Should You Join My Trading Challenge? [10 DAYS OF STUDYING EXAMPLE] - Timothy Sykes

Should You Join My Trading Challenge? [10 DAYS OF STUDYING EXAMPLE]

To increase your penny stock trading knowledge, register for this free upcoming webinar I’m giving (and you’ll also get my book and my next big pick FREE…no strings attached, I’m DESPERATE to people to be prepared for trades like this where I made $5,000ish in less than 30 minutes so you don’t let these profits pass you by…and I don’t let the inevitable testimonials you’re gonna give me go by either!)

I got an email from a guy who wasn’t sure whether he should apply for my trading challenge…this was my reply:

If you don’t want to learn, don’t….I have enough non-dedicated/lazy students as is, I want people who will do the hard work required which means a ton of studying…all I know is out of just a few trading challenge students over 14 of them are up $50,000 so far in 2013…no millionaires yet but all well on their way…look at these charts of random students who studied ALL my videos and are well on their way:

Seriously no pressure at all, I only want 100% dedicated students


If you show weakness or have a lack of dedication, don’t even bother wasting my time as I have enough lazy students…the way THIS student made nearly $200,000 was by watching ALL of my videos and DVDs multiple times…forget about 5-10 hours of work, we’re talking 200+ hours of study (which really isn’t that bad)

This young penny stock trader just graduated college and is making more in a month than his friends will make in a year…now closing in on $250,000 in profits with my teachings in just 2 years!

People who want to be millionaires aren’t unsure, they will slog through the mud to achieve success.

Non-millionaires make excuses galore, everything from health, wealth, friends, family, lovers, husbands, wives, children, pets, location, work, school, timing zzzzzzz

You want an example of what a solid trading challenge student does to study, check out this email I recently received from a total newbie…he has detailed his work ethic over just a few days and guess what, if he keeps up this pace, he’s gonna grow his account substantially as that what I teach…how to do that and my most dedicated students all achieve success.

Those worried about losing all your money, tell me how that’s possible when I have over 100+ video lessons repeating and showing examples of how cutting losses quickly is rule #1

You wanna know how people lose $ in the stock market?


Lack of know how.

Lack of discipline.

Not following the right rules.

My educational guides and videos cure all of that and more.

Without further adieu, behold the abridged notes (can’t give you the keys to the kingdom here, you gotta join my trading challenge to be properly educated!) showing the work ethic of a student over 10 days proving he is bound for success…if you can’t match or exceed his intensity, don’t bother wasting my fucken time:

3/12/13 4pm
got accepted to Tim’s trading challenge.

3/13/12 12:45p
watched The Best Video Lessons Every Penny Stock Trader And Short Seller Should Watch
Videos 1-4 (2ish hr)
1 Penny Stock Video Lesson #50: 30-Minute Webinar Explaining The Basicsbytimothysykes
2 Penny Stock Video Lessons #88, 89: My Favorite Pattern & Basic Penny Stock Terminology (35 minutes)bytimothysykes
3 Free 30-Minute Video Outlining Why I Picked Sky mobi Ltd (MOBI) As A Buy Before It Spiked 66% In A Monthbytimothysykes
4 The importance of my favorite broker

Video (30m with reading)
5 The Multi-Day Penny Stock Earnings Breakout Pattern For Longs
6 How To Predict & Profit From A 42% Intraday Drop (Free Video Lesson)bytimothysykes
7 Penny Stock Video Lesson #119, 120: How I Made $9k Today But Missed $50k In 3 Hoursbytimothysykes

video (2.5is hr)
8 Some Like It Hot — Do You? [FREE 20 MINUTE VIDEO LESSON]bytimothysykes
talked about how many plays there can be, so many promotions, support break down, volume=spike (usually), all paid pumps will DUMP

9 Video Lessons #331-333: The Pattern That Made Me Rich, It’s Baaaaaaaack 🙂 $10k+ In Profits Today For Moibytimothysykes
if support holds best to cover and take small lose

10 Penny Stock Video Lesson #61: Reserving Shares To Short Ahead Of Timebytimothysykes
multiple broker accounts to find shares to short, once I have enough money

11 The End Of The Lithium Pumps = We ALL Screwed Up But Still Profited $100,000+ (Free 25-Minute Video Lesson)bytimothysykes cut lose, if you can’t might be possible to average in later

12 Video Lessons #448-450: Don’t Trade/Break Your Rules When Sick: Lessons From Losing $37,000bytimothysykes
do not break the rules!

