Smarter, Faster, Cheaper By David Garland [BOOK REVIEW]

Smarter, Faster, Cheaper By David Garland [BOOK REVIEW]This 50% off deal is only good until December 15th so check it out now!

Because I’m not trading this very minute, waiting for 3 plays in particular to ripen, I have time to right the wrongs like the injustice that is Oliver Velez and tell you about traders who are actually on fire right now, cool new books like “Never Get A Real Job”, but now I’ve got another good book for ya outside the trading world (expand your minds) “Smarter, Faster, Cheaper” by David Garland.

smarter faster cheaper

See my review of Smarter Faster Cheaper on Investimonials reposted below and understand my little blog business story is one of the many great stories in this book so I like it automatically…but I like it even more because it’s a damn good book and David knows his shit and you can use his shit to make more money so you can talk like a rapper even if you’re a beer-bellied blogger (tweet that 5x fast)

What You Need If You’re Online

Think about how much time you waste online…right now even reading this review…most people don’t understand the enormous opportunity out there but this book by the second hardest working man in blog business (haha sucka!) will help show you what’s possible. I may be biased since my story is in this bad boy, but I am in over a done books and I definitely don’t read them all let alone give them 5 stars because my business boils down to brutal honesty.

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Just like one of the book’s main themes, if I pitch a product I knew to suck, you might buy, but you would trust me less and that would come back to bite me in the long run. And long run is what you should focus on in this internet biz because there are plenty of pump and dumps gone in less than a few months, but as my own blog success (nearly $3 million now in 3 years) teaches, it’s all about treating customers with respect and giving good info.

So like this book, I am giving you good info and telling you to read this book…Inception biz model 101 bitch…if you want to sell or make money online, you’ll take away a ton and it’s particularly useful/inspiring to those of you with real world businesses looking to drum up some more business online.

Read it and leave a review, you’re welcome