This Had To Be Said, Responding To My Haters - Timothy Sykes

This Had To Be Said, Responding To My Haters

As someone who encourages people to trade penny stocks (which are universally hated, especially on Wall Street), brags about the millions of dollars I’ve made (every trade detailed HERE and the millions of dollars my top trading challenge students have made (as you might’ve seen HERE and HERE and HERE in the stock market using giant piles of cash like these on social media:

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

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…well, let’s just say I have some haters LOL.

And while many people believe you should ignore your haters, my first hater also became my first Millionaire trading challenge student so I have a different take on them as I am willing to teach ANYONE and this post is specifically written to those who HATE me.

No different from how I like to highlight my big losses over the years as I did HERE and HERE and HERE as opposed to most traders who like to pretend that they’re superior and that they don’t have big losses…newsflash, when you tweet over and over and over again about a stock short or long and it goes the other way and then you’re silent on twitter for a few days, then never refer to that stock again, everyone knows you had a big loss so you might as well just talk about it and accept that we’re all human and make mistakes.

And I write this post because I also expose penny stock scams for a living, as I did HERE and HERE and HERE, no matter who or what celebrity is involved, no matter if I can find shares to short and profit from, I just like justice and good information to overcome bad misinformation…so this is also my attempt to cut through some of the misinformation I see about myself and my teachings.

First off, I have now been teaching my stock trading strategy for 10+ years and, from the beginning, there’s been negativity and hate, mainly because the vast majority of people who “teach” in finance are full of shit and snake oil salesmen.

I’ve even written a bestselling book which I give you for FREE here . From the start I’ve had an advantage in teaching because I’ve turned $12,415 into $1.65 million in 4 years through stock trading in both bull and bear markets, not on any one stock, but through a process of thousands of trades, not all wins, but most definitely winning more than I lose. I have been making a steady six-figures/year from stock trading every year since (I just passed $100,000+ in profits in 2017 5 months into the year already), whether I trade with a big account or small. I’m not afraid to show my income tax returns and audits too as the beauty of being real in an industry full of scams is that I have NOTHING to hide and so I will confront any and all negativity simply by telling the truth, as unbelievable as it may be to some…my crazy life is not always so simple and can’t always be explained in 140 characters or a 60-second video.

But, because I’m used to people doubting me and my knowledge, I offer a free penny stock trading guide here and free video lesson series here and I now have 800+ FREE videos on my channel with tons of live webinars, live trades and video lessons galore so you can get a taste of how real I am…I sometimes even go on unplanned rants like this:

But, the reason for writing this post is that lately my haters/doubters have increased due to the success of my top trading challenge students that have started to go viral in videos like this:

…and while it’s truly laughable that anyone thinks these guys are “paid actors” using “fake accents” and that they’re fake testimonials like some unscrupulous financial newsletters have been known to do, in my case, these guys actually are my real students who learned everything about the stock market from my video lessons, DVDs and webinars. Aside from just their trading profits, they also give live webinars to my other trading challenge students because they’re actually pretty damn smart, and more importantly, entirely self-sufficient…I provided training wheels in the very beginning now they don’t need me AT ALL.

That’s my goal for every one of my students, to help speed up your learning curve so that you can become totally self-sufficient in time…you can learn every single thing I will ever teach you in the same 15-20 years it took me to learn it all, but why wait that long and make so many bone-headed mistakes and miss out on so many opportunities between now and then?

And I have to say, my top students’ success is NOT due to my giving them my picks ahead of time, as some claim, LOL, sorry, it’s difficult to keep from laughing at some of the conspiracy theories out there, but if my haters were actually in the surprisingly solid trading challenge chatroom (that I wrote about here), they would see that unlike every other chatroom where it’s just follow the leader (especially some disgustingly unethical chatrooms where they just buy low float stocks, alert their chat and sell WITHIN SECONDS, guess who makes the money…hint, hint, not the subscribers), I ALWAYS warn people not to follow my alerts or anyone’s alerts for that matter and my top students are actually pretty much dedicated short sellers so while I have been focusing mainly on dip buys lately, they love betting AGAINST the very stocks I am buying! Not necessarily at the exact time of day, but at different times throughout the day and that’s fine by me…we’re all different and whether you prefer buying or shorting, do whatever you’re best at, I just want you to be successful!

