’t be the last time)

Because even though I sent this poor lost soul a free copy of PennyStocking Part Deux, which outlines this EXACT chart pattern, Jim still thinks that my TIMalert subscribers and PennyStocking Silver subscribers are responsible for such rises and falls as we somehow “don’t platy by the rules” (Jim, the volume was already a million shares when the stock even popped up on my radar screen…I look for actively traded penny stocks, I don’t create them…the stock would’ve dropped with or without me…the same as several hundreds of these plays when I do miss them or can’t find shares to short)….mistakenly mocking “price instability” instead of viewing it as I do, an outstanding trading opportunity, he somehow cannot understand that stocks like HMNA should not be avoided…as StockTwits (I’m an investor but I am banneddddd due to the ugly stocks I trade and my over-the-top braggining about how I am #1 out of 45,000+ traders on Covestor and it’s disgusting that all these “traders” on twitter and all over the internet are so cowardly, fraudulent or sucky they refuse to verify their trades….yeahhhh suck on that you freaks!) chief-censorer Phil Pearlman would have you believe (a few weeks ago, he bragged about how StockTwits had blocked all the penny stock pumpers…I replied it was their readers’ loss as penny stock spam is so blatant and easy to understand that if the promoters do lure in enough suckers, there is no better setup in the entire stock market than to short directly into such manipulated fluff…blocking such “gimme” opportunities in favor of absolute gambling junk like FAZ, FAS reeks of trading ignorance)…this “price instability” is a gift from the stock market Gods and should be profited on time and again….because as my instructional DVD packages preach and show and my 11+ years of ridiculously successful trading proves, these patterns are PREDICTABLE!

It’s especially humorous coming from Jim given that the stock promoters behind NXTH actually used Jim van Meerten’s name and quoted his original Motley Fool article in their promotional mailer, which also mentioned such hyperboles like “worst case scenario you’ll double your investment”…Jim, you still refuse to answer my question–did those stock promoters ask you for your approval before mailing out thousands of those mailers? After all, the other guys they quoted have ties to stock promoters (Dan Dorfman) and have SEC checkered pasts and have been compensated (Charles Payne got paid a few grand & remember his firm was fined $400,000+ by the SEC for penny stock promotion a few years back and Shaquille O’Neal who got millions of shares and has already been the spokesperson for one $100 million fraud called Zinetix a few years back)…if not, why are you mocking the one guy who EXPOSED the mailer, shouldn’t you be going after the promoters for including you in such a questionable mailer? I know if stock promoters ever put my name on such lawsuit bait, I’d flip my lid (Jim van Meerten also encouraged message boards to complain to the SEC about me…I say bring it, my one trade where TIMalert subscribers and I made $22,000+ on that stock was perfectly disclosed and all I did was show off that mailer and quote from the company’s horrific SEC filings…Jim, inviting the SEC to investigate a stock on which your name is front and center on the promotional mailer, well, at first I thought you were corrupt, but I gotta say you’re just the dumbest guy in all of finance….generations of people will likely mock your name for all time as it will become synonymous with the word “moron” and sayings will come about like “I just fell on my head, I pulled a van Meerten!”

Jim & Phil, TIMalert subscribers and PennyStocking Silver subscribers profited VERY nicely from the HMNA pump…we have no idea what caused the runup (I speculated on last week’s LiveStock there is some firm out there approaching these companies that need to raise cash and get NASDAQ delisting notices, promising to get their stock’s higher), but we will GLADLY PROFIT FROM SHORT SELLING SUCH BS.

And I personally profited nearly $5,000 even while I totally mistimed my entry…shorting at $3.02 and $2.80, totally blowing the $4 top…and mistimed my exit…covering at $2.52 and $2.21…totally covering two days too early from the $1.50 TIMalert subscribers and PennyStocking subscribers below profited far more

And the people listed below THANK GOD each and every day they have someone like me and my instructional DVD packages (which are 25% off until Wednesday to encourage the spread of quality information rather than biased ignorance from those who don’t understand how to turn a few thousand into a few million…remember, I’ve done this once before, for some reason neither Jim van Meerten nor Phil Pearlman are willing to share their trading track records…burnnnnnnn)

I mean look at the chart, it’s a friggin gimme of a short:


…especially since the stock, as I posted, spiked 200%+ just one day after getting a NASDAQ delisting notice! Ignoring or blocking such gimmes is an embarrassment to all who possess any trading intelligence (akin to ignoring three or four hundred dollar bills that can somehow talk and are saying “pick me up, no strings attached, it’s really that easy sometimes when you live in a city full of blind people”) (weird analogy but who cares, my trading strategy rocks and I will crush anybody who tries to put it down because the facts, statistics and actual trader profits dominate all narrow-minded assumption-makers).

TIMalert subscribers profits of $7,000+ and probly some losers lost but they didn’t post their gains/losses (c’mon guys, be honest for once and post all the time!)…and some people probly made more but they didn’t post in fear of me raising prices on the amazing deal that is TIMalerts for only $50/month:

shorted and my 2.40 buy to cover completed… easy $1200…

+580 on HMNA, txs – Oleg

Covered HMNA this morning as I didn’t feel comfortable with it. +62 
I then went long from 2.06 to 2.90 for +1680

shorted $1k HMNA @ $2.82 –> $216 profit before commissions

+$244 on 400 HMNA short from 2.75 to 2.14 (22%!)

