The Simple Strategy I Use on Fridays in the Stock Market

The Simple Stock Market Strategy I Use on Fridays: Key Takeaways

  • The stress-free pattern I used to make my first $100,000 trade in college still works!
  • Under the PDT? This pattern is for you!
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This is one of my favorite trading patterns. And it’s great for new traders, part-time traders, and those under the PDT. Learn how I take advantage of penny stock informational inefficiencies. Get ready for next Friday NOW!

In this Challenge webinar video you’ll learn:

  • How this stress-free pattern can help you hold longer. Especially if you’re like me and often sell too soon.
  • Trading part time or under the PDT rule? With this pattern, you don’t have to monitor your trade every second, and it doesn’t use a day trade!
  • Stocks with breaking news fit this pattern best — get the tool that delivers breaking news FAST.
  • Wondering which news matters? You don’t have to guess — here’s why…
  • Want to improve the timing of your entries and exits? Learn how I use my “Trader Checklist” guide to line up indicators before I buy or sell.
  • Tune in for the stock criteria I look for every Friday to determine which stocks will make the best trade.

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