And the cool thing is that we can both make money on our longs and shorts as these stocks are so volatile they offer several different ideal entry points over the course of their patterns — that’s the beauty of trading the hottest penny stocks, they are so volatile you can make money on the long AND short side as long as you stick to solid patterns like this for dip buying penny stocks and this for short selling penny stocks.

And if you do take the time to learn from my top trading challenge students and I, key terms like “morning panics”, “dead pump bounce” and “first red day” will become second nature to you and that’s been my goal throughout my teaching; simply to pass down the lessons I had to learn the hard way over the years through trial and error as I NEVER had any mentor and that sucked! Even though I’ve made millions of dollars in trading, I’ve developed many bad habits that limit me to this day and I’m very proud that my top student here has made more than double what I made my first 5 years of trading, while some try to put me down by talking about how my top trading challenge students are doing better than me, on the contrary, I’m ecstatic as that’s my goal in this teaching business, for every last one of you to do better than me!

After all, I’m FAR from perfect, I’ve lost $180,000 in a day as I wrote about HERE and I lost all my hedge fund industry credibility and personally lost $500,000+ here because back then I didn’t truly understand key penny stock trading rules like these again because I had no mentor and have learned everything through trial and error…and boy do those errors hurt to this day!

And don’t get me wrong either as I haven’t just made financial mistakes, I’ve made mistakes in my teaching approach as I wrote about in this “I Owe You A Giant Apology” blog post and I’m still working on my anger issues as I just the other day too as I explained here:

But only dedicated students see that stuff as outsiders who don’t look at my teachings very often only see my posting pics of cash and cars and exotic travel (ignoring the fact that that stuff is the #1 reason why I have so many successful students as visual motivators are the secret to my teaching success), they never take the time to see videos like this showing that while I only have a few millionaire students so far, I literally have hundreds of students profiting every day from my strategy:

Now I get that selling something like information and experience seems so sketchy, especially in finance as it’s not like selling jewelry, or real estate or apparel or furniture — those are real tangible, physical assets and that the vast majority of people in my “field” are peddling complete bullshit, but I am not…that’s the secret to my teaching success and the beauty of having traded for nearly 20 years now. I’m not some newbie who thinks they’re smart and successful only due to this now nearly-decade-long bull market…when the bear market comes along, newbies and their followers WILL GET CRUSHED and those students will realize their mistake too late, after their account has been decimated due to flawed and non-comprehensive teaching…I actually prefer a bear market since I made my 2nd million dollars in one so that’s when you’ll see my experience really shine…and even in this bear market, I know too many wannabe shorts who claimed I trade too passively and they knew better, only for them to lose 1/2 or 3/4 or even all their money, learning the hard way as I warned, but which they didn’t believe.

Not me and my top trading challenge students because I trade like a coward and teach others to trade like cowards and am proud of it too because the stock we trade are more than volatile enough to make up for our cowardice and NONE of my top students or I have made our millions through using leverage…watch this video to understand better.

While knowledge can be infinitely more valuable and life-changing, it can also be dangerous when it’s wrong and it’s tough to put an exact price on it. Remember that Internet “gurus” have been abusing people’s trust for years and years now, selling their “expertise” while failing to deliver any results…so while my several millionaire trading challenge students, and dozens of students who have made six-figures already, all in a few years after most people start with just a few thousand dollars in their accounts (think about that for a second, even if they go from $1,500 to $10,000 in a few years that’s MASSIVE success, forget about people like this who go from $1,500 to $4.3 million in 5 years), not to mention those who haven’t made any money yet, but are well on their way thanks to their dedication to learning, and my now 4,800+ video lesson library help prove how I’m different from the rest, I get that it’s difficult to accept that what I teach is real and useful…especially since this is penny stocks and everyone know someone whose been burned by penny stocks, right? (If they were, they ignored my rule #1 here)

I must repeat the fact that stuns everyone that even my first millionaire student thought I was full of shit at, read “Timothy Sykes is full of bullship” and look at the comment section to see us going back and forth arguing…and eventually Michael gave me a chance and I’m very thankful because he helped prove that even my biggest hater can become a millionaire with enough effort and dedication…and now he’s also my chatroom moderator and I’m building a school with my charity on his behalf that will be ready in just a few weeks!

