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…and also Here’s another birthday gift and here’s my 3rd gift for you in honor of my 36th birthday this past weekend and I HIGHLY suggest you take advantage of them ASAP

I’m a big fan of birthdays, holidays and celebrations of all kinda as you might can probably tell with blog posts such as “My 1st Two Chanukah Gifts For You” and “My 2012 Holiday Gift To Myself

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…and videos like:

…where I surprised the Boys & Girls Club of Miami with some very cool gifts from “Hanukkah Harry”

…and more recent Chanukah gifts to myself like:

But, for my birthday this year everyone asked me what I wanted and I replied with something not too many people were expecting…I’m asking for a very different kind of gift here, the gift of building a school for a 3rd world country community that needs it and nearly 100 of you have already helped me raise $10,000 to make this happen…to the rest of you please watch this and see why I’m doing this:

Long story short, you can only have so many exotic cars, trips and material goods before it gets a bit boring and you look for more meaning in life…and when I pledged to donate millions of dollars here, I changed my priorities in life and its been very gratifying so far…you might say I’ve matured šŸ™‚

My own charity foundation, The Timothy Sykes Foundation, just recently donated $1 million to Pencils of Promise here so this extra $35,000 is just a drop in the bucket, but this school will be not in the name of my charity nor is it The Tim Grittani School or Michael Goode School, as I’m building some schools in their names too!

My first #millionaire student just passed $2 million in #stocktrading profits so I honored his achievement with a school to be built in his name too! The Michael Goode School is being constructed now thanks to the amazing work of @balichildrensproject and will open this summer/fall in #bali #indonesia right around the same time The Tim Grittani School will also open to honor my 2nd millionaire student @timgrittani too! Only like this photo and leave a comment if you promise to be a dedicated student so when you make seven figures my charity will build a school in your honor too! #surprise #dreamjob #proudteacher #givingback #charity #thetimothysykesfoundation #balichildrensproject #ilovemyjob #edjewcation #hebrewschool

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…but in the name of all my social media followers and more so the entire penny stock community, a great and ambitious community that deserves far more respect than it gets!

Please watch this video all the way through and/or read the transcription below for my valued deaf trading challenge students to better understand what I’m asking for here:

Hey Tim Sykes here and it is just a few days after my birthday. Thank you for all the well wishes. A lot of people are asking me what do you want for your birthday. I’m getting gift certificates. I’m getting little gifts from everybody and I appreciate that stuff. But what I really want for my birthday is this, to build a school with Pencils of Promise. So, I donated my birthday to Pencils of Promise. You can see here in just a few hours since I announced this we’ve already raised close to $7000. It takes $35,000 to found a school with Pencils of Promise and they’re gonna build this and operate it in Third World countries. And in case you didn’t know Pencils of Promise is my favorite charity.

I recently just donated a million dollars to them because they do such incredible work. Not just in building schools but also operating them and then trying to get them to operate efficiently and optimize the teaching process. The million dollars is gonna build 20+ schools but also buy a ton of e-readers and tablets that the kids will use to learn better and quicker. But aside from the million dollars and I’ve actually donated I think like $140,000 otherwise too before the million dollars, this school will be different because this will be from you guys specifically, the community.

The penny stock community on Wall Street kind of gets laughed at because we’re trading penny stocks so no one takes Penny stocks seriously. But as I create more and more millionaire students I think more and more people are beginning to take it seriously. Just recently I posted that video of Stephen Dux the 22-year-old who’s now made $900,000 plus in just his first year and that’s gone a little viral with 50,000 views in a week.

So, people are beginning to take it seriously. Once you understand the rules of the game. I’m not saying all these penny stocks are gonna be the next Microsoft but if you learn to use their volatility and take the meat of the move you can make a few hundred dollars, a few thousand dollars, sometimes 10 or 20 or even $50,000 on one trade long and short and it adds up to millions of dollars. So, that’s how my millionaire students and I got to where we’ve gotten in just a few years.

But in the charity world, again this is nothing huge, you know, $35,000 is very small but this can change a community’s entire future. I’ve been visiting a lot of countries. I went to Laos with Pencils of Promise. I went to Guatemala. I still haven’t even posted photos or videos of that. I’m behind on everything. But they have done such a great job at organizing everything. And they’ve built now over 400 plus schools worldwide in Third World countries. And trust me some of these places where they build them I mean we took like a five-hour trip just to get to one of the little villages where they built a school in Guatemala. And it’s not like there’s a highway to get to these places. I mean it was a rocky road for like five hours.

So, they’re building these schools in places that most need it. And, you know this is the future. This is the only hope for these kinds of villages. It’s nice to give them food and water, but education is so much more important because then these kids can actually have a future. Too many people are in this kind of like cycle of poverty where okay you have family, you have responsibilities, you gotta make some money so you take these kind of just menial jobs and you’re stuck in that forever because you don’t have time to go to school, you don’t have a school near you, you don’t have the ability to get educated or learn any skills. You have to just do what you can to support your family.

And, this is been going on for year after year, decade after decade, century after century and education is the key to stopping it. No different than how I’m teaching you guys the skill of penny stock trading where most people think that penny stock should never be touched. It’s all a scam. I’m a scam. I’ve heard it all before. But once you start getting educated with the subtleties and intricacies of my strategy you start saying wait a minute there is some money to be made here. Hold on. And that is what Pencils of Promise is all about. They’re not teaching penny stock trading.