13 Video Trading Lesson #14: How I Buy Breakoutsbytimothysykes
don’t short breakout attempts, use overall trend as guide, morning breakout+afternoon holding breakout+strong volume=more breakout

14 Video Lesson #557-559: The Right & Wrong Way To Buy Breakoutsbytimothysykes
breakouts need catalyst and volume, if breakout fails get out, if stock bases just above former highs good sign it will keep going, if buy promoted stock cut lose quick can drops fast,

15 Video Lessons #361-363: Short Term Or Long Term Trading aka How I Analyze Trading Positionsbytimothysykes
yahoo finance good tool for research, do not force trades

video lesson from today 3/13/13

Video Lessons #883-885: On $GNIN $PAMT How I Made Nearly $10,000 Todaybytimothysykes
support/Resistance, take advantage of hype

3/14/13 1:50p -2:15p

16 Penny Stock Video Lesson #7: The Single Most Reliable Trading Setupbytimothysykes
showed promotional mailers charts

17 Penny Stock Video Lessons #129 And #130: My $8,000 Bread And Butter Sandwich [10 Minutes]bytimothysykes
talked about hard to find shorts, ALSS always look for shares to short, buyin risk, squeeze risk
2:40p to 3:30p

18 Video Lessons #441-443: The 3 Indicators That Helped Me Predict $RAYS 30%+ Intraday Crashbytimothysykes
play both long and short, go by SEC fillings not newsletters

19 Penny Stock VideoLesson: #47: Predicting Cliff Dives [10 MINUTE VIDEO]bytimothysykes
short before panic cover into panic, use support and sideways action to think about getting out before a possible bounce, green to red on the day can also be a good sign that a stock will crack

20 Penny Stock Video Lessons #36, 37 & 38: What Are Pump & Dumps, How To Find Them & How They Endbytimothysykes
stock that are hyped by promotion will crack, super nova stocks are great to watch and will crack soon after.

21 Video Lessons #287 – 293: Level 2, Charts & Risk/Reward On $RITT $ORS & How I Made $6k Today (35 Minutes)bytimothysykes
some level 2 bids…

22 Penny Stock Video Lesson #77, 78: The Best Message Boards & Chatrooms (25 Minutes)bytimothysykes

23 Penny Stock Video Lessons #145, 146, 147: A Meticulous Short Well Planned & Executed [15 MINUTES]bytimothysykes
7:45p – 9p

24 Penny Stock Video Lessons #138, 139: How To Profit From Promoters Like Tobin Smith [10 Minutes]bytimothysykes
promoters will promote (Tobin smith, MBT newsletter), short questionable companies, pump have predictable dumps
25 Penny Stock Video Lessons #188, 189: A Big Loss On An Undisciplined Tradebytimothysykes
Don’t not break these rules:

26 Penny Stock Video Lesson #92-95: Waiting, Striking, Preparing, Finito (18 Minutes)bytimothysykes
watch stock market current events economy down, key technical cracks make good shorts, take profits if starts to bunch, some real companies might not crack even when they break support, if real company drops 20% might not just drop like a rock like pump and dumps, stick to rules you will make money a lot of the time

video 9:45a-10:25a

27 Penny Stock Video Lessons #91: Press Releases Vs. SEC Filings (16 Minutes)bytimothysykes
press releases are not…

28 Penny Stock Video Lesson #40, #41 & #42: To Buy, Sell & Short Morning Spikes [15 MINUTE VIDEO]bytimothysykes
do not predict tops…

video 3:00p-3:50p
Lists To Track Top Penny Stock Traders & Stock Promoters On Twitterbytimothysykes
Archives: Basics

Another 30% In 30 Minute Penny Stock Prediction (Surprise, It’s The Same)
have to be early on pump n dump, stick to scams stock they are easier, be comfortable with gain or lose,
15 Great Penny Stock Videos For Beginners

1 Penny Stock Video Lesson #50: 30-Minute Webinar Explaining The Basicsbytimothysykes
2 Penny Stock Video Lessons #88, 89: My Favorite Pattern & Basic Penny Stock Terminology (35 minutes)bytimothysykes
intraday new is usually…

Video Lesson #578: How We’ve Made $300,000 As This Pump Crashes & What To Expect Nowbytimothysykes
support can hold and hold and hold once it cracks can be gone, if wrong 1, 2, 3, times will be right eventually cut lose quickly,