My first #millionaire student just passed $2 million in #stocktrading profits so I honored his achievement with a school to be built in his name too! The Michael Goode School is being constructed now thanks to the amazing work of @balichildrensproject and will open this summer/fall in #bali #indonesia right around the same time The Tim Grittani School will also open to honor my 2nd millionaire student @timgrittani too! Only like this photo and leave a comment if you promise to be a dedicated student so when you make seven figures my charity will build a school in your honor too! #surprise #dreamjob #proudteacher #givingback #charity #thetimothysykesfoundation #balichildrensproject #ilovemyjob #edjewcation #hebrewschool

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And that blog post/conversation was nearly a decade ago and since then Michael has made $2+ million and you can see EVERY trade here, most of which have been alerted in realtime in the trading challenge chatroom.

So, no, Michael is not a “paid actor” either, I don’t think any male actor is allowed by SAG to have that much hair, he’d get thrown out of Hollywood before his career even began!

Anyway, I could go on and on about the BS, lies and assumptions my haters make, but as I write this, the stock market is open and I’m looking to trade, even as I made my typical but somewhat disappointing $700 this morning:

…but I’m okay with it because disappointment is part of trading, and more importantly, as I teach $500-$1,000/day keeps the real job away:

…and unlike the many fake Internet gurus, I don’t just create static guides and then do coke in Mexico for a month before creating another guide, on the contrary, AdvilPM is the only drug I use because I need sleep after working so hard day in and day out as I provide daily watchlists, real-time alerts and commentary throughout the day every single da.  No matter where I am in the world…and yes, it IS possible to trade and work from a beach or pool whenever I want, I do make more from teaching than trading since I trade with a small account in order to teach and have similar account sizes as my students, 90% of all traders lose ALREADY so education and learning to prepare before every trade can ONLY help. I have no time for personal trading challenges as I already show ALL my trades in realtime every day to my students. I don’t take 2 opposing positions in 2 separate accounts and send a long pick to 1/2 my subscribers and a short pick to the other half (seriously some absolute idiots actually think that’s what I do!).  I have no agreements with the main brokers I use and recommend (read this post on the best penny stock brokers and realize I don’t get paid a dime from them as they actually hate me and my approach to trading less, not more), it doesn’t matter what your racial background is as I’m willing to teach EVERYONE, I don’t target caucasians or minorities or males or females all I care about is my students’ dedication and if you’re under 18 you do need parental permission, these affiliates represent a lousy 3% of my teaching business as I don’t run an MLM it’s just a way for students to earn some extra cash if they like my services, my charity is NOT something I make money off of and it’s not just a tax deduction, I actually go visit the communities I donate to, watch:

…and a million other lies I should expose when I have time…in fact, let’s do this, if you want me to make a video addressing ALL the lies I see being spread about me leave a comment under this post and also tweet this blog post out and tag my username @timothysykes so I can see it…if we get 100+ tweets and comments, I’m going to make the most amazing video lesson EVER cutting through ALL the BS out there!

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  1. Eric

    disappoints happen but just don’t be a hater … its ok to hate disappointment, but in the spirit of being REAL.. disappointment is part of the game .. don’t knock small positions , small profits, or small losses … praise them… they all make you better over time

  2. Blair Mcnutt

    Hey Tim, I no not understand why people hate you so much.They to make up lies to discredit you.When all you are trying to do do is give us a chance to better ourselves through your teaching.You are one of the most honest people I have come across.Their is 800,000.00 dollars in the stack of cash on the internet.Keep up the good work

  3. Michael Little

    All successful people are criticized Tim. don’t worry about it. You speak the truth which is why I signed up to the challenge.

  4. Arcadio De Senillosa

    Very good blogpost. Love it when people are sincere, and not scared of telling the truth, it’s hard to find nowadays (jot just in finance). But it’s the same as everything, when someone rises, there will always be people who want to bring him down. So, yes, Tim is real, I never doubted him. Why? It’s just logic. Not cause of or his blogs, but more importantly, who can be fake for two decades, post at the same time, I don’t even know how many thousands of video lessons, answer to all the comments that people make (not absolutely ALL of them, but that is impossible), not only in his video lessons, but blog posts and youtube videos. And most importantly he cannot be fake as proved by his millionaire students. You could argue that there can be 1 or 2 that actors, it wouldn’t be the first one. BUT 3 (nearly 4 millionaires) and from different ages and backgrounds? I don’t think so.