Covered 500 HMNA held overnight from yesterday @1.72, overall $1250 profit on two trades of $2.5k

+$660.40 on HMNA this time … started shorting right before Timmy but enlarged my position when I got my TIMalert.

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  1. Jackalo-alo

    I heard the podcast. The guy (JVM) sounds fishy, no shit. Especially about those 2 stock promotions where his name appear. (no real answers from him, so…WTF?)
    JVM, you probably have enough dough to retire nicely in a beachfront condo in Fort Walton Beach or Panama City. Please, leave the dark side alone…You probably don’t need that new Mercedes Benz anyway, right?

  2. Jim Van Meerten

    My auto is an A4 cabriolet not a Benz and I prefer the gated seclusion of Wild Dunes on the Isle of Palms to the beer and football jersey flop house on the red neck Riveria.

    And by the way — Little Timmy has always know I don’t take a dime from anyone to promote stocks

  3. Anonymous

    Jim, now that you’re here, answer the dan question–why are you attacking me and not the promoters who used your name and article in a very suspcious mailer? Did they contact you ahead of time and get your permission? You know that by encouraging the SEC to investigate, it’s gonna be you who comes under fire, not me–my one short was fully disclosed and I exposed not collaborated on the hyperbolic promotional mailer that created the runup…twice

  4. Anonymous

    Ye again Jim van Meerten refuses to answer a simple question–why attack the guy exposing the junk instead of going after the people who associated you with such a scandalous mailer? Are you kidding me Jim–have you not watched the DVD I sent you…I expect a detailed review and make it honest…you can’t accuse me of fraud, substance abuse, lying, and manipulation and ignore my time tested strategy when I send you evidence of your err in judgment

  5. Jim Van Meerten

    Timmy, Timmy what you are doing is not being a spin doctor but just a out right liar. I’m not attacking you, I’m defending against your lies about me. I never gave permission for my name to be used and I never accepted any money for my articles on NXTH or CLHR and you have known that from the beginning but continue your attacks.

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks for finally answering, only took you 2 weeks!…so the question remains, why are you going after the guy exposing the promotional mailer and not attacking those who put your name on such a scandalous piece of advertising? If the SEc investigates, its people like you that go down, you’re on the mailer, not me

  7. Anonymous

    It’s particularly funny that you say you’re not attacking me, but you have encouraged NXTH shareholders to complain to the SEC about me, called me a liar, say that I have a substance abusa problem and that I manipulate penny stocks. FYI JIm that is attacking me

  8. JIm Van Meertren

    I’ve looked all over the internet and Shaq and the other people you call promoters have never said one unkind word about me, so there is no need for me to “go after them”. Only you and the Seven Dwarfs have made negative comments about me. There is only one promoter I can see and that is a promoter of hopes and dreams that can’t come true. You say your tapes are for “entertainment”… The people who spent their hard earned money on the tapes are the ones I feel sorry for.

  9. Anonymous

    Jim, of course the promoters will never say anything unkind, they get paid to be nice and sugarcoat…only thing not nice is what happens tot hose who listen to them…see NXTH and CLRH today…CLRH was pumped from 1 to 1.75 and then fell to 25 cents in 4 days from the very same promoters who pumped it the first time…

    you say my dvds are for entertainment, please post a full review on your blog, i’m curious to see why u think this considering it would have saved u from making your 2 disastrous calls and losing hundreds of people money.

    my “tapes” save people their hard earned money…give your comment, i gotta believe you’re in bed with these promoters somehow, nobody, not even u, can be this stupid, the facts are staring u in the face, it’s amazing/impossible you fail to recognize them

  10. Anonymous

    With all due respect, I spent some of my hard-earned money on a couple of Tim Sykes DVDs. Please do not feel sorry for me, as I have learned a lot from Tim’s strategy. Enough that my acct is up 38% in 2010, and I just began trading last November. That’s reality, not hopes and dreams.

  11. Anonymous

    PS it’s not what the promoters say that should make you go after the, its the fact that they made you an accomplice in a very questionable promotional mailer sent out just days before the stock collapsed…go look up the term pump and dump and report back, yes Jim, you might have to learn not to be so unbelievably stupid

  12. maxshocker

    TIm i would’nt bother with him, he’s just playing stupid, pretending not to understand, it’s obvious he had something to do with CLRH & NXTH pumps, he won’t say anything bad towards the promoters, its does’nt bother him they used him name because he’s affiliated with them and made money off those trades on promoting or trading those stocks, he does’nt care about taking peoples money,

    he’s only surprised that someone realised his little scam, so he’s trying to blame someone else to make him feel better, wake up Jim were not in the 70s – 80s anymore scamming people and getting away with it does’nt work as easily our days, the internet has a great community of catching those SOB’s PROMOTERS.

    please stop pretending to be stupid unless your really that stupid or you maybe have alzeimers ?

  13. Jim Van Meerten

    There we go again Tim makes a post on the internet and almost immediately one of the Seven Dwarfs backs him up. Are the Seven Dwarfs real or just other names Tim posts under?????

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