What Is Stock Fraud? [Infographic]

Do you know about stock fraud or securities fraud? With advancements in the way that we invest and ever more complex investment vehicles available to us, there is greater risk than ever for fraudsters to trick investors into making poor decisions that benefit the crooks. It’s important to know the risks that are out there and how to protect yourself.

I created this infographic to provide you an overview of stock fraud to keep you aware and informed.

Click the image below to view.

Stock Fraud

Now that you know what’s out there, you can stay vigilant. With all the advances in technology and complex investment vehicles, it’s more important than ever to be very careful where you invest your money, and with whom. Always know your broker, check out their background and watch out for scams. Don’t trust strangers on the internet or message boards. Always, aways perform your own research before purchasing stock or otherwise investing in a company. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is.