  5. Conner Mader

    Just keep on cutting through the BS. The ones who actually believe your teachings and will follow you are the ones who are truly dedicated enough to become the next millionaire students/teachers. You give so much information to us all and it is our job to soak it in as much as possible. When I recently became a PSS subscriber I have been watching the video lessons with every free second. The motivation and drive you have inspire so many people and I know that I can become a successful student with all you provide and it is just a matter of time. Just like how, “we know a pump will crash, the question is when” is how I feel about becoming a successful student. I know I can just need to keep working harder and harder and one day it will. Don’t forget multi day breakouts as second hand nature too 🙂

  6. Tao_penny_ (Dušan)

    I think you don’t need to listen them cose it’s something wrong with them. Who understand understand, who don’t they can’t be helped. Thx for all your work. 🙂

  7. Derrick Doty

    Hater’s gonna hate but I love it when they do because it gets Timothy all worked up even more and we reap the rewards. 🙂

  8. Ned Wascher

    Timothy is the realest person and teaches what he knows stocks & charts, Penny stocks which I knew nothing, common sense , buy low sell high ,Tim has taught me how to do this and when to do this the right way, which stocks are best to trade. Tim is no BS I now know your for real you have helped me , I have been watching his videos now for 5 months going on 6 starting to get it but studying is KEY. I will be learning for years to come for sure. I Thank You Timothy

  9. AmberNinja

    @timothysykes Yea make your “cutting through the bull” video. I still think you spend too much time on the haters. If you want to biggest sandcastle on the beach you can just tear every other sand castle down, defend yours, OR JUST KEEP BUILDING YOUR SAND CASTLE! Keep building Tim! You have us all to help you 🙂

  10. Matt Barger

    As long as we are REAL and TRUE to ourselves, I believe the REAL and TRUE people recognize that! The people that aren’t and don’t recognize that and we do not want them to be around anyways!! Good post Tim

  11. Patrick Jepsen

    LOL If your blog post: “Are you studying and working the wrong way?” Was not spicy enough, this video is going to be on point. Keep up the great work Tim!

  12. Apple

    Hi Tim, we know you’re real, we trust you, because we can see there’re thousands of video lessons you’ve made over the years. We know how much work and passion you’ve put into this. And we like the way that you encourage and push everybody very hard, so we can understand that it takes great patience, courage, hard work and thousands of trades to become a good trader.
    You have thousands of chatroom members to support you here, because we all know you have much deeper and more comprehensive understanding of trading and pennystocking.
    So who cares what those “haters” think about you?! They either don’t even know you, or they just want you to be angry or upset 🙂 so just ignore them, don’t waste even one second on them…

  13. Bjørn-Inge Samuelsen

    Too the haters! Or the lazy people! Wake the f.. up! Have been with Tim for 1 year and he show live when he trade and hold positions so the missperception that he is long in one and short in the other account is just nonsense! To make money in trading is hard! But Tim teach the pattern and the rules to success and if you follow this rules the odds are very great! And yes i make money! And if you are really dedicated and study very hard you can make GREAT money!

    In the program you learn, basic of trading , and more advance detailed in depth trading , level 2, charts, SEC filling and fundamentals. Short and long.
    And he explain and goes over every trade to explain way he take it and what went good and bad (he shows all trades)
    And if Tim`s strategy dont work we have live trading with Tim Grittani, Michael Good and Mark Croock and now and then Tim Bohen and Steven Dux have webinars! Tim G, MG and MC is in the chat so we can ask them everything.

    1 year ago i didn’t know what trading was, i did know long and short! But to come to this point i can look at level 2 when its a wall of sellers/buyers or hidden seller/buyer and read tape! It is just WOW when i think back! Can take up the SEC filling and se how many outstanding shares so i know the actual float!

    It is just mind-blowing that people just hate because they dont want to study! Open your eyes!

  14. Michael

    All the haters can F off!! There just jelious that you have found success and are happy and are helping others live that dream life.

  15. chris fogle

    So glad you are successful and showing the way to others. I am guessing $820,000

  16. Corby

    Thank you and your teams time in teaching. I have only been “trading” a couple months and learning a lot. I appreciate the webinars, chats and brutal honesty. No one believes that idiot who was posting and know you and your team are REAL!
    Thank you again and looking forward to learning more

  17. Odalys Vasquez

    Hi Tim, I’m glad that through searching in the Internet I found you..I’ve watched your videos and what I see is an honest man and not a cheatter, you have inspired me to invest, being that I’m a full time mom…. I’ve already applied for your challenge but sadly I still need to put together all the resources I need to start. God bless you and keep up with being honest a just man is a great value.👍

  18. Sara aka bankatronic

    Through the ups & the downs, the wins the losses, the bad d*ck days & the awesome Mentortastic days, I have stuck with you, Tim & hear both bad & good from tons of ppl.

