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The 7 Best Stocks Now And My Thoughts On This Amazing Week

I’m SO excited to FINALLY reveal this, whewwwwwww have we got some amazing stuff planned for you at my upcoming conference in just a few months! Go HERE ASAP to get on the earlybird list and save $1,000+ off the regular ticket price.

UPDATE: This original blog post was written Tuesday, featuring just 3 hot stocks.  But, it’s Wednesday and several more hot penny stocks have emerged, so this madness just keeps going and my top students and I are profiting nicely, since we adapt to what the market is telling us:

Download the key points of this post as PDF.

Congratulations especially to this new six-figure trading challenge student I featured here last week

As I write this from my flight on my way to my next charity trip, while also planning this upcoming conference of mine that’s now less than 3 months away (ahhhh!) and my upcoming Italy/Greece trip this summer, where I look forward to returning to perhaps my favorite “office with a view” in the world in Oia, Santorini:

…I must admit that this has already been a VERY good week for my top trading challenge students and I as we’ve made six-figures already on just a few key trades…namely WKHS, DCTH and DRYS…classic, classic, classic penny stocks that the media refuses to cover and yet they follow the same exact patterns as always.

WKHS is a classic buy-in-anticipation of news pattern, straight out of this DVD study guide, as I explained in depth in this blog post over the weekend and it keeps heading higher, even as the overall market is weak, heading into their official Paris Air Show presentation tomorrow (I wouldn’t hold through that event, as it likely tanks right afterwards)

DRYS is a classic “long kiss goodnight” from this study guide and several of my top trading challenge students have been posting solid profits short selling the stock, screenshots like this:

…from this great trader who just keeps going with his journey, and on which I’ll soon have a very important update 🙂

DCTH I made this video yesterday HERE explaining why I bought the late day breakout at .09ish, today it just hit .30…several of my top trading challenge students and I sold too soon  (see all my trades HERE).  But, whether we mistimed it or not, we all learned and more importantly, many of us profited nicely and today has been even better for SO many students experiencing their first true penny stock Supernova:

It’s always funny when this happens as pretty much 99% of my students have friends or loved ones who have warned them about penny stocks so they come to me with a HUGE barrier to get over just believing that the stuff I teach in free trading guides like this is even real.

Let me be the one to tell you…surprise I’m real!

That’s why I’m SO excited about this upcoming event where you can meet me and my team and a whole bunch of my top trading challenge students, several of them who have become millionaires now in just a few years, and see us all trade live in person and better understand that the main reason why my educational business is growing so fast is that I’m real in an industry full of scams…it’s a nice place to be and these scammers make it so easy for me as I just have to be fully transparent and never be afraid to show losses like this (I’m not, I’m proud to show them off as they’re great learning tools for you too!)

As I outlined HERE there are SO many lies and BS spread about penny stocks, if you have the right mindset, namely understanding that NONE of these companies will ever make it, but their stocks will still be volatile enough in the short-term to profit on the long side or short side.

And yes, see this blog post all about short selling penny stocks, it’s not illegal, it’s perfectly legal, too many crappy brokers just say otherwise because they don’t want you to realize how crappy they are in not finding you shares to short of these penny stock scams some these quality penny stock brokers do.

Anyways, I just want to congratulate SO many of you for your profits, and more importantly, your lessons this week and this is my reminder to you to just keep it up as great education and gains take time and you must wait and wait and wait for the best plays that only come about every few days or even every few weeks…and it’s on these great plays, plays like WKHS, DRYS, and DCTH where you can truly increase your knowledge and account size exponentially, the hardest part if just the in-between time from one great play to another as too many newbies get impatient and start trading lesser patterns that inevitably lead to lower winning percentages, higher rates of frustration and confusion and sadly to too many people, the beginning of the end of their trading careers as they decide “trading isn’t for them”.

Let me tell you that if you trade random junk being promoted all over social media and in far too many chat rooms run by non-millionaire bull-market newbies; frustration, confusion and quitting is EXACTLY where you’re destined to end up…so my suggestion is to actually trust what I teach, read blog posts like this, tune out the negativity from non-traders who wouldn’t understand the difference between a Supernova and a hot dog and study my now nearly 5,000 video lessons that outline ALL the best patterns of penny stocks that you should be trading.

IF I’m making myself clear, please leave a comment underneath this post and let me know, as I’m just freestyling while on a plane, but I think it’s a useful blog post 🙂

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Hey Everyone,

As many of you already know I grew up in a middle class family and didn't have many luxuries. But through trading I was able to change my circumstances --not just for me -- but for my parents as well. I now want to help you and thousands of other people from all around the world achieve similar results!

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  1. Sagee Goldenholz

    Clear as crystal Tim .. I’m waiting on an interview to be in the millionaire challenge. I need to learn everything hands on from the ground up. After watching all the videos youlve sent, there’s no doubt in my mind you are “master of this domain.” And the fact that you’re so open and generous with your knowledge proves you’re a no BS kind of guy. Very much looking forward (and hoping) to be a part of this very soon. I don’t want to lose anymore time!

  2. Nafetalai Vanisi

    Hi Tim! Thank you for showing us the right path, I can’t wait to start the How to Make Millions DVD!

  3. Eric

    Crystal is clear, and clear is crystal … Patience, persistence and following the process with the right guidance and mentorship brings the profits .. Mistakes in the beginning can be corrected quickly provided you don’t get frustrated to early and give up … Early frustration helps your learn faster, and repeat the same mistakes … Even if it takes a year to recover from mistakes, it will be worth it. Better to make mistakes in year 1 rather than the next 10 years … It’s not slow learning, it’s education reinforcement and sticking to ideal setups versus doing everything wrong

  4. Rain

    Tim, when I first begin getting into stocks, everyone said that you were a scam with no real wins. I was determined to try out your knowledge and see what happened. I was busy working today, but I still managed to pull 34% on DCTH. Thanks for everything! With one trade, I’ve broken even on everything that I lost this month!

  5. lee breeds

    Hi Tim,

    Very excited to start trading but I am doing my homework first! Looks great and I want to get going but am still going through the ropes with your videos!


  6. Tim Vaughn

    Great post Tim! Thank you. I’m a slow learner but I’m learning nonetheless. Everyday something new and that’s what keeps me going. Never give up, never stop studying. Always learning. Thanks Tim.

  7. Jen

    You are my mentor and I watch all your videos and I trust your experience and expertise…keep it up

  8. Robert

    Very useful and insightful. Everything you say has value and humor and gives hope for a better future. Don’t ever stop writing. I realy enjoy your posts and they help me to not only get to better know your as a great trader/teacher but also as a person. A good person with a good heart. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  9. Alex Ericksen

    Crystal clear… also you’re insane ass you requested to be called in the video lesson! Thanks Tim!

  10. Jeffrey P. Borja

    HEY! My tweet made it to your blog…I’m honored! 😀 Follow-up to that: sold the remaining 5000 shares next day p/m at 0.311. Grand total profits of $423.10. Largest win to date and hungry to study even MORE. Thanks for your tireless efforts, Tim!

  11. Garland

    You are a great encouragement to my troubled choices! I look forward to all of your words, thanks Tim!

  12. DNN

    I see you’re seriously not playing Timothy when it comes to this stock stuff.

    And DNN says..

    Playing markets like Forex dodging the S & P index yields enormous returns on currency exchange checks!

  13. Daniel Korie

    Thank you Tim for all you are doing. video lessons and mentorship. I haven’t started trading but just going through all your video lessons and blog post, every one of the lesson gives me hope and I promise I will keep studying hard

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