Regarding Terrorism, The Stock Market And Life - Timothy Sykes

Regarding Terrorism, The Stock Market And Life

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Every morning, I like to greet the day with an ecstatic tweet welcoming the new day and putting my mind in a positive mode as you can wee with my tweet today:

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But, unlike most other days, today was a sad sad day to wake up to yet another terrorist attack in London, the second in just a few weeks.  Understandably, some of my followers reacted with surprise and even negatively to my happiness as I got messages like this:

I get it, I get it. I’m not turning a blind eye to all of the violence and sadness in the world and I’m certainly not emotionless about it. I simply look to focus on the good and positive in life…I keep doing what I’m doing, teaching, blogging, traveling and meeting amazing people all over the world and building my charity as I’m grateful for every single day, every single dollar, every single student and every single school/project my charity is building (now up to 35 worldwide) as my focus is on the things I can control and not on what I cannot control.

For example, today I highlighted my newest trading challenge student, Roland, to pass $100,000 in profits:

And, unlike the many fakers in this industry, my top trading challenge students and I don’t just brag about about big milestones like this, we show EVERY trade too, see Roland’s trades here (I encourage you to ask ANY allegedly successful trader or investor for their track record and if they come up with ANY excuse whatsoever, call them out on that BS). And, I’ve asked Roland for a list of his top lessons from this achievement, too and maybe we can get him on video, like this other recent $100,000+ profit student:

And, hopefully I can sit down with Roland and interview him like I did here with these other great trading challenge students:

They have all accomplished these impressive results just in the last few years, all while terrorism and tons of other senseless crime and negativity has been in the headlines every single day.

Sadly, I see too many people obsessed with these sad world events, politics, news and entertainment and it distracts them from achieving their own goals as they bemoan and whine about this and that, over and over again, despite having absolutely NO control over any of it and they forget that they’re alive and ONLY in control of their own lives/destiny/future…not what terrorists, entertainers or politicians do, in any way shape or form.

So, I’m sorry to all the environmentalists, it’s recently been proven many times over that money, not votes or protests, matters most these days.  It’s time you face reality and focus on getting wealthy so you can have more influence in the world…imagine how much more good a multi-billionaire environmentalist would do, compared to the well-meaning, but truly-grassroots efforts that are getting nowhere in this day and age.

That’s right, I don’t have time for BS or political correctness these days. I’m more interested in the truth and sharing it, so that you can better your own life and ideally even the world, too. And, if you think about what terrorists want, it’s to get attention and to scare ordinary, hard-working individuals and, sadly, it works very well with attack after attack…but only if you let it.

As someone who travels all over the world, I am definitely influenced, saddened by and frankly scared by these attacks.  But again, I will not let them distract me from my goals and my positive outlook in life.

No matter where I am in the world, I’ll continue to wake up each day focusing on all of the beauty and opportunity that’s in the world and I will always try to prepare my students for whatever stock market opportunities I see…this new software is key to keeping me informed and up-to-date (save $100 off of it HERE using the coupon code save100).  But, every now and then I have to write blog posts like this to remind you what your focus should be, so that you can be the absolute best you can be, especially financially-speaking and I can have more six and seven-figure profit students so that you too can experience the absolute beauty and wonder of the world that I’ve been so fortunate to see while too many other people have been stuck in cubicles and offices NOT exploring the world like those of us who have beaten the rat race.

After all, one of the biggest reasons why I’m more positive than most people is that I’ve been to over 100 countries, so I have experienced a lot more of what this world has to offer and I want you to get there too.  But, sadly, too many people are working at dead-end jobs or building someone else’s dreams and so while 75% of people hate their jobs (too many studies show this kind of number, anywhere from 65-85%).  No wonder why they turn to social media, the news and entertainment to distract them from their unhappy jobs at which they spend the majority of their lives and then they get even unhappier after seeing negative story after negative story, headlining the very sources they’re searching for a positive distraction from their own lives…and then it’s just negativity on top of negativity, so it’s no wonder why so many people have an overall negative outlook in life!

The cool thing is that this can be changed VERY easily by simple recognizing the problem and then the hard part is putting in the work required to change your situation…stop living through the news and social media and focus on developing yourself and your own skills!

I know it’s corny, but knowledge truly is power and education is key so how much of this free stock trading guide have you read so far? How many hours of this 10+ hour guide have you watched, and not just watched in a half-assed kind of way, but in a meticulous way where you take notes and really learn how to prepare yourself on every single trade?

