Q&A With My Student Who Has Made $4.7 Million**

Student Who Has Made $4.7 Million

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Q&A With My Student Who Has Made $4.7 Million

I’m excited to share a Q&A with my student who has made $4.7 Million.**  It’s been a crazy few weeks for me in Indonesia opening not 1 but 2 schools with my charity as you can see HERE and HERE and doing not 1 but 2 TEDx Talks on charity and social media and education, of which videos will be posted shortly (I’m not in control of Ted so please stop asking, they’ll get posted when they get posted in the next few weeks from what I understand and you some of you don’t have to worry so much…of course, I’ll let you know when that time comes, don’t expect perfection as I actually screwed up pretty royally on my first one, so I was fortunate enough to get a second chance and do better in Jakarta, whew!)

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

…and while I have been trading literally from the other side of the world in Australia and Bali and having adventures and doing charity during the day while trading at night here, I’ve also managed to profit over $20,000+ despite huge time zone and wifi obstacles proving that yes, you can trade stocks from anywhere in the world if you have a plan and strategy and preparation…and that $20,000 is based on me trading like a complete coward given my situation and mostly just trading during the first hour or two of the trading day each day as the US stock market has been opening between 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30pm in the time zones I’ve been in on this trip! **

And, on this trip, I brought over a dozen friends and students, most notably my top trading challenge student Tim Grittani, my student who has made $4.7 million, and his lovely wife Donna…and because we tried and failed to do a few live webinars for trading challenge students…I actually mean it when the wifi is weak…we decided to instead do a Q&A session and wrote this blog post if you remember asking questions.**

And questions we got and I thank everyone for asking such good stuff — below is our roughly 1 hour Q&A video which unlike my previous 1+ hour video interview with Tim Grittani here this one focuses less on his journey and more on what we would do if we were starting all over again.

For me it’s been nearly 2 decades since I had just a few thousand dollars to my name, but for Tim Grittani, it’s only been a measly 6 years since he had $1,500 to his name and now he’s closing in on $5 million in trading profits, so if I were you I’d watch this video below repeatedly and take careful notes and leaving your feedback and comments below too.**


Now that you’ve watched this little Q&A, I’m curious to hear what you thought?!?!?! Please do leave your feedback in the comment section below as I’m always looking to be a better teacher, give better interviews like this and answer more of your pressing questions too!

For some more background on what my top trading challenge students and I are doing that’s working well in this current market environment, please also watch these long video interviews below that I’ve done in just the past few months as I think they’re very educational and helpful, especially to newbies and beginners who need to see that my top Millionaire trading challenge students and I are not geniuses or great at math or “chosen ones”, we’re just regular people who have studied our butts off and thus are better prepared than pretty much everyone else on a day to day basis and so our odds of success are higher.

Yes, yes, all my top students are males so far, but studies show that females actually make better traders and just because all my top students are from the US so far does not mean that my European, African and Asian and Latin American students have a less chance of becoming my next Millionaire student…on the contrary, the internet and the stock market are great equalizers as we all have access to the same data and information and it’s not a question of intelligence or math skills (I know I’m not that smart and I actually suck at math)…success is not a question of who you are, where you are from or where you live now, all that matters is how hard you study and how well you apply that knowledge day in day out to making the most of your life.

Please do leave a comment and let me know what you think of all this as I want more Millionaire trading challenge students!

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Timothy Sykes

Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

Which is why I've launched my millionaire challenge. I’m extremely determined to create a millionaire trader out of one my students and hopefully it will be you.

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  1. Matthew Tellez

    Awesome awesome video! I definitely feel more comfortable with Tim G’s tip that a small account of 1k can turn into a large account focusing on 1 or 2 setups. Mainly buying b/o that can run. So far in 2017 I’m down from 2800 to 1100 but it’s not over yet! More focus, more disciple and more studying. I just finished watching discs 1-6 of How to Make Millions (for the second time, I did watch it in its entirety early on) and its making more sense now. Can’t wait to see you guys in Orlando!

