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The 80 Best Penny Stocks To Short Sell [ORGANIZED LIST]

There are now 17 conference reviews…those who missed out have a few more days to pre-order the 18+ hour conference DVD and 450+ page instruction manual for just $397 RIGHT HERE…when we begin shipping in mid-December, the price jumps to $797 as this is BY FAR the most comprehensive penny stock trading DVD package ever made.

Every year Chris Lahiji holds a conference called the LD Micro conference featuring dozens of the most fundamentally flawed microcap companies who present due to their need for cash and financing, which is usually toxic.

I took a lot of email and message board heat for posting last year’s list of 64 companies, especially since I highlighted crowd favorites such as:

Electronic Game Card, Inc. (EGMI)

Tix Corp. (TIXC)

Broadcast International, Inc. (BCST)


CombiMatrix Corporation (CBMX)

Sparton Corporation (SPA)

Well as is usual in penny stock land, the message board and emailers turned out to be the suckers as all but SPA are down over 50% from last year’s conference and the most popular stock at the time, EGMI announced all sorts of nasty accounting issues, investigations and their stock now trades at a healthy .002/share.

Stats don’t lie, unethical promoters, naive shareholders and penny stock wannabe i-bankers do. Something everyone already knows: Equity Magazine, you are corrupt. Chris Lahiji, we haven’t chatted in a while and I like you, but you know these companies all stink; get on the right side of the equation, the SEC could use someone like you, but bigtime thanks for putting together such a comprehensive short list…we can call this the Pump Index and make a reverse ETF out of it! Thinking outloud, by shorting all the companies below for the next year, I gotta believe the returns would be outstanding.

All of these companies are potential shorts, let me highlight a few again so we can look back and laugh that penny stock suckers just don’t learn

Rick’s Cabaret Int’l, Inc (RICK)

IncrediMail Ltd. (USA) (MAIL)

Zagg Inc (ZAGG)

Beacon Power Corp. (BCON)

Acacia Research Corp. (ACTG)

…seriously EQUITIES, Red Chip, Lahiji, Skip, Ian and everyone else new in this game, congrats on keeping the suckers in the dark for so long, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be.

This is the speaking schedule for the 2010 LD Micro conference…soooo many shorts, soooooo little time!


I have a feeling the conference will go something like this:

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