    So many of these haters, hate everyone equally lol & will be woefully unprepared for the YUGGE financial upheavals coming towards the whole flippin globe very soon. SMH

    Sure, you get angry & curse like many ppl do, However, YOU ARE AN ON POINT TEACHER, (and often hilarious), have taught countless traders to have a good foundation, started, have excellent marketing skills, DONATE ALL YOUR TRADING PROFITS TO CHARITY & give so many of us the chance to flippin not just survive this global turmoil BUT thrive as we go through these global shifts!
    Your work ethic is unrivaled. Your students banking millions, hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands, & hundreds are steadily growing. You are changing the world, Tim.

    That is why I stay, love learning & my profit chart has slowwwly, & yet surely made new highs in spite of the obstacles I am overcoming with my haters in life. LOL 😀 The struggle is real 😉
    It is our attitude that sets us apart.

    Not saying ANYTHING about traders who have left-everyone is different & I respect everyone’s position BECAUSE we ALL know that it is us traders against the market even though different groups go through times where they do the exact opposite of the “hottest trader this week or season”.

    I think that the reason that there are haters out there is a combination of:

    1.) Sometimes, the patterns are so rote that different groups railroad different traders for “fun” but usually get their faces ripped off by haughtiness & getting caught out their with the substances that tend to foster haughtiness, (we traders learn to look at the baloney sausage financial news sites & scheming investment banks skeptically anyways)
    2.) traders that follow alerts blindly & then get mad because they get burned when they did not have YOUR plan in their mind because they are not you, which I ve done a few times not going to lie LOL, & get stung because we should NEVER follow your alerts-we should learn WHY you took that trade,
    3.) there are not a lot of the usual “customer service” type reps that many of us are used to at profitly, as cushy Americans, so your time is spread thin & rightly so to spend on the overall traders that want this skill like the air we breathe,
    4.) with Alpha guys there are always going to be fights & the ones with the biggest muscles, best weapons (yes & the mind & pen can be weapons), most cool gear, funniest sayings, & wisest moves usually win &
    5.) the traders who learning this skill takes longer than others because of lack of family support, who do not have as much time or money go apesh*t when they hear you come down hard on them when it already seems like life is against them.

    The fact is that out of all the people who are absolute straight up haters of you & can not be grateful for anything positive that you are doing is because they are not doing what you are doing & not only that-they dont like your style.

    BUT, the PC Culture is dying & differences are what keep us all unique.
    You are not dishonest, you do not kiss bootie, you do not try to pretend to be some pretentious POS rich guy, but have proven that you really do appreciate the things in life that DO matter: Family, Love, Giving Back because you feel blessed & want to (aka holy Charity) Raising the Standards & the Bar for ppl who decide to take on learning this skill.
    That the haters see the bricks of federal reserve notes, brightly coloured superbly crafted cars, trips @ the world & hate you for it is weaksauce because we all know how ephemeral these things can get over time & more fulfilling endeavours/things REALLY worth something come into play.
    -Its just that the haters love to hate & do not as good of an assortment of interactions & experiences as they really would like.
    Just like narcissists will never feel ANY empathy unless it suits only their selfish needs.

    There is a cool saying by J. Davis “Never be haughty with someone who is humble & never be humble with someone who is haughty.”
    We agree with you that these haters are just part of how the world works-just obstacles to overcome & to look to on how NOT to act or be towards ppl. We are right to tell them to FO when necessary because no one should step on our dreams/determination-And whoa to those who try-karma will take care of that.
    The harder they come the harder they fall. One & all.
    They are part of the ying/yang-we all fall into lesser ways of behaving, but just foolishly compelled to do it more consistently & wickedly.
    It is not our beliefs that make us a better person-it is our BEHAVIOUR. And haters are not grateful overall-only when it suits their selfish needs for a facade.

    Thank you for dedicating your life to helping us all learn how to trade, TIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Our vibe attracts our tribe!

    Haters gonna hate, but we will all keep on learning to better ourselves, financially, personably, & on that spiritual karma plane.