  2. Louis

    Thanks for this Q&A Tim Sykes and Tim Grittani. Always appreciate each and every video and help from you both. Totally agree with you Tim Sykes… it doesn’t matter where or who you are but as long as you’re committed 1,000%. I’m in Samoa (South Pacific) with crappy internet and crazy timezone difference but I’m definitely committed!!!

  3. Jonel Etienne

    This is a great Q&A. Thank you Tim Sykes and Tim Grittani. This video motivated me to begin studying. I hope to join this program one day

  4. Bryan

    You guys are pretty awesome, hard work paid off that’s for sure. I trade part-time during my breaks at work with a few tricks I learned from Tim video, I’m up just over $15k this year, but I’ve been trading 3 years now, I still have so much to learn. I’m hoping to take time off work to try this full time in near future. I have a few penny stock plays in Canadian marijuana companies, since it’s expected to be legalized for recreational use across Canada in July 2018. I’m also trading gold and silver these days, very volatile. Keep up the great work, maybe someday I can become your first Canadian millionaire.

  5. Jeff Chisholm

    Thanks for the great video and q&a for us aspiring traders. I’m just getting interested in this and have no clue about the stock market but any and all of these videos will help teach me to become self sufficient and ultimately work for myself. As intimidating as this is for me right now you guys are truly an inspiration and I love the fact you chose to give back and share to our youth, the futur. So inspiring!! Hopefully with a lot of studying I’ll get there someday. Thanks so much!

  6. Tarun

    Thank you Tim for providing these kinds of interviews which are helpful for a newbie like me to get motivated and learn new things. I want to be your student and to live a lifestyle like you. I love your lifestyle and the way you thinks. Thank you Tim grittani for sharing your strategies. Both of you are Awesome!!!!!….

  7. Tarun

    Thank you Tim for providing these kinds of interviews which are helpful for a newbie like me to get motivated and learn new things. I want to be your student and to live a lifestyle like you. I love your lifestyle and the way you thinks. Thank you Tim grittani for sharing your strategies. Both of you are Awesome!!!!!….

  8. Tarun

    Thank you Tim for providing these kinds of interviews which are helpful for a newbie like me to learn new things. I want to be your student and to live a lifestyle like you. I love your lifestyle and the way you thinks. Thank you Tim grittani for sharing your strategies. Both of you are Awesome!!!!!….

  9. Julian Nelson

    This is a great! I believe Timothy Sykes I have a possibility make your own personal trading app where you can trade for free for it will help for studying purposes. It can be use for training purposes. I love the understanding the point you guys made from where you guys made the mistakes on those mistakes made you guys be where you at today. Solving that problem of that mistake was the award! I thought I should left this commment I haven’t seen or herd about your own personal trading app where you can trade for free as a visual learning process.

  10. Ruth Miller

    Thanks for all the wonderful learning tips. It’s very encouraging! Especially thanks for posting footage of your school project, it made me cry! Life is not about how much we take, but how much we share….God bless your projects!

  11. Jo Ann

    Great Q&A session, lots of really good tips and experienced knowledge to learn from, thx Tim & Tim! 🙂 Look forward to watching it again this week, and thereafter. So much yet to learn!!
    Almost overwhelming joyful emotions watching the children smiling so happy in their beautiful new schools, it is most pleasing to God to bless those that are less fortunate. Not only with your schools, but you as teacher as well, being a blessing to so many!! I not only speak for myself, but many others.. are very thankful. GBY🙏🏽

  12. Arslan Amjad

    Hi! Timothy…. Hope you will fine. Sir actually i have seen your video but i didn’t understand how can i take start for trading… please help me please…. I already registered i your web site….