4 Video Lessons #602-604: When I Add To Or Reduce A Position & When To Exit Entirelybytimothysykes
can get profits on…

5 Video Lessons #605-607: Catching The Meat Of The Move On 2 Perfect Trading Setupsbytimothysykes
fake out breakout, press release can make morning spike, 1.5 to 4.5 3X up could be good short, support retest could be buying opportunity, capture meat of the move,

6 Video Lesson #608-610: When To Buy Pumps & How To Trade OTCBBs Premarketbytimothysykes
don’t be long when promotion is crashing, don’t trade mid range (trade close to support/resistance), trade like a coward go for singles and doubles not home run, promoters can lure in shorts to squeeze them,

Video Lessons #271-273: A Cool Interactive Brokers OTCBB Trickbytimothysykes
IB lets OTCBB after hours trades, can short pre market at discount prices, short in afternoon cover pre market and can reshort in morning (don’t short morning spike don’t know how far they could go), premarket trading very illiquid, if short you can cover pre market on other short sellers trying to short, cover into panic pre market

7Video Lessons: #620, 621: Aye Aye Aye Bush League Mistakesbytimothysykes
don’t trade when you’re sick, don’t short into morning spike, morning spike and consolidation could squeeze into close around day high and could gap up, if breaks resistance and then can’t break through that resistance (support) could be good buy, intraday usually can’t last more than 3 spikes

8 Video Lessons #632, 633: A Recipe For A Short Squeeze/Buy Setupbytimothysykes
stock up 3,4,5 straight days first down day odds favor lower (on pump and dump), low float stocks can move, companies release news on Monday could squeeze

3/16/13 7:40p 9p
Video Video Lessons #808-820: 1-Hour Live Trade Of $GNIN The Blatant Pump Whose 50% Drop I Predicted Todaybytimothysykes
Don’t buy…

11:20p -12:10a
Video 9 video lesson #634-636: the price action You deserve by timothyskykes
Take lose, don’t let…

10 Lesson #639, 640: the right indicators to hold a trade versus cut it loose by Timothy Sykes
When trade doesn’t go way you want get out, if price action fading average up, take risk free profits, better to buy in afternoon, all things D respected tech blog, know what is going on in trade be meticulous, take good odds based trade,

11 Video lesson #672- 674 Lessons from how I made roughly $10,000 on my last four trades by Timothy Sykes

3/17/13 11:15a-9p
video Penny Stock Video Lesson #7: The Single Most Reliable Trading Setupbytimothysykes
jarret walsteain promoter, look for stocks that spike and look for promotional mailers, ALFSS always look for shares to short, more see pattern better understand it and can use it,

12 video Video Lessons #698, 699: Short Selling Real Companies vs. Pump & Dumpsbytimothysykes
in bullish market short selling…

13 Video Lessons #703, 704: A Meticulous Trade Explainedbytimothysykes

14 Video Lessons #722-724: How I Made $10k In 2 Days By Being OCD And How To Use The Uptick Rule To Your Benefitbytimothysykes
wait for…

15 Video Lessons #733-735: Key Indicators Used To Buy & Spot Multi-Day Runnersbytimothysykes
buy in anticipations of news/10Q SEC filings, best case scenario/worst case scenario, go with the odds, Wednesday before thanksgiving and Friday after Thanksgiving two of the biggest days of the year for pump and dumps, look at risk/reward odds, be prepared,

video “free 20 minutes of video lessons & Please help me choose between 2 logos for my newest newsletter”
stick to rules, cut loses, no way to tell the top, buy breakouts to new highs & buyins, after shorts are squeezed should be more shares to short, pump and dump will fail up for artificial reasons, 3 or 4 spikes get excessive, go big after breakdown, buy breakout short breakdowns

video “lessons #394, 395: Playing blue chip Tech Stocks on Major dips”
watch drop amount dolor or % amount, when stock down and can’t break new lows could go higher downside less than upside, buy into fade sell into strength, risk reward trades, trade like a sniper,

30 Penny Stock Video Lesson #56: Comparing 3 Supernovas For Signs Of Panicbytimothysykes
be careful not to execute orders before your ready,