    People that knock on learning to trade Small Caps/ Pennystocks are in for quite a shock as this world takes a financial 180. It is wise to be on the profitable side of when things shift.
    Let them have their socialist utopia-it only can exist in their minds LOL

    ROCK ON, TIM! ❤

  19. Thomas

    Hi Tim, my name is Thomas and on a super part time basis I’ve grown from 2k to 2600 in a month. This is my start. Im following your lessons and I hope to have something better to report next month.

  20. Edgar G

    I think you are already transparent enough! Going through your DVDs now and I’m learning SO much, thanks Tim for your mission to help lower/middle class people with lower trading accounts.

    Greetings from Mexico.

  21. Edgar G

    I think you are already transparent enough! Going through your DVDs now and I’m learning SO much, thanks Tim for your mission to help lower/middle class people with lower trading accounts.

    Greetings from Mexico.

  22. Alancash

    Hi Tim,
    If there is one person who hates you, there are ten who love who.
    Remember Jesus!!!! A perfect man who loved perfectly and they still killed Him.

  23. Conner Mader

    You provide so much and the most transparent trader in the industry. The world will change because of your teachings and it will be better. Only people that are dedicated enough to learn what you have to say will actually take the time to study your information and here what you have to say. People who call you BS are the ones missing out. They will never know what it will be like to have financial freedom and to be self sufficient. I have been watching you for multiple years and watching your DVDs but just recently decided to dedicate myself more than ever. Since becoming a PSS subscriber I have learned so much from all the video lessons. I am at #600 and joined exactly two months ago today. There are so many little nuggets of wisdom in these and it’s sad to see that only a small percentage of your subscribers have watched them. Your most dedicated students will be the ones who watch everything, read everything, and that will show with results. Hopefully more people comment on this blog post because it is simple homework assignments like this that will show who is dedicated enough to learn from you. 🙂

  24. John Corrigan

    You give . . . They take – No Comparison.
    “Haters” are probably trying to make a name for themselves by taking you on. Like skanky “journalists”.
    Thanks for all you do Tim!

  25. Alejandra

    I LOVE This post, I’ve had a few people on IG private messaging me trying to trash penny stocks and the whole system. #hatersgonnahate YOU ARE THE BEST Tim !! Thanks for all you do ! ON my way to riches 🙂

  26. Cortez


  27. Steven Patterson

    You can have all the money in the world (which you do not) your still a douchebag that belittles people to make yourself feel good. A real trader has nothing to prove and doesn’t walk around flashing fake loads of cash $1 bills wrapped in $100 outer bills. A real trader doesn’t claim a leased Ferrari (that only cost $1000 a month to lease is amazing. A real trader doesn’t boast about charities he donates to. How do I know this because I worked for Goldman Sachs and I work with real 7 figure traders all my life. You are just a wanna bee and you are rude and arrogant about it. That is the real reason you have haters. Your just a insecure little man. You wont even publish this but you will read it and thats all I care about. I know Im right and so do you

  28. Anthony

    I’m always skeptical, but at the same time, paying for information is something that happens everyday at a public or private school. It also happens in government, hell theres so much information that’s sold on black markets and people pay hefty amounts of money for it. I think its everyday la la land average people who view paying for information as a bad thing, but they probably aren’t people who are studying their hardest or really study anything anyways. People want shortcuts, but to get where you really want to be at, it takes hard work. You can either pay to go to school and learn to work for someone else and hopefully end up working for yourself one day or you can learn from Tim, or any other person who earns their living as a trader, and start working for yourself almost immediately…depending on your work ethic. But in the end, there will always be people who hate someone else’s success and you can either ignore them altogether or teach them like Time does.

  29. Travis McReynolds

    The truth will set you free – I want freedom and that’s the reason I am a student of yours. Kudos to another day of impacting so many lives in such a positive and meaningful way. Thank you Tim Sykes.

  30. Sylvia

    Thanks Tim for being REAL. I don’t have any doubts you are REAL because your teaching helped me already with my trading and I know it is just the beginning! People who hate are those who don’t trust, because there is way too many scammers out there and that makes it difficult to figure out who is real and who is not. On the other hand we have haters who hate because they are JELOUS of someone success. Unfortunately they are way too lazy to do anything meaningful with their’s life. So they choose to live miserable life and hate is the outcome of that miserable life. When you live fulfilled life there is no room for hate. Don’t waste your life on hate, life is way too short!!!

  31. Josephine Elizabeth Romeo

    I think you are just being your real self. You show your emotions, opinions and that’s what makes you, you.
    I actually appreciate your way of being. At least I know what you are thinking at face value.

