Oops, I Put Another Penny Stock Promoter Out Of Business: Let's Guess Why [POLL] - Timothy Sykes

Oops, I Put Another Penny Stock Promoter Out Of Business: Let’s Guess Why [POLL]

UPDATE: PS Subscribers of my 4 newsletters have profited $15,000+ shorting QPSA but it looks like we all played it too conservatively, thinking the promoter would put up more of a fight!

LiveStock is today 1-2PM EST, tune in here, we’ll discuss this for sure!

PennyStocking Silver subscribers and TIMalert subscribers know I didn’t mean to…after all, we can always use more good stock promoters as their picks are great for short selling!

So I’m sorry…it’s with great regret that I’ve shutdown yet another promoter on top of these guys (the SEC actually shut those other clowns down, but I like to believe it was my constant ripping that tipped off the SEC as often happens given that I’ve predicted nearly a dozen SEC halts…SPNMG, EMGE, GVBP, CDTI, GAEC, it goes on and on and on, it goes on and on, I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying ay-oh..)…the proven liar and shady stock promoter Ian Cassel has retired from blogging and tweeting mostly if not completely due to my constant ripping and exposing as you can see from my past articles on this scumbag:

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The Problem With Penny Stock Promoters Like Ian Cassel

as you can see from the Google cache of his last blog post before his site went down:

…the negative side of being completely transparent and public is that you have a target on your back. I could honestly care less about the personal attacks since most of my naysayers are mostly odd-lotting gurus that can’t cut it making a living by capital gains only, or need to manipulate a stock via the short term to make a living. I told myself from the beginning that once my website became too big of a distraction for the companies I’m invested in (a negative distraction) I would shut it down, and I think that point has been reached.

Kinda funny/very Ian-like to go out with yet more lies–in several blog posts/messages, I invited young Ian to post his trades openly on Profitly but time and again he refused…he claimed massive profits in the high six figures, but never once dared verify them…nor did he dare put them on Covestor either…so no Ian, you’re not exactly “completely transparent”

…and yes I’m proud to make a living teaching others too with my 4 newsletters and instructional DVD packages which teaches and warns people about paid promotion & promotion tactics…funny that any promoter thinks they are entitled to being treated anything more than a snake…as that’s how the SEC treats them and the SEC is known for being too nice!

The other lie in his going away post: “…most of my naysayers are mostly odd-lotting gurus that can’t cut it making a living by capital gains only, or need to manipulate a stock via the short term to make a living”

Given that I’m the only one publicly attacking Ian, he and you and everyone should know I can make a fine living by trading, I made $255,000 last year in trades…see how I did it…no it wasn’t manipulation, contrary to paid promoters’ lies — like BestDamnPennyStocks being caught in this lie regarding naked short sellers — there aren’t enough shares to short to go around to even make it feasible to “manipulate” any stock…this is why all paid promoters are long-based, they can easily hype up stocks and ANYONE can buy and push the stocks up, as Ian and his followers know very well whereas even if I expose a paid pump, the # of shares available to short in relation to the daily trading volume makes it impossible for me to influence stocks int eh slightest…and you can see from trades like this, which contribute the most to my profits year in and year out, ALL pumps crash 50%+ in a few days/weeks…I don’t make it happen, it’ll happen with or without my exposes, whether or not I find shares to short…that’s how pumps are designed…go watch this movie and learnnnnn

What’s most interesting is that from the day Ian shut down his blog, his latest pick/promotion (he says he wasn’t compensated, but I exposed him writing 100+ blog posts on Quepasa Corporation (QPSA), which compensation or not is a classic penny stock promoter tactic which matters more to me than the $ compensation in regards to finding good shorting opportunities), QPSA has now tanked from roughly $10/share to $7/share, steadily downtrending every day despite fluffed up press releases and a hilariously bad earnings report.

Quepasa AI (after Ian)

Quepasa AI (after Ian)

Ian mentions “my website became too big of a distraction for the companies I’m invested in (a negative distraction)” which tells me that QPSA management weren’t very happy with Ian for some reason so it’s possible they told him to shutdown…

Or could his shutdown be forced upon him by his lawyers, fearing a possible SEC investigation?

Or was it the league of penny stock promoters — the same group he seems to work with on past picks like EGMI, PRXI and TIXC — that told Ian to STFU?

One thing is for certain, Ian did not want to stop posting, the totally new and improved IanCassel.com was just a few months old and actually look like it was programmed and designed quite nicely.

Let’s see what you guys think is the reason Ian shutdown his site…and again I’m sorry…my goal is to expose these rat bastards, but not dig enough to put them out of business as we can see what’s happening to QPSA now…now down over 55% since my comprehensive expose a few weeks ago…looks like they need to find a new promoter!

Why Did Ian Shutdown His Blog/twitter?
Legal Advice
SEC Forced Him
Promoter Buddies Made Him
He’s Becoming A Short Seller
He’s Becoming A Priest
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And PS if you ever need to confess, my chamber is always open:

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  1. Gebby09

    I am sorry but you started saying short qpsa at 7.5 and it went to 15.5. It wasnt at 14.60 that you originally said short qpsa. I was watching.

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