Q& A Mailbag: 5 Questions With Tim Sykes

I’m a buy and hold investor and it’s worked well for me over the years, how much time does your strategy require? Can I do it part-time?

-J. Rosenfeld

Buy and hold is fine for the vast majority of people, but it’s not going to make you rich very quickly (unless you’re already rich). Finance is full of snobs and narrow minded people who believe they should only learn about non-specula

tive investment strategies. Screw that—to better understand the market, you need to better understand ALL investment strategies! While my short-term trading strategy is definitely not for everyone (I guess it’s even crazier that I don’t use leverage?!?!?), it can make you rich quickly (relatively quickly—4 to 10 years—as proven once and asI will prove again (and as detailed in my book and my DVD)). Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy—nothing that’s worth doing ever is—the opportunities may only come about weekly (or sometimes daily or even monthly), but you have to keep a close eye out for any and all opportunities, even if you don’t end up taking a position. So, yes, you can do it part-time, but your results will suffer. It all depends on how badly you want to make money and how much time/energy/friends/ relationships you’re willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals.

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Tim, you’re incredibly full of sh*t. I’ve never seen anybody who’s as full of sh*t as you, how do you live with yourself?

-Bill ********

Thanks for the useful and detailed criticism (sarcasm). Unfortunately, the facts don’t support your conclusions; all I do is share my experiences/trades, both good and bad. I’d love to see your reasons as to why you think I’m full of it.

So you lost 35% and then closed the fund so for all intents and purposes you are no longer at 1.65 million. This sounds more like the birdstone ladies and Jim cramer then a smart shot investor and does little to dispel the efficient theory myth. Marshall Mcluen was right “The medium is the message” and we are still looking for the customer’s yachts.

-Jack L.

LOL, who said I was a smart shot investor (whatever the hell that is)? Why is it so difficult for people like you to believe that I coudl care less about industry credibility? For all the risks I used to take, it’s actually quite amazing my drawdown was so small. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never used leverage. I, unlike every other market pundit admit my mistakes, I detail them too. While unfortunate,they have served to help me become more conservative, helping me to be a better and more useful commentator. I’m just a 26 year old kid with no professional background—but now with near 10 years of market experience under my belt, you’ll see I call ’em like I see ’em and I’m better than most. Let me know if you have any other questions!

PS I think you’re referring to the Beardstown Ladies and Marshall McLuhan, you moron!

Hey, I’d love to buy your DVD…but isn’t $300 US kinda pushing it? I thought DVDs were a lot cheaper than that…so ya, think about lowering your prices ok?…that way peeps like myself can afford to buy it. Or maybe selling each cd individually, that why you could price it cheaper as well.


Comparable trading DVDs range from $700-$7,000 so mine is pretty cheap. Also, this is no basic DVD, there’s some special effects and green screen action so it wasn’t cheap to produce. More importantly, if you follow the lessons I preach, you’ll cover the cost in one
or two trades.

Why don’t you use leverage?


I don’t like the risk involved. I’ve played soooo many thousands of stocks, each play is different, and so you can never be totally sure of the outcome. Leverage can help you get rich quicker, but it also invites disaster. Rushing to get rich is the single worst thing to do as an investor trader, patience, learning, all that fun stuff is much more important. To be able to take advantage of the inevitable opportunities, the key is staying in the game—always remember that.