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An Ex-Penny Stock Promoter Speaks Out

The other day I gave you details HERE about my upcoming Vegas conference….and we’re ALREADY nearly sold out!

Check out for allllllllll the details and hit me up HERE if you want in on earlybird special pricing where you can save hundreds of dollars.

Here’s a great interview one of my trading challenge students did with one of the conference speakers who happens to be an ex-stock promoter and who now teaches…you NEED his newsletter HERE as he has absolutely NAILED just about every major pump of 2013 BEFORE the stocks spike a ton, check him out and I hope to see you in vegas!

Tim is excited to announce that one of the most anticipated guests at his Annual Pennystocking Conference in Vegas will be returning this year! That’s right, Tom of the Pre Promotion Alerts newsletter will be attending the conference for the third year in a row. Tom told me that this year is going to be something special as well. “I’ve spoken at the PennyStocking Conference twice already (2010 & 2012) but this year will be something very special. Besides learning about my basic strategy, I plan to publicly deliver what could become one of the biggest $$$ makers of 2014 in a separate 60 minute segment that’ll take place on the first day of the conference (in my opinion it’s something you should not pass up).”

Now that’s quite the statement! It makes me feel like the cost of going to the conference in totally worth it since if you know what that money maker is going to be, you should be able to easily recoup the cost of attending. Tom should have a big crowd during his presentation, and he hopes you guys will be a part of it. And if all of that wasn’t enough to make you want to go, check out his profit chart. You can’t argue with verified profits like this.


The “PrePromo” trading strategy has been discussed in the past, and is basically discovering the biggest penny stock promotions before they even begin. This means that you will be getting in on the action at the early stages of the best time to trade. Tom said that conference attendees “can expect to learn my favorite tools & techniques used to discover stock promotions prior to their launch and, more importantly, the top trade setups to take so you’ll understand exactly when to buy & sell.”

Tim has written about PrePromo in numerous blog posts, detailing just how much money this guy makes. In one post, Tim even says that PrePromo is making Tim look bad due to the huge number of video lessons and trading tools he sends out to his subscribers.

“We have the best video lesson library in the industry for teaching how to trade pre promotion stocks / promoted stocks from the long-side. I don’t think there’s been a single complaint about the breadth & depth of our video lesson library because it teaches people not only what I look for when I trade but also the tools that I use on a daily basis,” Tom said.

PrePromo used to be a penny stock promoter, but has come over to the “good side” and now makes roughly $25,000 a day and teaches others to spot pump and dumps early. If you subscribe to one of his newsletters, ou will receive daily watchlists and certain newsletters will have access to video lessons as well. These two tools will cover what stocks to watch and what should happen next, meaning that you are ready to jump in when the promotion starts. Check out the chart of his subscribers profits!


Nearly $600,000! That’s insanely impressive you guys. Think about the knowledge you are missing out on if you don’t go to Vegas. If you want to be a successful trader but you aren’t attending, all I can say is “shame on you.” You’re being a lazy fool.

Some of his more notable trades are making $25,000 in a day trading a stock with the ticker NSRS and $39,000 trading a stock with the ticker ABOT. To see some of the crazy price action that happens in the pumps he spots early, look no further than LEXG. He alerted that stock when it was trading at $1.3 before it climbed all the way to more than $10!

As noted above, PrePromo was a penny stock promoter for seven years before he began this newsletter. Promoting stocks isn’t something that he is proud of, but that experience has made him extremely successful in spotting the new pump and dumps. He isn’t a stranger to stocks either. He began trading during his sophomore year of high school and turned $2,000 into $20,000 in a matter of six weeks. However, he lost about half of that when he thought a company with the ticker CSCO would keep going up when it actually ended up falling. Then, in 2009, he started with a small account and during 2011 and 2012 he turned less than $25,000 into more than $200,000.

The reason Tom joined Profitly is because he wanted to teach others about the strategy of buying promotions early. He has now began to use his knowledge to short penny stocks when he is able to find shares to short as well, meaning that you can profit on both sides of the promotions.

One of his students made more than $60,000 trading an early promotion! According to Tom and Profitly, many of his other students have made great trades such as buying two companies with the tickers LEXG and JAMN when they were under $1 before they shot up to $10 and $6, respectively. Tom’s most successful trade was on ABOT, where he made $39,000 in one day.

“Well as a team we pretty much find every big promotion in their very, very early stages (most often before they’re promoted). GNIN from the $0.60’s was one trade that I was trading & very bullish about from the $0.60’s,” he said. One of the best things about his newsletter and strategy overall is that you don’t have to make a lot of trades.

“You realize that it only takes a few big trades to really grow your account (so be selective) and next you learn what stocks have a relatively high percent likelihood to gain 33%-100% or more. Once you understand how powerful this strategy can be then there’s a very good chance that you can grow your trading account FAST.”

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