Q&A With My Student Who Has Made $4.7 Million**

Student Who Has Made $4.7 Million

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Q&A With My Student Who Has Made $4.7 Million

I’m excited to share a Q&A with my student who has made $4.7 Million.**  It’s been a crazy few weeks for me in Indonesia opening not 1 but 2 schools with my charity as you can see HERE and HERE and doing not 1 but 2 TEDx Talks on charity and social media and education, of which videos will be posted shortly (I’m not in control of Ted so please stop asking, they’ll get posted when they get posted in the next few weeks from what I understand and you some of you don’t have to worry so much…of course, I’ll let you know when that time comes, don’t expect perfection as I actually screwed up pretty royally on my first one, so I was fortunate enough to get a second chance and do better in Jakarta, whew!)

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…and while I have been trading literally from the other side of the world in Australia and Bali and having adventures and doing charity during the day while trading at night here, I’ve also managed to profit over $20,000+ despite huge time zone and wifi obstacles proving that yes, you can trade stocks from anywhere in the world if you have a plan and strategy and preparation…and that $20,000 is based on me trading like a complete coward given my situation and mostly just trading during the first hour or two of the trading day each day as the US stock market has been opening between 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30pm in the time zones I’ve been in on this trip! **

And, on this trip, I brought over a dozen friends and students, most notably my top trading challenge student Tim Grittani, my student who has made $4.7 million, and his lovely wife Donna…and because we tried and failed to do a few live webinars for Trading Challenge students…I actually mean it when the wifi is weak…we decided to instead do a Q&A session and wrote this blog post if you remember asking questions.**

And questions we got and I thank everyone for asking such good stuff — below is our roughly 1 hour Q&A video which unlike my previous 1+ hour video interview with Tim Grittani here this one focuses less on his journey and more on what we would do if we were starting all over again.

For me it’s been nearly 2 decades since I had just a few thousand dollars to my name, but for Tim Grittani, it’s only been a measly 6 years since he had $1,500 to his name and now he’s closing in on $5 million in trading profits, so if I were you I’d watch this video below repeatedly and take careful notes and leaving your feedback and comments below too.**


Now that you’ve watched this little Q&A, I’m curious to hear what you thought?!?!?! Please do leave your feedback in the comment section below as I’m always looking to be a better teacher, give better interviews like this and answer more of your pressing questions too!

For some more background on what my top Trading Challenge students and I are doing that’s working well in this current market environment, please also watch these long video interviews below that I’ve done in just the past few months as I think they’re very educational and helpful, especially to newbies and beginners who need to see that my top Millionaire Trading Challenge students and I are not geniuses or great at math or “chosen ones”, we’re just regular people who have studied our butts off and thus are better prepared than pretty much everyone else on a day to day basis and so our odds of success are higher.

Yes, yes, all my top students are males so far, but studies show that females actually make better traders and just because all my top students are from the US so far does not mean that my European, African and Asian and Latin American students have a less chance of becoming my next Millionaire student…on the contrary, the internet and the stock market are great equalizers as we all have access to the same data and information and it’s not a question of intelligence or math skills (I know I’m not that smart and I actually suck at math)…success is not a question of who you are, where you are from or where you live now, all that matters is how hard you study and how well you apply that knowledge day in day out to making the most of your life.

Please do leave a comment and let me know what you think of all this as I want more Millionaire Trading Challenge students!