  13. Mo

    Thank you Tim Sykes and Tim G for all the videos and webinars u guys make,I’m in NJ and I work late night so I have no excuses ,I watched all of ur videos Tim Sykes from all the old dvds Penny stock part duex to how to make millions I subscribed to penny stock silver ,I’ve seen all of ur YouTube videos and lessons ,its you that helps give me hope in this world to be rich and free one day god willing.i watched trading tickers also from Tim G,and what I got from both of u guys is buying breakouts and dip buying from Tim Sykes and shorting spikes that been running up for days or weeks, is there more to it or that’s basically the plan ? Strong volume,low float low priced ,big %gainers of the day?

  14. Serioja Glorie

    Amazing stuff guys…Keep it up…Ill be there with you opening more schools some day…
    Truly amazing & inspiring.. You’re the real deal… 😉

  15. Bridget

    Thanks a million Tim. I am a newbie still to climb this mountain but I feel I am in good hands. Once I join the challenge I can reach the summit

  16. ZesttyMe

    Hey Tim,

    Have watched a few of these interviews now and find your charity investments in education truly inspirational. Am also following you on Twitter, have read the American Hedge fund and am busy reading through the various key note key PDF’s I have managed to download. I am keen to get into trading but still on the fence as to whether I have what it takes…. taking that “leap of faith” is taking me some time. I found this interview helpful. Picked up some good tips and the questions were also worthy.

    Questions I have that I have not yet come across the answers to thus far is where I can find these brokers that you mention charge $5 per trade and I have yet to establish if it is a compulsory practise from a legal standpoint, to use a broker?

    From my side, much respect and gratitude to you for leading by example by leading with love. I also very much appreciate your honesty and transparency as well as your intent to truly be the mentor to others, that you never had, not to mention your explosive passion for trading and teaching…. truly examples of what we all should aspire to be and have within ourselves in order to be successful in life and not just as potential traders. Keep moving, keep exploring and keep sharing your remarkable journey of success 🙂

    In Unity & Resonance

  17. Institraderx

    Getting to know which strategy you’re good at by practising different ones is part of the education. Being prepared and focused on just a few good plays instead of being overwhelmed with too much info and thousands of choices. Good Q&A session! Great to understand your info better! Studying and practice is what helps! Thank you Tim&Tim and love the charity work also.

  18. Robert Russell

    Loved it guys. I’ve watched this q&a twice now and shared it with a coworker who I introduced to the market and I think he’s really getting on board. I study day and night working toward getting into your challenge. I hope to work with you asap! Thanks for all the great information!!

  19. EduardoM

    awesome, everything you need to practice it to learn more and more, very good charity to children with a new school, thanks tim
    could you send me the video of the great charity you’ve done?

  20. Montse

    I´m female , I´m European and I´m one of your Challenge students determined to learn as much as posible cause I really believe that is possible for me become into one of your next Millonaire Students.
    Thanks for your teaching Tim!!

  21. Jesca

    Very informative Q & A session. It was like aimed at me. I will surely put this to use when I eventually return back to trading.

    Right now the focus is purely on acquiring knowledge!!!

  22. Mel Martinez

    Can’t thank you both enough for all the knowledge and information that you shared with us on this Q&A video.
    I am practicing the 17 habits you recommended.
    I’m still halfway on all the assignments.
    I get really excited every time I see your team’s pictures sitting in some island in Asia trading on your laptop.
    I tell myself, I am looking at the 5 millionaires I want to surround myself with.

    Thank you very much!

  23. Lance Wing

    Wow, I love this. Great Q and A and then inspiration with the schools opening in the same video. I met you guys in Orlando and I’m very proud to be one of your students. All of you guys.. the gurus / teachers and your staff are wonderful folks.

  24. Kristen Webb

    Hi Tim,
    Thank you for making this with Tim G. I found this extremely helpful! I’ve been a bit over whelmed over the last few months being a complete newbie on exactly what to study, what to trade. But this was really helpful, in keeping it simple and just focusing on one or two things. 6 months in and things are definitely starting to sink in . Thanks again! 🙂

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