The 8 Stocks I'm Watching Today

Please accept my apologies on DSTI

Just a few days left to save 50% on this upcoming event

Thinkorswim Trading Account: $145,612, no trades, this account is up 42% in 2010, up 141% in 2009 and up 1,070% since Nov. 2007 start

Conservative SogoTrade Account: $236,469, no trades, account is up 105% since Nov. 2009 start

Conservative Interactive Brokers Account: $189,952, still short 13k SILA overnight, account is up 27% since May 2009 start

Aggressive Interactive Brokers Account: $62,902, no trades, account is up 26% since Nov. 2009 start

Today was a $1,500 loss day ($1300 in unrealized loses for me) for the TIMalert subscribers listed below:

+567 MASP, short hotOTC pump and got a gap and crap … covered too early, hit .0132 @ 9:46

+550 RNGC, Great one day tank. Another great tip from Tim! -900 LEI, +320 LEI

-750 HALO, Learned my lesson of not cutting my losses quickly.

BMP Sunstone Corp. (BJGP) dropped a few cents/share yesterday and this could be the beginning of a breakdown for a potential short, but the overall chart is still uptrending so risk/reward isn’t great here….not surprised there has been no takeover talk despite BioMedReports saying the takeover could happen any day…zzzzzzz

RANGER GOLD CORP (RNGC) is the dead pump bounce that dropped 30% pretty easily yesterday and Interactive Brokers had shares to short early in the morning; I just wasted too much time and effort on SILA, small mistake although if I shorted, probly nobody else would’ve found shares just enraging everyone so perhaps it was for the best! No play now.

Constitution Mining Corp. (CMIN) is a first day pump from 80 cents/share to $1/share so far, this will be a definite short, but right now the downside just isn’t enough to merit any position by me, I’ll be watching, hoping for further spiking.

Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation (NYMX) is a shady $30 million marketcap biotech spiking from 3ish to 5ish in the past 5 days and the good news is has never been able to hold a spike…clearly a potential short, but I am always hesitant to short biotech’s given the risk of spiking due to good unexpected news…so I am just watching for now.

Omagine, Inc. (OMAG) is now up from 50 cents/share to $2/share in just 5 days on the most pathetic volume you’ll ever see…no play right now, but it’s going to be fun to watch this drop, especially if I can find some shares to short, although news is a risk.

Gold American Mining Corp. (SILA) is proving to be a solid multi-day paid-for pump and I am glad to short it all the way up as I know they cannot keep this volume up forever and as you’ll see in a research report coming out today, I have done my due diligence and concluded this $100 million company is a great short, glad to be short overnight.

DayStar Technologies Inc. (DSTI) is now down to the low 2s and will likely drop under 2 in the next few days, no shares to short…I really do want to apologize for not being there when the stock was shortable above $3/share, I wrote a post apologizing and the sad truth is that most of you have ignored my DVD packages so you are totally reliant on me…and that’s why I must get more of you to watch the DVDs and attend my upcoming seminar…it kills me that only a handful of people are confident/knowledgeable enough to trade on your own…I can and will do a better job at forcing my know how down your stubborn throats and being there at al times just in case, potential short still, no shares to short though!

Isilon Systems, Inc. (ISLN) dropped 30 cents/share on the day, but I’m not tempted to buy until it retraces a ton more, ideally all the way to the low 16s as this doesn’t look to be pulling fast moving IDT/CRUS-type price action anytime soon, this is chopppppy

Nautilus Minerals Inc (NUSMF) was pumped by Stansberry Research from 1.50 to 2.50 and then fell all the way down to 1.60 before spiking a bit now to the high 1s…the fact that it couldn’t even hold its pump gains just days after the pump means this i one weak company and I will look to short into any spike as Stansberry s looks deadwrong on this one, as is apparently usual with their track record or lack thereof.