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Best Tweet Ever: The Priests Of Penny Stocks

I’m trying to keep up with new students who are signing up to my newsletters HERE, but this tweet from this morning was the best thing I’ve seen in a very long time:

Kroyrunner, if you don’t know, is the screen name of my top trading challenge student Tim Grittani who has turned $1,500 of his own money into now $1.25 million in the 3 years since he’s been my student, see all his trades HERE, see him featured on CNN HERE, see us featured on FOX HERE, and he has the single most inspirational story in years and that’s why we put in so much time in creating this video to help show you what’s possible with my strategy and penny stock trading in general when you understand how the game works:

And now he’s giving back to my other Challenge students by doing monthly webinars to help me in achieving my new goal of having a 3rd student cross $1 million in profits in just a few years

(This great penny stock trader who also mentors other Challenge students was the first student of my strategy to cross $1 million in profits in late November and he too is now up to $1.2 million in profits, every trade detailed HERE)

When I first turned $12,415 into $1.65 million in 4 years everyone said I was lucky or a genius or a fraud…but it was none of the above…

Now that trading challenge student after student are experiencing the same kind of mind boggling success people all over the world are realizing what I teach is 100% real and it’s my STRATEGY & TRADING RULES that are the keys to success.

Hate on penny stocks all you want, but when you see live trade after live trade HERE exhibiting the SAME EXACT PATTERN you have to be crazy not to spend some time and delve into my free video lessons to see how I’m able to predict this price action again and again and again and why my students and I are becoming millionaires in a far shorter time period than anyone thought possible as a result.

The same strategy allowed me to buy/alert YOD in the $2s and $3/share level before it spiked to $7+ this week and it also allowed me to short CNTO before its trading halt on which I’ll most likely make $100,000+ when the stock reopens on February 26th…see a video I did explaining these trades:

To clear up some FAQs, yes, 2 of my students have publicly crossed $1 million in profits, showing every trade on Profitly, but I also have 2 other students who have crossed $1 million, but they don’t want to be public about it which obviously disappoints me, but I have to respect their right to privacy.

So even though I have 4 students who have crossed $1 million you’ll hear me say I only have 2 because that can be proven beyond a shadow of doubt…and there are many more students getting closer too…like these guys:

Azimjon (who named his son Timur after me, seriously, read about it HERE) has now turned $2,200 into $158,000 in a little over one year, see every trade HERE

In case you don’t understand what’s happening it’s that my top students are so content and grateful for their profits and financial freedom that they’re helping me spread the message of PennyStocking…it’s a VERY positive message.

My DVD study guides HERE were just the start…now I have a video lesson library of nearly 1,500 videos, daily watchlists, trade alerts, a chatroom now with more than 600 traders every day and best of all my top students have become the priests of penny stocks.

I’m not trying to offend any religious people out there and as you may know I got started with my Bar Mitzvah gift money, so I say this with all good intentions and I’m SO thankful for my students wanting to share their success and education with others as they could easily just keep the money and knowledge to themselves.

So thank you Tim Grittani, Michael Goode, Azimjon and everyone else who’s willing to be transparent as we’re creating a better world in the most unloved niche in all of finance and I want you guys to take pride as we work together to create more millionaire students who ideally will also help share their success/know how to help others…paying it forward one millionaire at a time…change lives one student at a time.

All you trading challenge students get excited for my weekly webinars, Michael Goode’s weekly webinar happening right as I publish this post, and more importantly, next Wednesday as Tim Grittani begins his monthly webinars which they will be a great educational resource for you!

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    I am thrilled to have him present to us!! Thank you Tim and Tim for making this happen for your challenge students!

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