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The Best Penny Stock Brokers For 2013

A few months ago I wrote this post about the best brokers for short selling penny stocks, but as usual the list has changed.

Because as my students know the stock market is a living breathing organism that’s constantly changing so in order to be successful, you can’t just memorize (although these 7 free lessons help tremendously)…you must understand how the market works, the motivation of all the players, the mistakes most people make, the odds and risk/reward of various opportunities, the ability to choose the best ones and then constantly adapt in the pursuit of success.

Then make a ton of $ so you can enjoy a crazy $235,000 car like I do:

This is how my students have now made over $5 million in trading profits, all detailed here, and over a dozen of my trading challenge students have made $100,000+ each in just a few short years since I began teaching.

So here’s a rundown on the best penny stock brokers for the start of 2013:

2. Interactive Brokers has the single worst customer service of any company, financial or otherwise, that I have ever dealt with and if you have any issues with trades, executions or software glitches, expect them to screw you…because they only care about their bigtime hedge fund clients, not about anyone with less than $1 million and certainly not anyone with less than $100,000. I applied to be an affiliate weeks ago and they sent me an email saying they will let me know within the next month. (Conversely, we accept Profitly affiliates same day HERE and we paid out nearly $50,000 last month in affiliate commissions)

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That said, they have great borrows to short sell penny stocks, especially on stocks under $2/share and even stocks under $1/share. Some of my ignorant haters mistakenly believe it’s impossible/illegal to short sell stocks under $1-2/share…nope, IB has been allowing me to do it for years.

3. I’ve also made millions buying penny stocks so you don’t always need to trade through these customer-service-challenged brokers that specialize in finding good borrows…I’ve had an account at Thinkorswim, which is now a part of TD Ameritrade, for years and their customer service is top notch.

4. Speedtrader is another online discount broker I use for my long positions as they are competent and their commissions are extremely low.

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  1. John M

    Keep in mind with Suretrader, they enforce the illiquidity rule – so anyone playing promos, pretty much have to rule them out for day 1 trading

  2. JRH

    SureTrader looks great, but required a bank reference and a second form of id, like a passport, which I don’t have. Which would the best option be for someone starting out that is really at the bottom – dealing with $500 as a starting point?

  3. ValuelessTrader

    JRH, any reason why you cannot get a bank reference? It’s pretty simple. SureTrader isn’t validating references. You can give them your Aunt Millie’s number. Lol. Joking obviously & not encouraging you to lie, but just walk into any bank, most likely easier if you have an account there, and ask them if you can use them as a reference for a new brokerage acct that you are starting. No biggie. That’s what i did. Hope this helps.


  4. Michael Goode

    Save more money. Working an extra 10 hours per week at minimum wage should net you $50 per week, and in only 3 months you would have more than doubled your $500. Obviously more is better.

  5. Blake Richard Bull

    If you can’t supple basic information like that. I doubt the stock market is a good place for you to make money, or even contemplate on making money.

    Sort your life out a little.

    Save up some money that you are comfortable losing. Because, worst case scenario you may lose it all.

  6. Desmund Lighten

    What is the illiquidity rule, and if i do wish to play promos what would be the proper platform ?

  7. Paul Lewallen

    Awesome information Tim! I was wondering about the PDT rule and stressin’ out. I love the car. Thank you Tim!

  8. Paul Lewallen

    Thank you Tim! It’s good to have several options. It’s all new to me so I appreciate the information you provide.

  9. Ami Iverson

    Thanks Tim. I’m looking to open an account with ST soon šŸ™‚ TDAmeritrade is great, but yeah, they don’t let you short sell the OTCs so you are stuck hunting sure bets to go long and get out.

  10. mary borrow

    I think you make a living through affliate commision and training not penny stocks.You talk like an online marketer

  11. B&M Shipping

    I own a business and am interested in selling a share of my company. How would I go about that?

  12. MrDax

    Why are reviews for SureTrader on Investimonials so bad ? People complain there are hidden fees, terrible customer support, hard to wire out money , etc…

  13. Steve

    damn you guys, you are all just jealous from Tim, fuck humans, they don’t like when someone is happy and own what most of you don’t have.. reading your stupid comments make me sick to hell.
    I’m 21 years old, and all I do is work hard and read every single comment from big traders like Tim, to learn from their strategies and their mistakes. and what most of you is doing, posting shitty comments showing their stupidity!
    I hope you guys show him some respect because he worked hard to reach his goal, he wasn’t hanging out every day to have fun and then when he went back home found all the money he has.
    I’m really proud of you Tim, you deserve my respect

  14. Joshua Russell

    so what? you buy thousands of stock in your “pick of the day” then use social networking to tout it as a good buy to your students and then sell all your stock after a ten cent price hike? or what? …. cuz… if thats it then good job… wish i had 12k (im assuming barmitzvah money? lol) and how ever many people to start doing that with šŸ™

  15. Nick

    either he’s a good trader or he is in on the sure trader scam profiting huge from people losing money complaining they can’t get their money back in the states due to bullshit problems

  16. nick

    those are clearly rental tags, dealer tags are white, this guy is a world famous scam artist

  17. Path to the Top

    Your name should be “may i borrow” instead of mary. Just sayin..
    I would hate to be your trading account if that’s all the work you put into research. EEEeeeesh! 99% of people think with their “material side” of their brain. Or the “what can I get” side. The other 1% get rich. Hater…..

  18. Cwestm22

    Tim. Is it possible to trade in 60 sec with pennystocks similar to the binary option way cause I have a statigy but do not want to trade 5$ min.

  19. Anna

    The SureTrader site says “Not Intended for U.S. Persons” — Are we legally allowed to trade with them if we are a “U.S. Person”?

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