A 6-hour basics seminar Tim gave in Moscow

90% traders lose money, penny stocks move on hype and manipulation, don’t trust annalist or ppl on walstreet, lots of fraud and misinformation, dig through SEC filings, odds favor pump and dumps to dump, every positive new email can have impact for days or weeks, negative news is slow traveling, look at SEC filings, find penny stocks that are up look at SEC filings, research fully, make watch list from full research, two groups of penny stocks promoters and suckers, 1% of ppl who get email promo buy that promo, SEC can stop any stock, easier to do a scam than real company, play stock when they are very volatile, bull market lots of opportunity but have to be more careful, works better in bear market, keep it simple buy on way up sell on way down, Tim’s favorite number 77, aim for 50cents-1$ share, do not trust promoter strategy doesn’t not always go up way others have, don’t trade randomly, have patients, not always liquid executions on shares not always able to get out, take small positions, better to be early than late might not have shares to short, short early more risk but might not have shares, hedge from one account to another, trade like every trade is your last trade, insider shares are restricted to about 6 months before can sell “rule 144”, buy company with new all time high and no cash, look for shares to short on bounce, watch volume drop pump could be dead, short shares you have T+3 transaction day plus 3 days before get bought in on hard to barrow shares, might send out emails on dead pump for another bounce, check amount of money spent for promotional campaign might help know how far pump could go but don’t guess have no expectations, buy breakout mailers with high volume, buy in afternoon sell the next 1 or 2 days usually will gap higher, first down day in a pump is usually beginning of the end, market makers can trade own account and have as many shares as they want, stop loses do not matter in penny stock use mental stop lose, check technical support, use recent pump as examples as what others will do, most pumps fail in 3, 4, or 5 range, watch fading volume, Vancouver is very questionable city for pump and dumps and companies, new pumps can point to past pumps to influences the new pump and say it will be the next big thing, simple technical break out have to buy, buy breakout of companies that have no cash have no revenue, no news can still move pumps because email promo’s, not all dumps are same, average up, Agora finical own 57 newsletter that pump, look at how much spent on pump but can’t use that as indicator of how far pump will go, don’t let emotions highs or lows influence your trades, read press release with no emotions, ticker spam small company links there company to a large company using large company ticker symbol, buy technical breakout of pump and dump, check SEC filings for cash/revenue, more money spent on mailer more days stock COULD run, buy in afternoon during stair step process, perfect sideways prices action promoters are holding stock at the level, on stock trading with no ceiling promoters don’t care anymore and are letting stock go they are done selling, after dump to near nothing new mailer can come in saying stock at good prices to buy and price can spike, try to make good profits if stock down let stock go more, 4 days of holding before get bought in on any short, when stock spikes after dead pump and dump can’t come back up as far to many forces against it, when stock holds near highs and you think pump and dump is soon you have to buy break out also check volume, search twitter for new pump and dumps put $ and ticker symbol single best tool to categorize every single stock that is in play, yahoo finance % gainers in one day look for 20%-50%+ on the day is it a pump and dump and is it worth it, read message boards, Tim is going to start a penny stock comedy tour, look at Tim’s twitter lists to check promoters and promoted stocks, for SEC fillings type in ticker, look at financial statement, when Tim get’s $10M he is going to use $5M to make a pump and tell ppl that is what he is doing he will change the symbol from “pump” to “dump” when he stops the promotions and shorts the stock,

3/18/13 12:30p-2p
video Videos #903-914: 60 More Minutes Analyzing $GNIN’s Coming Crashbytimothysykes
make sure to…

Video “How to invest in Pennystocks”
you don’t miss…

video “What You NEED to Know About Pennystock”

trade scared if stock doesn’t not crack support get out of some of your position, out come doesn’t not determine risk reward reason you made the trade,
video “Stock Promoters Insights…”

hype pushes penny stocks higher, get to know stock promoters, read SEC filings,
“The SEC GIVES You Trade Knowledge! ”

SEC fillings excite Tim!, bet against stocks that rise 10cents to $1 or $1 to $4, assume everyone is guilty, shares outstanding shares that are issued authorized shares shares that could be issued
“Stock Promoters ”

Courtney smith promoter, Charles Pain promoter, Jarret Wallsteins promoter, read pump disclaimer, look at SEC filings, promotional mailers are kiss of death,

“Trading Do’s and Don’ts”
200,000 shares traded is…
“Shorting Do’s and Don’ts”

Always look for…

“Top 3 Mistakes Are…”
do background check on CEO or who is quoted in press release, if you have record in penny stock land its very questionable, press release will say anything to get buys, press release are BEST CASE,

financing is horrible for shareholders, Tim’s “hype and pipe”, must file ahead of time with SEC to raise money, market cap is evaluation of company