Have you seen this free video guide and this one too on how to use this trading software that will change your life?

Have you gone here to save a ton of $ on guides/newsletters and gone here to save $100 when you use the coupon code save100 yet?

Hell, maybe you’re not even into the stock market like my top students and I am and that’s fine too, I’m just sharing with you my main passion in life and explaining how its given me more than I could have ever imagined and I want you to focus on your own passion too…whatever it may be!

Whatever you choose, please do make sure it is financially rewarding so you don’t need to work at some other job that you don’t love…and no matter what your passion is, it’s VERY helpful for your finances to learn about the stock market and the finance industry as a whole.

I know, I know, investing and then actually putting in countless hours into your financial education is annoying and boring.  But, long story short, if you don’t, the terrorists win…because you won’t get the knowledge needed to be free of the rat race, you won’t become my next Millionaire trading challenge student, and nor will you have the experience required to make enough money to get out of the job/rat-race too many people are stuck in/destined to be stuck in forever since they don’t take their financial education seriously.

I don’t want you making that mistake as I’ve seen firsthand how much every single one of my students is capable of when they actually put in the time to get smarter, wiser and self-sufficient, everything the media and entertainment fields and the terrorists don’t want…because then you’ll start seeing the world in a VERY different light.

Leave a comment below this post if you promise to study your ass off, be positive despite the isolated negative events happening right now and take control over the one thing you have control over, your future, your knowledge and your potential.

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Hey Everyone,

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  1. Edward Humphrey

    Hi Tim,

    I really enjoyed your blog post and think that it is very inspiring. You are 100% right about not worry about the things we cannot control. I believe that if you think positive, you get positive results, so i appreciate your enthusiastic morning greetings! My goal is to get out of the rat race and have the financial freedom to help others and live a better life, so it is good to see that you are making a difference in the world by building schools and helping so many of us change our lives for the better. Keep doing what you are doing because you are making more of an impact than i think you really know.

  2. Eric

    Positivity. Is contagious … You can’t control everything in your life.. Focus on being positive in chaos, and you will prevail.. Whether it is helping others, helping yourself comes first … If you can’t help yourself , you can’t help others , and if you help others before yourself, it will be unfulfilling. With something missing in your life, you won’t be the best person you can possibly be… Strive for health, wealth, and remember the people who helped you get there… Ultimately , the person who helps the most is YOU.. The challenge to fight and improve comes from within

  3. Kyle wheeler

    Yes sir Timothy Sykes I fully agree with you and look up to you and also read many of your blog post, i also want to become a day trader and have been studying hard lately and I just want to keep studying and make these dreams turn into reality, hard work will pay off! Keep it up you are very inspiring and motivational.

  4. Arturas


    nice article . I see you have good eyes and feel about life..

    But most important battle and purpose in this world is a spiritual.. Some people have more money than others, but after death it will be no matter that money at all… all will be matter how good people was ,
    what they done good , what bad, and everything counts…

    Keep good work, btw Terrorists is nothing more , but controlled by the goverment..

    So yeah , our real enemy is our goverment and those above them..

    We have 31% Christianian religion and 21% muslim… SO i chose to be christianian , and i am very happy

    of that chose…

    God bless You ,
    and i hope you will find your eternal purpose , and make more good works on this planet 🙂

  5. Rafael Michael Soto

    Right on, Timmy!

    The news media always makes things seem a whole lot worse than they really are, all for ratings!

    As a wise man once told me, the best investment you can ever make in your life is in yourself!

    Also a true leader is one who makes everybody else around him way more successful than himself!

    Love you, Timmy!


  6. Andrew

    This will change your life! No need for days off! Study, study, study and when you’re sick of it study some more. If you want your life to change you need to put the work in. Tim is right, when you look at the people who are the best at what they do, they worked their butts off no matter the circumstances . The moment you make an excuse to not study, then your holding yourself back from becoming truly successful.

  7. Greg Halliwill

    With no days off it is a challenge to keep up with current events. Doesn’t mean people aren’t empathetic about them. Positivity isn’t always understood but keeps ones mind healthy. Keep INFLUENCES at bay and focus on your goals.

