Pamela Anderson: The Latest Celebrity Caught In A Penny Stock Pump & Dump - Timothy Sykes

Pamela Anderson: The Latest Celebrity Caught In A Penny Stock Pump & Dump

No matter how many times I write about penny stock pump and dumps, nothing changes because the major media doesn’t pick up my blog posts since nobody cares about penny stocks.

Unless of course a celebrity is involved…and that’s why I get tons of press when I call out these ignorant celebs, which they’d claim in a court of law, or corrupt celebs, which is more likely if they were ever forced to confess.

There’s too many articles to link, go google my name and add celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal, Justin Bieber, Michael Vick, Carmen Electra, Rudy, Kim Kardashian and several more.

Now I gotta write about Pamela Anderson.


Several trading challenge students sent me this HuffPO feature about how Pam was sucked into a penny stock pump & dump

The article uses the word alleged so I guess I have to too even though it was pretty obvious from the get go…and if more people, especially celebrities and their ignorant advisors would watch my 7 free video lessons they’d better understand how the game works.

But people are lazy.

So instead of explaining it all to you in this blog post, I’m gonna be lazy too.

I’m gonna be like HuffPO and not describe anything in detail because nothing will change.

For the past five years, I’ve worked my ass off exposing and teaching and only a handful of trading challenge students truly study enough to get it.

That’w hy I have over a dozen students earning $100,000+/year now.

The rest of you who want to know how it works?

Kiss my ass, you’re not worth my time, go watch Barb Wire and try to guess who the next celebrity pump and dumper will be.

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