Favorite Pattern!
1 to 5 down to 1 in few months or days bread and butter chart, not revolutionary just look at promotional mailers, watch volume spike,

Stock Message Boards
look for group mentality buying, negative posts are deleted,


3/19/13 8:20a-920a
Videos #915-923: 40-Minutes Analyzing $GNIN And A New Breakout Playbytimothysykes
reserve shares to…

3 Myths…
short 3 or 4th day of run up when volume fades, “you cant (can) short sell penny stocks and its legal”, “penny stocks move randomly (no)”,
Short Early…Risk Pain
Tim adds “tut-a-lut” to his “hype and pipe” when referring to pump and dump, get shares to short after first red day, stock can have no limit of upside, broker can call shares in at any time,

3 Secret Trick…

Reserving Shares
Interactive Brokers look up “shortable stocks”, early bird gets the worm 7am sometimes 10am, margin call when broker calls shares back in, might have to pay to reserve shares,
SEC Red Flags
check court cases and law suits, shares issued, no one wants to finance penny stocks this is why penny stocks get promoters,
3/20/13 7:50a-8:33a
Penny Stock Video Lesson #115: Waiiiiit For Itbytimothysykes
you don’t know where to top is, wait for pattern, look for first down day intraday panic volume decrease, be patient,
OTCBB and Pink Sheet Dangers

Vancouver has lots of penny stock pump and dump, GTZ (good to zero), promoters use same address/fake address, Shane Whittle stock promoter, free office space loans from officers forgiving debt all red flags, CEO of past bankrupt companies do not trust, many promoted stocks have same lawyers (paid in cash) CFOs officers staff, James DiGeorgia stock promoter, look for BS, only focus on stocks that move/liquid,
Promo’s go green

most promotions fail, look for breakout on massive volume “super nova”, Fibonacci retracement, trading during choppy is hard to trade moves slow, first down day is very reliable signal, check stocks open to close, dead pump bounce then its over, look for first down day big volume
Final Lesson

learning has nothing to do with earning, losses are some of greatest lessons,
25-minute interview of Tim’s on the basic gist of the strategy

Penny Stock Millionaire longer term long picks by Tim, research puts you ahead of the game, cute loses quickly #1 rule, learn the game, red flags are all in SEC filings, Sykes’s list is like Schindlers’s list Tim wants to save everybody, gap down gap up can come from market orders
40-minute strategy podcast

“Michael Goode AKA Reaper did an excellent class on the “basics”.”

Tim fundamentals shows…
PennyStocking DVD1

Revenue: money received by company, Profits/losses: +/- gain after expense, Earnings Per Share EPS: profits divided by shares outstanding, P/E: stock price divided by earnings, keep technical’s simple, 50 200 day moving average, looking for breakout and breakdowns (support/resistance), Short sell share you don’t own, Buy to cover to close out short sale, bid current highest prices, ask current lowest prices, volatility how quick stock moves, liquidity how easy to buy/sell shares, Market cap multiply shares outstanding by price, float shares publicly owned, restricted shares held privately or by insiders not tradable, microcap <$250 company, smallcap $250-$1 billion, midcap $1-10B, Largecap >$10B, Reverse merger cheap/quick way to become IPO, secondary offering insider sells stock company get no money from it, short squeeze covering losses quickly moving price higher, penny stocks don’t follow market, don’t trust any company, financing at “70% discount bad sign for company,” never risk to much capital on any one play, understand each play, follow overall market, always monitor position, monitor the news, take losses quickly, learn from mistakes, take gains quickly, when SEC halts stock usually goes way down if it opens back up might not open back up, focus in the charts it’s all in the charts, only play hot stock, don’t force trades, oil/gas harder to play chart, very orderly rise and fall in chart, trade stocks with clean charts, stop losses at round numbers move price down faster, risk 5-10% of account on trade, reaction to news takes days everything is gradual, don’t be more than 1% of volume, wait for pattern to show, cup and handle (breaks resistance) double top (doesn’t break resistance),