  8. Gosia

    Tim, thank you for your very no-nonsense view on the latest terrorist attack in London and for other similar approaches.
    Why do I thank you? Two of my kids (17 and 20 years old) are roaming the streets of London and were at the London Bridge just a couple of hours before the attacks.
    The trip is my gift for the high school graduation to the seventeen years old. I over-extended my budget so I’m staying home focusing on education, viewing your videos, reading your E-book, etc.
    Of course, I worried and I’m very saddened by all life lost, but I refused to be obsessed by the things I can’t control. My kids decided to stay in London for the next couple of days and I’m respecting their decision.

    Yes, I believe there is more good in the world and we should tap into that energy. Like you said: don’t let the negativity distract you from your goals.

  9. Jameson

    Focus on what you can control. If you can’t control it, don’t let it effect your life in a negative way.

  10. Alias710

    LOL most likely another false flag to create FEAR and PANIC!!! the problem is most people get their news from the television which is mostly biased and propaganda! Tim don’t let these dumbass un-meticulous brainwashed idiots get to you! 🙂

  11. Yoshitha

    hey Tim,
    Yeah i agree with the fact that worrying about the things you cannot control is so true Time!
    And the work u have done to build schools and all is so inspiring for students like us!
    And i still didnt get the interview call from ur team Tim?

  12. Joseph

    That’s the only way to do it Tim. Control the only one thing you can. Your reaction….. and stay positive all the time and make the most out of your life.

    Thank you for your hard work!

    You are a great teacher 🙂

  13. Claudia Montoya

    Agree with you, what is going on is very sad but we have to focus on the positive we have in our lives and better ourselves to make a better life for those around us.

  14. Peter Chartier

    A few things I’ve learned in life are. The only thing in life you can control is how you react. You can be poor and chain yourself to the tree to try and save it. Or you can be rich and buy the forest. The latter makes more sense.
    As a few you stated, happy brings happiness, negativity brings more negativity.

    Choose wisely,

    Thanks for leading Tim.


  15. Mark

    Thanks for the post Tim. Indeed, be the best you can be!! That is a very complex statement, impossible to determine when someone else is deciding the “best” for you future while performing you are performing on the hamster wheel called a job. Freedom, all types, begin with the mental freedom of knowing that you can indeed be yourself when your schedule is your own. Thanks again for fighting the good fight

  16. Robert Watson

    I guess she hasn’t seen this yet. Thank you for keeping the stamina and drive necessary to teach others. There are many other teachers , English, Math, Philosphy etc that are focused on thier task at hand, leaving the appropiate people to handle events in society…. I have my opinions about terrorist and I dont blame the responders, I blame the terrorists. Again Thank you for what you do.. Keep up the work, I’m a slow learner but I am learning and getting better. I shut off the cable news network(s), to study….

  17. Nystockguru

    Yeah a positive realistic outlook is a big part of living a happy healthy and wealthy life. I agree you can’t let negative things stop your progress. Just like Ari Grande’s decision to not let the terrorists stop her success because face it: they want to destroy our way of life. What better way to beat them then to continue our way of life and spread a message of peace and love. I disagree that there is nothing you can do but feel you can do whatever you put your mind to.

  18. picsoumax

    I will study my ass off and focus only on things I have control over, despite I regret that such horrible events happen in our world !

  19. Ingy

    Thank you Tim! Money talks and money ALWAYS can buy happiness, no matter what poor people say. FUCK RADICAL MUSLIMS AND FUCK ISIS! If you delete this post, you are a terrorist sympathizer.

  20. Anonymous

    thx tim. im staying positive, praying for London n studying… God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

  21. Richard mcbane

    YES have to focus on making yourself the best person you can be and be able to make a difference in this world!

  22. Ali

    Living in Manchester myself and having experienced the aftermath of such attacks, i thank you for your lessons in positive thinking. I promise to keep studying and only focusing on that which i can control.

  23. Angela

    Yup, no days off. Just joined about 2 weeks ago and been studying, studying, studying. Making and refining my plans. Getting excited to make my first trade in a few months, got to study more first. Doing this gives me hope. I thank God for this opportunity and I thank Tim Sykes for his teachings that turn the opportunity into a reality.

  24. Chris Stanfill

    I’m still with you Tim. Leaving the rat-race today to FOCUS on MY OWN BUSINESS & TRADING!!! 🙂 This message was exactly what I needed to hear. Saving up to $2k and then I’ll be back on and STT, ideally would like $5k but I’ll just have to see what I can take out. Blessings to you and yours Sensai.