  32. Javier

    that’s fucken awesome, I’m totally focus in achieving ALL my goals and more…


  33. SpaceBoundT

    Uneducated people are the ones who tend to hate on you. I traveled to my home state of MI over the past few weeks and mentioned to my brother-in-law how I joined your challenge and been studying the market using your tools and outside recommendations. The following weekend he said to me how he watched the interview with Dux and he could tell immediately how authentic the interview was and could tell easily that it wasn’t scripted. He said from the interview alone he could tell you’re “legit” which he was pretty much piggybacking from what I shared with him a week earlier about you being “real.” Keep up the great work, Tim! For those who still want to hate, to steal a line from Caddyshack, “The world needs ditch-diggers too.”

  34. Charles Knight

    To the haters:
    You obviously haven’t been able to succeed on your own merits, otherwise you would not waste your time by resorting to such childish attacks.
    Tim Sykes is obviously the real deal, and you only have to look at the real-time trades to know that.
    Perhaps there are some doubters that can’t accept that this is not a scam because it’s “on the web.” Too bad for you. You really should develop enough confidence in yourself to be able to figure it out on your own.

    To Tim:
    You are a great blessing to all of us in the challenge, and many others, so keep up the great work.
    It’s OK to “out these childish attacks” and correct these misrepresentations, just don’t let it get to you.
    I am very proud to be a Challenge Student, and my motivation, dedication and skills are increasing every day. Many years ago, I had some very good success trading penny stocks, and thus I never had any doubts about the authenticity of Tim’s program, and I have personally confirmed it myself by my current involvement as a Challenge student, as I am a very busy Physician, yet I am able to find the necessary time and energy to get the studying and work done to become successful in trading.
    It’s damn hard work, but with Tim’s help, I will get there, because I can see the true value of it.
    I feel sorry for those of you who cannot for whatever reason.

  35. Tim Vaughn

    Thank you Tim for all you do. Anyone who pays any attention to you whatsoever will know that you’re an honest, straight up guy who’s working to educate and help all of us find success in a difficult industry. Those who hate on you don’t know anything about you, and are just plain stupid. Period. I’m proud to be your student and always will be.

  36. Jeffrey P. Borja

    Takes a big person to recognize their own faults and an even bigger person to apologize publicly when they’ve crossed the line. You’ve done both and I definitely commend you for that; whereas 99.9% of haters won’t do that themselves.

    Lewis Howes vouched for you, and that was enough for me to start learning and ultimately apply to be a Challenge Student. Glad I did! Keep doing what you do, and see you in the chatroom.

  37. Timothy Sykes Post author

    LOL Steve would it surprise you that when I show $ it’s actually all real? You should watch the reporter followed me to the bank and I don’t lease my Ferrari, I bought it for $300,000ish, see of course I’ll publish your comment, you embarrass yourself with your lack of research, typical of my doubters, thank you for exemplifying this!

  38. Robyn Hamlin

    Tim, I love your lessons and commentary. As a total newbie I have been checking out other commentaries in addition to yours and I keep coming back to your lessons. You seen to understand the people on Main Street and the importance of teaching us how to find ticker trades instead of just blindly following someone and hoping for the best. The haters will always be haters. I am learning from you because you are transparent with all your trades. I am learning the lingo and am dedicated to learning from you. Small gains add up over time.

  39. jose

    Before January of this year I thought I was stuck at my jobs with no end in sight. But something great happened I discovered the truth (Tim Sykes). After the first couple of his YouTube videos I watched I was hooked. His brash straight forward style I loved. Take it or leave it , love it or hate weed out the people not ready to free themselves from the normality of mundane living. I’ve been trying his strategy with some success and failure on my own. I mean really he lays everything out there for you above and beyond what he should for FREE (traderchecklist). I just got accepted into the Millionaire challenge and can just see my new life ahead. I don’t even know how to repay someone who has so much for renewing my outlook on life. I guess the only way is to become another one of your millionaire student. So I’m going to study my ass off and dedicate my self to this challenge and let the haters hate and watch this money pile up.

  40. D.Kazakoff

    Tim wears transparency every day. Being open, vocal, emotional , apologetic, reserved, excited , caring, sharing, knowledgable, learned or even being Santa or a twit equals (we know who who we are dealing with) and that equates to “security and assurance.”
    “Openness and spontaneity seems to be illegal by some standards! ” Those wearing that ” viewpoint “can damage a “spirit”.
    We are meant to be alive!

