The Details On This Latest $80 Million Pump & Dump Whose CEO Lost His Medical License! - Timothy Sykes

The Details On This Latest $80 Million Pump & Dump Whose CEO Lost His Medical License!

UPDATE: This pump turned into a dump 5 minutes before I posted this article on, seriously I can’t make this stuff up, look at the chart, this is how these things end (which is why I get to the party a little early), anyway just to be safe, I’ve covered my 4000 shares at $3.20 for a $2,500 gain, TIMalert subscribers have made $20,000 so far…I may re-short later today, but after being down a bit, this profit feells goooood, meaning I’m up something like $10,000 this week šŸ™‚

LiveStock is today 1-2PM EST, tune in HERE and learn about this!

Less than a week after one of the greatest pump & dumps of all-time in Genova Biotherapeutics, Inc. (GVBP), we have yet another one in Emergent Health Corp (EMGE).

As I told TIMalert subscribers early this morning (yup, the stock’s falling as I write this meaning it’s probly too late to find shares to short or to act on this, gotta signup to TIMalerts to get real-time trade alerts!:

Reminder, LiveStock is 1-2PM EST, tune in here, we’ll def. be talking about this on…Shorted 4000 EMGE near market open at 3.88…could be a bit early, but not risking missing this…shares available at Thinkorswim all morning long…(I’m telling you available shares to short go back and forth between Thinkorswim & Interactive Brokers all the time) Rarely do we get blatant pump & dumps in the magnitude of GVBP, but EMGE tops it not because the $ volume is that great, only about $10 million worth/day, but because the stock price is higher so I think I can make $1+/share within the next few hours/days as the constant hyping from penny stock promoters subsides and the facts are revealed. As per, the promoters ending millions of emails and posting thousands of message board posts have been paid substantially:

WILD BILL $100,000.00
Penny stock Perfection $150,000 cash
Wise Alerts $25,000 for a one week program on EMGE

At current prices, this is a $75+ million company that makes $20,000 every six months on revenues of $90,000ish, unaudited, as told to us by the company’s president, treasurer and CFO John V. Cappello in this SEC filing whose formatting looks like that of Microsoft Word (not typical lawyer formatting, probly because this is a one man operation and he make $20,000 every six months by not using any lawyers!)

John V. Cappello wants us to believe they have magic vitamins that could lead to $20million in profits, as he envisions" in this outlandish press release, despite sales of not even $100,000. John V. Cappello also lost his license to practice osteopathic medicine in EMGE’s home state of PA because he had disciplinary action taken against him…read it in this easy to find PDF when you Google his name.

But most importantly, i short this stock because due to all the stock promotion, its runup 3 days in a row from $1 to $4ish and most pumps start failing right about now, potential 50%-GVBP-type collapses intraday or in the coming days…supreme risk-reward shorting up here, my goal is to make $1+, possibly even $2+ on my short

To be sure, I was early…I got waaaay too excited with how shady this now $85 million company with $90,000 in revenue and $20,000 in profits is, especially when they distribute PRs saying their revenue has doubled (to $180,000?!?!?!) and that means “Continued progress is anticipated and based upon it reaching the $100,000,000 sales mark at some point in the future, plus maintaining its current profit margin, profits of up to $20,000,000 could be achievable with appropriate capital and market penetration.”

EMGE’s “revolutionary” 2+ year old patent talks a lot about the health benefits of algae:

A broad spectrum functional food formulation based on blue-green algae and concentrated extracts of blue-green algae provides numerous health benefits when orally administered in therapeutically effective amounts. Whole aphanizomenon flos-aqua is combined with concentrates of phycocyanin and phenylethylamine to provide a life-enhancing dietary supplement which can stimulate stem cell production, elevate mood and reduce inflammation and joint pain.

But as anybody whose researched this sketchy space knows there have been tons of pyramid schemes in the past claiming the very same thing. Unfortunately, scientific and academic studies don’t concur with John V. Cappello’s medical thesis (not surprising considering he lost his medical license!):

Algae products contain no nutrients that are not readily available from food or ordinary dietary supplements that cost much less. Studies performed in countries where malnutrition is common have shown that administering spirulina (as food or tablets) can correct deficiencies of the few nutrients that spirulina contains. However, the commercially marketed algae products have no proven value for treating obesity or other human health problem, and some may contain potent toxins.

I could go on and on, but why, you can see from the stock chart that this is a blatant pump & dump and if you learned the lessons in my PennyStocking instructional DVD package, you’d be banking alongside me šŸ™‚

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  1. Mike

    So you didn't cover your short when the stock broke above $4 today after the open? That seems unlike your trading style. The stock rose and rose until 30 minutes ago and dropping a dollar from its high of 4.50…What did you cover at and what time?