Some of you guys are asking like, oh you’re gonna teach these kids to trade? No. They’re teaching them very basic stuff but at least they have access to knowledge and education so that they can learn a skill and they can get out of this cycle of poverty. So, this school what I’m asking for you guys is to donate whatever you can, whether it’s $10 or $50 or a $100. Some of you have already donated you know $500.

I just got two gifts from my teammates Ryan and Glenn. They each donated $500. And you don’t even have to show your name if you don’t want to. I mean you could donate anonymously. I don’t need your name and Social Security number. But whatever you can commit because this school is gonna be not the Timothy Sykes school but this is gonna be the penny stock community school. And I really think that it’s exciting to see if we can actually do it. I know that there’s thousands of you guys who watch my videos so I give a lot away for free. I don’t ask for much. All I’m asking for is a little bit.

Here’s Mary she donated $500. Even if you donate $10 like Edward or George or Pedro. Pedro donated $200. Here’s Mark Croock. Mark Croock is one of my students. He just passed $700,000 in profits. So, Kenny just donated $500 and he’s learning new things. So, whatever you can give I really appreciate it. But this is my birthday wish. I really think it would be exciting if we can get to $35,000. I’m gonna match all the donations by the way personally. So, don’t think like, oh Tim just wants his people to give money and he’s not gonna give money. I’m personally gonna match not from my charity but personally gonna match whatever you donate.

So, I’m excited about this. And I think it’s kind of cool that Pencils of Promise has this website in this way where you can donate your birthday. You know I already have enough little things. I appreciate all the gifts. A lot of you guys are sending me gift certificates and stuff like that. That’s cool. You know I’m still a cheap Jew so I appreciate gift certificates to stuff. But at the same time, I have enough. Seriously. I’ve made a lot of money and I keep making money.

I’ve made nearly $100,000 already in the stock market. I’m trading with a small account in 2017. So, it adds up. And I’ve lived a very fun and adventurous life. Now for me, my priority is building my charity and building more schools. And aside from my charity, this is just my own personal little project for my birthday. And whatever you can give I really appreciate it. And I will call you out if you want. If you don’t want me to call you out that’s fine too.

This isn’t about ego or attention. This is just about trying to do something good with a milestone. I posted the other day the 36 best life lessons that I’ve learned over the years. It’s an hour-long video. I hope you’ve watched it. But a lot of it involves not just oh how can I make the most money but how can I get truly happy? How can I be fulfilled in life? And for me teaching and giving back in charity has really brought a lot meaning to my life. There’s a lot of people on Wall Street and a lot of stock people and they think it’s just all about money. I’ve been a multi-millionaire for over a decade and I’m very grateful for my entire journey but at the same time money itself is not gonna make you happy.

Getting a Lamborghini and a Ferrari and taking trips all over the world sure it’s fun. And I’m grateful for it all but it’s not what I’m gonna be thinking about on my deathbed. It’s not what I think about before my head hits the pillow every night. It’s about what can you do to influence the world and change it and do some good. And education, building schools, helping charities this stuff really matters. So, I’m asking for just a small little favor for you. I won’t ask again. I’m building my own charity. So this is just a little side project for my birthday because so many of you are asking what to get me.

Don’t get me anything anymore just donate to helping build this school and let’s build it. And this will be kind of a cool little story of like what the penny stock world and community did just for a random Third World country. And it’s not like you’re probably not even gonna go to this place wherever they build it. They build schools in Guatemala, Ghana, and Laos. I don’t know which country this school will be in but I’ll tell you all the details once we fund it. But first, we’ve gotta get to $35,000.

And also if you wanna send this to a friend send this video out, post a link to this. I’d appreciate it too because we’re trying to just raise as much as we can to build these schools. And one school can literally help thousands and thousands of people for generations to come. It’s not just one thing. It’ll grow and it’ll build on itself and somebody who gets educated by this school ideally their children can go to this school too. So, we’re starting something here that is gonna keep going on and on and education you mark my words is the single most important thing in the world right now. We live in amazing times but also dangerous times and education is the key to our survival and our future.

So, I’m proud to help out. Pencils of Promise thank you again for being such a great charity. And to everybody who donates whether it’s large or small, I appreciate every single gift. Don’t give more than you can afford. Don’t like go into debt over this. But whether you donate $10 or $50 or a $1000 I really appreciate it. So, thank you again for all the birthday wishes and I’ll see you guys in the chat room. And we’ve got a lot of hot stocks lately so get your sleep. Thanks.

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  1. Layo

    Hi Timothy,

    I’ll cut straight to the chase. It’s obvious that you have made a lot of money. However, is there something you want in life that money hasn’t been able to get you?

    Please hit reply, I’d love to know if there is such a thing and what the thing might be.

  2. Eric

    Rock on Tim .. Keep up the great work .. Many want to do something like this, but most never take action … All talk and no action isn’t the way to do things .. Kudos to you and Congrats … Can’t rush success or quality PoP schools… Fund the school, plan the school, break ground, and then change lives forever

  3. Barbara A Johnson

    Happy Birthday again . I did donate. Also thank you so much for motivating me to study. Do you have any idea when conference will be? ball park like maybe which moth this year.?

  4. michael

    Please help someone who is part of the tribe.I live the market and want to learn how to make a living trading Thanks Michael Klein

  5. Carlos Santos

    Love all the work that you have done, money can buy you nice things but won’t make you happy forever, helping others it’s what’s all about.
    Love to be one of your students. Doing all the homework you’ve been sending.

  6. Asma

    Happy birthday hope to you all the succes and to continue to acheive your goals….. I am very interesting to this to learn more and more all time…

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