  25. Jen Connor

    There’s certainly much I agree with in Tim’s message… positivity, striving for financial independence, not wasting time on social media to the point it obsesses one’s life negatively. But I’m adding one big thing– that is, it’s up to US to fight these terrorists. Yes, our new president is trying to halt and reverse some of the danger we’re in, but he’s being met by the rainbows-and-lollipops non-thinkers who think we just have to be nicer to potential terrorist. Bull cookies! I was saddened to hear that people ran screaming and crying from the latest terrorist attack. At some point, we have to turn on the terrorists and attack what they’re doing to us, especially our young people enjoying a night out. These lone-wolf or small-gang terrorists need to see us RESIST, turn on them, and bring them to their knees, even if a few of us get hurt. At a concert or a nightclub, there’s more of us than them. Think of the ordinary passengers of Flight 90 on 9/11. They realized what was happening and grouped together to take out the killers– “Let’s roll!” Sure, you say, I don’t want to get killed- who does, except for a stupid, cowardly terrorist with a weapon and a demented mind-set? But unless WE start acting stronger, they will be the ones to control us. It’s like Tim is always saying it’s in our control to have a better financial future. Maybe with the terrorists, it’s time to start thinking it’s in our control to HAVE a future.

  26. Fred Becker

    It’s worth it. Can’t focus on the bad news of the media, instead focus on the good news. Negative is to easy to take in. Positive means you have to work for and stay focused.
    Been studying repetitiously How to Make Millions & Traders Checklist DVD’s over, and over and over for several months. I want to be the best. No days off. Thank you for being the best trainers in the industry.

  27. Llewellyn Booysen

    Straight to the point. Nothing comes easy in life without hard work and dedication.

  28. Fishdogmillionaire

    I promise to keep studying my ass off Tim, remain positive and focus on the the things I can change like my financial and stock market trading education

  29. Janelle

    “Be the best me” is my current mantra. Thanks for the encouragement and leadership this exact mindset provides! It lights a fire under me.

  30. EDISON

    Great text. I promise to study hard and commit myself to learning the most. #nodaysoff

  31. Arthur Einisson


    Yes, Tim, I promise with all my heart to study HARD and to be dedicated to! I couldn’t agree more with what you were saying in this post and I think it’s really important for people to read such thing now. The ability to focus on positive things in life is just so tremendously powerful.

    Many people feel guilty for letting their own future and live blossom just because other people don’t. That’s their own responsibility; it’s their own decision. Even though it sounds cocky you have to think about your own life and learn how to get wealthy …and have fun along the way! I also completely agree with the multi-billionaire analogy you talked about. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

    Now I just have ONE PROBLEM so I’m hoping you can HELP ME TIM! I applied for your millionaire challenge couple of days ago and I really hope to be accepted. But I don’t live in America, I live in Iceland. Is that going to work? I’m 18 years old now so I have two years left of school here in Iceland. After that I could probably move to Florida or to the US which I really want but the question is: Can I start now as a foreign student? 🙏🏻☺️

    Best regards,

  32. Natasha Simmons

    Thanks Tim for the reality check. Yes, definitely putting in work to change my life. Thank you again.

  33. AnneMarita

    It is very important and admirable to stay positive during times like this. Hats off to Tim for being so positive! I ALMOST forgot my own rules after I just this year joined Twitter and Instagram. I have stayed away for a reason but need them now for finding important information after joining the challenge – and will be needing these tools increasingly as I improve as a trader. We don’t just see a lot of bad news nowadays but also so much division and hatred, whether political or business. I got recently attacked on Twitter by an individual uneducated about Tim’s program after announcing my involvement with Tim’s Millionaire Challenge. It came out of left field and after telling the person off, I should have left it to that and simply block the person immediately. I should know better when I see 7 unsolicited messages from the same person, but the need to defend Tim and his brilliant program as well as my own involvement kicked in. Since then I went back to my own “old rules” that I developed in so many years of running businesses and fighting hatred – sometimes even in court. We see and hear things that make many wonder: “what happened to the civilized world”? Things that used to be an exception are now everyday life. I grew up in Europe and never saw quite the behavior that I am starting to get used to seeing here. We should never get completely used to it though, or at least not think that it’s acceptable, but we can learn to ignore it and block it to a degree and learn to be happy about everything we are and we have. There is no better way of going about it than having a passionate and cheerful mentor like Tim. Thank you Tim.
    And btw, I AM studying my ass off!

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