  2. Chak

    why u dont send tim alerts for free, to short the stock? u r giving this blog so late…… i knew the time EMGE went up , seeing their crappy site, tat it a fake. so did not know what short is and when to short and how to short. If you would have thrown some light, we would have made some profit. Please post your comments in google discussions under the stock symbol

  3. timothysykes

    Chak because I'm not a stock promoter who gets paid by crappy companies, my business iis subscription-based, thats how i earn a living…if u want realtime trade alerts subscribe to

    if u wanna find out about ti after the fact, then just read my free site, your choice, as u can see by this 30% drop, realtime trade alerts can pay for themselves many times over in 1 trade

  4. timothysykes

    yah i got in too early, just too ecited about how scammy this company is…but since i did my research, i held and covered intot he dump, not great timing on my entry or exit, just solid 20% predictable profits, along with timalert subscribers earning $20,000+ so far

  5. Doctor feeeeeeeeeeeel good

    tIMMY, HVAE YOU SEEN THIS cOMPANYS wEBSITE? what a garbage a Pinksheet market cap of almost a billion at its high? WHY are people so dumb?
    the company and its pump's washtraded this POS huge to get it up. it does have the force though. More wash trading going on, Fidelity has shares :}

  6. Chak

    So all this websites ,pennysleuths,myer's stock advisory (who is recommending LVCA), and whole bunch of them get paid 100k plus by this bogus companies, with x-felon, x-convict CEO's to send out free emails to innocent investors to invest and inflate the stock. And You (TIM alerts) find out about this bogus CEO's and advise your paid members to short it? When does this cycle of Deceit end? what are FED's doing about this?

  7. Joe

    Perhaps you should be prepared for a lawsuit, as the action you
    mention against Dr. Cappello was vacated by The Pennsylvania
    Medical Board in 2007. Secondly, you refer to it as a pyramid scheme
    and it is not MLM and sold via Health Food Stores and Doctors. You also
    do not realize the potential of increasing adult stemm cells
    with much in the literature about botanicals. You also do not mention the topical Botox patent allowed. People buying back their short
    positions are only creating more shorts. There are only 1,640,000
    shares in the float. Good luck!

  8. doorboss

    Hey Tim-
    I think the WSJ, or NY Times would have fun w/this. Someone should notify their business editor w/details….Better yet, Tim you should pitch them on writing a weekly blog for them online and/or print version, expousing your daily findings /wscam OTCBB issues. May have to be “scrubbed” a bit, but the implications for you business would be incredible!!

  9. Joe

    Sorry Tim, it is in hard copy and it was faxed to me.. It is being sent to shareholders
    upon request. But you are not one I understand. LOL
    I am sure Emergent lawyers will have it, and you could hear from them!
    Maybe a retraction would help out…LOL

  10. timothysykes

    either show proof or be presumed to be lying like everyone invlved in this pump & dumps…i'd love to hear from emergent, i havent gotten any complaint about my post yet so it stands as is…even if your CEO was reinstated, this stock is up only due to stock promotion, bring the SEc into this i dare ya, i guarantee it'll end up halted just like GVBP. sucker.

  11. ev4z

    ” the vast majority of TIMalert subscribers are just poor dumb degenerates” jeez i know you hate when people don’t short BLATENT… pump and dumps but come on at least they joined keep teaching it’ll get through eventually.

  12. johnjcritt

    Im a subscriber and this is the first time i've read any of these retarded posts… Tim thank you… Remembering patterns and I love the fact you prove a company is a scam, just before they tank… I switch to Think or Swim because they let you short stocks and because you recommend them, as well as you converted 12k into 25k which is my currently goal, cept im at 6k.

  13. Anonymous

    timmy, you are an SEC secret agent. haaaa haaa
    these are totally un-real and i hope they fry!!!!!sizzzzzzzzzel

  14. timothysykes

    i have received no complaints nor any evidence to correct my post…everyone says the CEO got his license back but nobody seems willing to prove it with any documentation or any links, like i provided…SEC halt means I'm probly right, but again, just contact me for any corrections, i have no problem changing anything if u show me proof!

  15. geoffreyb

    hey tim i saw you on wall street warriors, i cant wait to finish school and get into the business (ill be buying you dvds)

  16. Gary Crawford

    Wow Timmy your crap is expensive! You should be ashamed of yourself taking advantage of these poor dumb suckers by selling them your worthless garbage.

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