  41. Mary comson

    When you are doing something amazing, there are bond to be haters. Just keep doing you tim. Cheers.

  42. John

    I’m a preacher, I think you’re doing great! I love it when anyone disrupts the “normal” and creates something brand new! That’s how God created us…in His image. He’s the Master Disrupter! -John Choque, pastor GEC

  43. Matt T.

    Screw your haters. You are by far the most transparent and authentic person I’ve ever come across. Never stop doing what you’re doing. Love your teaching.

  44. Alex

    I am new to trading stock and I am still learning about all this. But I can not find who are best Brokers for Europe. I come from small country Croatia and I want to know can I trade online or not and if someone tell me who are the best or good broker for us that live in Europe and starting out with small account?

  45. Claudia Montoya

    The more successful you become the more they will hate you. You’re real and that’s all that matters to me, I chose you to be my mentor even though I’ve seen some of the crap that is out there about you because I believe in you. Learning to day trade is very hard and all your video lessons, webinars, and even your crazy ideas to motivate us are working for me, I see the difference in my account since I joined the challenge. Thank you for all you do because you make the dream possible for thousands of us.

  46. Gina

    Congratulations Steven Patterson!!!!!!! There is a whole video lesson because of your post and it’s so inspirational!! I would be willing to bet if you put that much time into your comment then you are not a lazy person and that being said I bet Tim is right you COULD be his next millionaire student!!!! Take it seriously, study hard and your next post will be about how you made it big with Tims help. FYI he really is for real … good luck in your new challenge

  47. Andy

    Timothy Sykes, I have to say you’re the most engaging teacher out there. And its because you love what you do, and you enjoy teaching. I hope to one day to even hold one stack of cash you have shown, to leave my dead end job, end depression and leave my miserable life behind me. It sucks to still be living with my parents too. I am studying what I can afford and reading everything you post. Hopefully, one day my life will change too.

  48. Yelle Anne

    Screw all the haters! RESULTS NEVER LIE! They hate it because they know youre right and cant admit that they want it so bad and they cant swallow their huge pride to ask for your help because they need you to change their negative lives sir Tim! Cut through that BS!

  49. Veronika

    Thank you for this blog post, Tim. There always will be haters out there, but the main difference between you and them is that you work hard to achieve your goals and to teach us to be successful and they just leave bad comments here and there even not posting their real names. They never will be so successful like you, because you teach us not only to earn, but also to give. Thanks once again.

  50. Louis Horvath

    I love haters! they are LOSER”S who sit and hide behind there little cubicle’s and take orders from there bosses they HATE. Timothy Sykes is the best trading teacher and gives FREE daily YouTube video lessons.. Thank you.

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  52. FWhite99

    Dear Mr. Patterson,
    Did CNBC loan you a laptop to write your post bc it is full of sh*t. Tim you have a proven method and a personality that is you…….never change and keep building more and more millionaire students! Thank you Tim and thank you Steve for the great laugh.

  53. OceanRider

    99.995% of people do not work as hard as you Tim. It is from your experiences and trials that you know what works and what doesn’t Plus, you are extremely disciplined. I think you mentioned that you have a photographic memory as well. If you work as hard as you do and you have a photographic memory, that gives you an edge greater than the percentage above. Then comes the discipline which probably is the more important trait of all and it is the discipline that locks all the ingredients together and the discipline is the last chain that has to be there to lock all the other principles in place only once the order of knowing what to trade, what to avoid, when to scale in, when to cut losses, what to scan for and how to repeat the process.

    I give you a lot of credit for your achievements. I am working behind the scenes as I can doing what I can with the time I have. I now have to go to a job this morning which is so unbearable. I am a paid professional and still it is nearly impossible to maintain the best attitude needed to grind forward as the place I work for, which you know very well from being in South Florida, is known and it is terrible. Nothing good comes from the work environment I will travel to now. We have tons of contractors there and they are treated worse which is hard to believe but true and this is a knowledge professional job.

    Anyway, their is some kind of additional ingredient that is needed that must come that has not come to me as of yet. I study all the time. At some point, as you know, the patterns repeat, more than the price. More than the numbers. More than the same setups. I hope I can capitalize on the next set of successes needed to get to the next level soon.

    Congratulations on all of your achievements and thank you for your dedication to your students.

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