messy charts lower odds of success, don’t trade messy chart, never trade before earnings, play reaction of chart, Supernova explosion in stock price can last longer do not guess very volatile and liquid, massive wave of selling usually taking out stop losses, don’t play bounce on supernova, short after crack, ride wave, look for stocks moving gradually higher, don’t anticipate new play reaction, little daily gains over time can lead to potential supernova, higher volume pushes stock higher, buy when break resistance, check volume, when goes g/r short it, supernova is the best chart to play, oil chart move very weird sometimes, Stair Step gradually rises and fall resembles stair case, pattern become self fulfilling prophecy buy on dips, is new highs are not reached chart will drop, support crack take momentum away from buyers, put gradual uptrend put on watch list, 52 week highs, increase volume, The Snore no pattern or liquidity, do not trade them until they are in play, let the stock earnings do the talking, The Crow gradually sinks lower picking at investments, symbol with E at the end is a late SEC filling and a demotion by the SEC, don’t short stocks under .50 cents, 99 percent of stocks aren’t in play, if you’re wrong get out, take advantage of opportunity present to you,


Penny Stock Video Lesson #156: How To Predict Stocks Going Splatbytimothysykes
be aggressive when it could be heading down or a few red days fading volume, lock in profits get meat of the move, after supernova spiking on crazy volume short into weakness, weakness could be beginning of end, good video lesson!

Tim webinar
look for…

stocks don’t…


Tim likes…

3/22/13 8:30a-12:15p

Videos #924, 925: A Low Risk Gap Up Playbytimothysykes

resistance becomes support, if support holds and uptrends should continue higher, volume fading could be sign pump is over, degreasing volume can create short squeeze, indicators tell you to buy or sell, don’t buy mid day or mid range
Video Watchlist/Lessons #517, 518: My Take On $BVSN Ooooooooooobytimothysykes
end could be near with initial drop then bounce that cannot get back to consolidation/high and finished near lows, don’t be short/long into earnings, buy breakouts

Videos #856-860: On $GNIN $RNIN How My Students & I Made $25,000 Todaybytimothysykes
cant time panic, big supernova crash bounce another crash, promoted company will crash, trading is a marathon not a race, study study study,

Videos #861-866: On $RNIN $GNIN $PAMT When To Hold Or Foldbytimothysykes
once you trade well for years you are spoiled, keep humble, don’t get cocky take what the chart gives you, don’t think trade chart, when stock doesn’t crack support get out, study study study,

Videos #867-869: The Coming Crash Of $GNIN & Why It’s A Classic #6 From My 7 Step Frameworkbytimothysykes
stick to rules, Tim said PAMT will be strongest stock of march (he nailed it), panic into close could indicate morning panic, forced buyins could be at end of day don’t count last 15 minutes of day, pumps cannot keep going but don’t guess tops, sometimes no shares to short, have to lose a little before make a lot, one panic usually make another panic, second panic can be bigger,

Videos #870-884: $GNIN’s Failed Crash & How I Made $1.5k On $PAMTbytimothysykes
one panic begins another panic, promoters might try to spike stock after slight support break, when pumps go red could collapse, red on day is good,

Video Lessons #885-887: On $GNIN $PAMT How I Made Nearly $10,000 Todaybytimothysykes

…is a powerful tool…

Videos #888-902: 75-Minutes Of Indicators on $GNIN Suggesting It’ll Crash Tomorrowbytimothysykes
study study study, have multiple…

Videos #903-914: 60 More Minutes Analyzing $GNIN’s Coming Crashbytimothysykes
cover into…

Tim webinar

yahoofinance is….

Video Lessons #245, 246: How I Shorted A Stock Everyone Wants To Short & I WAsn’t The Only Onebytimothysykes
very hard to short into panic, use ArcaEdge premarket, put different order prices’, look at volume, could squeeze into weekend, later in pump and dump more likely SEC will step in,

PennyStocking Part Deux
DVD1 1:20
Manipulation everywhere, aim…

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  1. DC

    really liked reading this, thanks Tim, and thanks to the student who wrote out all these notes. This is the EXACT student I would be, $$$!

  2. Marcel

    Nice to see another dedicated student!
    Tracking my first week of the challenge too and I’ve watched 21 hours of video lessons in 6 days so far! 🙂

    Very good stuff, tons of info and lots to learn! Happy to have joined you Tim!

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  3. Matt McFadden

    Please can I get on this train??? These videos sound awesome but aren’t they all like $400! In the bit of research I’ve done the last couple of days it seems there is a decent amount of free info but I want to guarantee myself the highest probability of success and it seems the Tim has a well established track record can anyone help me in the right direction. It’s a bit overwhelming sifting through all of this need a solid start position at least. Thanks!

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    There is simple rule that can be applied to almost every endeavor: Highest Energy WINS!! Thanks for the challenge Tim.

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